Avid Marketplace Just Got Bigger, Better, and Easier

When you’re in the middle of a session and you suddenly become aware that a particular plug-in would be perfect for your mix, there’s no longer a need to stop the flow of creativity. With the latest features of Avid Marketplace, it’s easier than ever before to find and access the perfect tools to do your best work.

The latest upgrade to Avid Marketplace makes it fully integrated with your Avid Master Account, so with a single login, you’re already able to search for and purchase new Avid products. But the really cool part is that we’ve also made in-app purchasing available directly within Pro Tools. You could literally be in the midst of a mix and add a new reverb, compressor, instrument, or any of the dozens and dozens of AAX plug-ins offered on the Avid Marketplace.

This upgrade to the Avid Marketplace is for more than just Pro Tools users in the studio. Live sound mixers using VENUE software can just as easily take advantage of the quick and easy accessibility of Avid Marketplace products.

More and more developers are offering their AAX plug-ins to Pro Tools customers on the Avid Marketplace. It presents the most convenient and reliable way for you to get the best tools, solutions, and services possible, when and where you need them.

Avid at the 2016 NAMM Show

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