With Avid NEXIS | PRO, Swiss Tvision Always Has an Ace up Its Sleeve

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Tvision AG from Basel, a production studio with seven full-time employees and additional freelancers, realizes about 500 projects each year, ranging from short news clips up to complete documentaries. The industry demands in terms of efficiency and production time are high and continuously rising. This not only affects competition in the market, but also customers’ expectations. In order to be able to create content even faster, more productive and in a safer way, Tvision has implemented the intelligent storage solution Avid NEXIS | PRO– and is very happy about it.


Productive working in a quadrilingual region

Previously, Tvision worked with several stand-alone editing suites without a central storage system. “Switzerland is a country with four languages, so we frequently have to produce content in different languages. With our old set-up, that was often a complicated and time-consuming process as we had to copy the content back and forth from discs in order to use it in different editing suites,” explains Andy Christen, video editor at Tvision.

“I’ve been editing with Avid for the past twenty years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time.”

—Andy Christen

So it was time for a new storage solution, especially since fast and reliable delivery is essential in the creation of news clips. After some research it was clear that NEXIS | PRO was the ideal solution: “Actually, there were also some other providers who understood our requirements, but only with Avid, we had the feeling that all services could be offered and delivered in the exact same way we needed them, making sure we wouldn’t have to fear any downtimes. I’ve been editing with Avid for the past 20 years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time. This reliability is very reassuring and one of the reasons why we decided to go for Avid NEXIS | PRO,” says Christen.

Easy installation, more flexibility

Christen and his team made a conscious decision to buy the smallest version with a storage capacity of 20 TB, keeping in mind that it can be upgraded without problems and with no additional costs for network technology. The system was then provided by dve cross media, based in Munich/Germany. “It was a very smooth cooperation. I always felt that they catered to my needs and didn’t sell the most expensive, but the most fitting product,” Christen emphasizes.

The implementation, too, was quick and easy. Thanks to the pre-configured system, only two cables had to be plugged in on location – and just like that, NEXIS I PRO was productive, says Christen: “I plugged it in, and ever since then it’s running and purring. No need for me to look after it. It runs, it never crashes, it just works. I’m really super happy about it. Plus it’s fast!”

“This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed.”

—Andy Christen

The benefits are noticeable not only in daily work, but also when handling bigger projects. Now, news pieces can be edited in several languages at the same time and sent to the broadcaster directly. It’s also possible to embed shots from Italian or French colleagues, thus boosting the content’s quality. When it comes to documentaries or time-sensitive projects such as the films for IBA Basel 2020, Tvision has the possibility to book additional editors who can work on the project at the same time. Or they can use one computer for playout of the data while still working on it. “This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed,” says a very content Christen. “The greater flexibility and the system stability we have gained through NEXIS | PRO are very reassuring and a massive benefit of the system.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


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