Avid NEXIS Drives Flexible, Scalable Storage for Manor Production Services

Based in London and Birmingham, Manor Production Services was born from the 2014 merger of leading production companies North One TV and Maverick Television’s post production departments. Led by Head of Post Production Piera Cuttica, its 10-strong team provides full post services to both production giants, while continuing to grow an external client base. As an existing member of Avid’s preeminent customer community and users of Avid’s industry-standard Media Composer editing software, Manor Production Services knew to turn to Avid when its storage no longer met their expanding requirements.

When storage architecture began to impact editing performance, Manor turned to Avid elite reseller, Altered Images, for a new solution. The world’s first software-defined storage platform, Avid NEXIS, was the perfect fit for their growing needs. Investing in four NEXIS | E2 storage engines, the team at Manor now benefit from a scalable, collaborative and easy-to-use platform that integrated seamlessly within its network and archive systems.

“Avid NEXIS supplies us with flexible storage that can be tailored for any given project. It provides us with a base for our workflows that we can rely upon, easily maintain and even expand if and when necessary.”

—Piera Cuttica, Head of Post Production

Virtualized storage

Manor is among numerous post production facilities enabling true storage virtualization for any real-time media application with Avid NEXIS. Its scale-out architecture enables Manor to mix and match engines in a single system, upgrade capacity and bandwidth as needed, and add redundancy when high availability is required. This flexibility is supported by bulletproof security and fail-safe disk protection that’s so crucial in today’s media landscape.

As expected, Manor has already seen benefits from combining two key products from the open, tightly integrated Avid MediaCentral. By connecting Avid NEXIS to Media Composer, Manor enjoys more speed, efficiency and collaboration throughout its workflow. Cuttica is also impressed by Avid’s integration with partners, commenting: “the ability to integrate with third-party systems developed by Avid partners allows us to move data from traditional offline storage to less costly and more expandable LTO tape – without having to compromise on production requirements.”

Channel 4/Vance Jacobs

When broadcaster Channel 4 commissioned Maverick Television’s new factual entertainment series, Escape, everyone involved knew that the project would be ambitious, and this was nothing new for Manor. The series, which follows a team of elite engineers working together to escape from crash sites, put Manor’s workflow to the test with large shoot ratios and mixed media types. But NEXIS rose to the occasion with the features needed to handle the challenges.

“Playback of multiple grouped videos and many constant audio tracks had caused performance issues on our previously owned third-party hardware, but Avid NEXIS has dealt with the requirements without showing any sign of the performance limitations,” said Cuttica.

Channel 4/Vance Jacobs

Having the choice to mix multiple media types on the timeline rather being constrained by one resolution greatly simplifies the offline/online process – giving the team the option to edit some content offline and other media at its native resolution. On top of this, integrating the Avid-partnered archive system gives Manor peace of mind. If it was to run out of near line storage, it could offload data onto LTO tape and still be able to restore its data quickly when required.

“Using Avid for Channel 4’s Escape has provided us with a user friendly, reliable and efficient core system throughout the project,” added Cuttica. The media management features of Media Composer and Avid NEXIS made it possible to organise large amounts of data created by multiple clients simply, without ever feeling like the workload was overloaded or unmanageable.”


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