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Hello! My name is Rob D’Amico (Director, Digital Business Development), and I am writing this blog to bring more awareness to Avid’s creative artists and professionals around exciting initiatives Avid’s been doing over the past year.  Many of you may not be fully aware of the vast number of both Avid and partner products available for purchase directly from the Avid Marketplace.  The products on the Avid Marketplace range across both hardware and software solutions for the many segments that Avid serves.  In response to feedback from our customers, we have worked hard to expand the number of Avid Marketplace partners over the past couple of years.  And now we are extending exclusive partner product offers to our growing Avid Pro Tools, Sibelius and Media Composer community members.

Another important topic to talk about within this blog is the continued focus and attention we all take part in to better understand our customer needs and challenges you may encounter in the work you do, so we can continue to provide solutions that you appreciate and that help you realize your vision faster.

It’s an exciting time to be working here at Avid, as I can personally tell you everyone here is very passionate about delivering new and innovative solutions to customers across the many industries Avid serves.  For me, I lived my life being involved in audio & music, whether it has been in local performances, music recording and mixing, or being a freelance audio post production editor / mixer.  My experiences over the years have now brought me to a career at Avid where my main focus is to provide solutions for the independent creative artists across the different media production industries and to offer creative tools to the next generation of creative artist.  For me the part of this job I really enjoy is seeking out and talking with customers and learn about the way they work, what delights them and the challenges they have with today’s tools in enabling them to be more creative.  These are the types of conversations that often lead to delivering innovative solutions back to the users!

So with that said, it’s great to talk about the ongoing work we’ve done to grow the number of partners and to offer their products to be purchased directly to Avid customers via In-Application or Webstore Marketplace.

With the hard work of many here at Avid, the Avid Marketplace has been growing exponentially with software plug-ins from our partners (Arturia, McDSP, Synchro Arts, Nugen Audio, Audionamix, Antares, Sonnox, Acon Digital) to name a few.  We are currently in the process of onboarding, and look forward to many more key partner products appearing soon on the Avid Marketplace.

Along with the growing number of partner products available on this Avid Marketplace, we are working closely with partners on delivering exclusive time limited deals of their products to only registered Avid customers.  The Avid Marketplace makes it very easy for customers to search for Avid compatible plug-ins, along with receiving special discounts from key partner products which are not offered elsewhere.

As an example the Avid Marketplace has teamed up with Arturia to offer an exclusive deal to only Avid Pro Tools customers.  The below image shows the exclusive deal (Save 50% off V Collection) in a Pro Tools customer’s “My Avid” account which can easily be added to their “Cart” for checkout.

Please help me better understand what other partner products you use, or would like to use with your Avid products by filling out the appropriate survey.



I am really excited about the work we are doing with our industry partners, so we can bring Avid customers (Media Composer, Pro Tools and Sibelius) some unique values!

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I have over 20 years of experience in music and audio post production. As a former product manager (Avid Media Composer and iZotope RX & Suite of products), I focused on delivering solutions which enable and inspire customers to be more creative. Now as Director of Digital Business Development at Avid, I continue to work closely with creative artists across the media industries in order to provide them with innovative solutions for the work they do every day to be successful and creative.