Get in the Game with Maestro | Live at NAB 2018

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With sports increasingly becoming the most widely viewed and lucrative type of “appointment viewing,” production value has never been more essential. Beyond the event itself, viewers expect instant analysis and context for the action on the pitch, court, field or rink. Graphics are the most important tool in the storytelling toolbox to enhance live sports production.

The challenge is how to get vivid, descriptive graphics to air, and online, quickly and cleanly. The solution is Avid Maestro | Live, the only all-in-one broadcast and video control system for live sports production. Now you can give your viewers an unforgettable experience with action-based, data-driven graphics, sports enhancements and video playout capabilities.

Here’s how Maestro | Live can significantly enhance your live sports productions in the studio or in the field.

Take your live sports productions to the next level

Engage your viewers with 3D graphics and tracked-to-the-field sports enhancements. Maestro | Live features a sports-dedicated chroma key that distinguishes between different lighting conditions on the field, bringing life to displays like first down lines, player tracking, and virtual ads.

Seamlessly integrate data-driven graphics

Instant, data-driven analysis is a big part of compelling sports coverage. Sports data feeds and scoreboard protocols easily connect to Maestro | Live to auto-populate and update information in your graphics templates. Pull-up starting lineups, player stats & pictures, and team standings on-the-fly. You can even improve and enhance your data displays by manually entering and editing your templates.


Present content across multiple platforms

Social media and digital platforms need to be integrated into the overall production workflow. Maestro | Live gives you the flexibility to present content the way you want, with up to 16 output channels available. For instance, you can send your main feed to air, a different graphics layer to your digital media, and an animated background across your studio’s video walls, all at the same time, through the same UI.

Work smarter with intuitive and flexible UI

Maestro | Live comes with a ready-to-use interface designed for major sports, but with the flexibility to modify the interface or create a new one to cover any sport. No scripting, no programming required. Create your own custom UI for any type of sport or production with drag-and-drop editing.


Control video playout and graphics with just one operator

Maestro | Live is the all-in-one solution that brings more power to your productions, while simplifying your workflow. One operator can now manage a powerful graphics system and a high-performance video server at the same time. No extra equipment or dedicated video playback operator simplifies and accelerates your workflow cost effectively.

The smartest play in live sports

Avid Maestro | Live is the game-changer that can help your sports productions stand-out from the competition. Action-based, data-driven UHD graphics that differentiate your coverage and bring meaningful content to life by engaging and informing your audience.

To see how Avid Maestro | Live can bring new possibilities to your productions, please come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Maestro | Live

Maestro | Live makes live sports production easy with an all-in-one, data-driven UHD graphics, augmented reality, and video playout solution that boosts efficiency like never before.

As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.