Avid Partner VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné Provides Competitive Post Production Tools for France Télévision in Rio

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To cover the thirty-first summer games, France Télévisions has turned to VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné to provide the post production platform installed in Rio.

The overall system is actually split between Rio and Paris. In Paris, the magazines and daily round-ups will be edited, with the main sources being competition images fed over fiber optics and stored on France Télévision’s in-house system.

In Rio, meanwhile, the VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné teams have set up a configuration that allows the journalists on the spot to prepare items blending archives, locally filmed sequences and competition feeds.

The configuration they have deployed consists of seven Avid Media Composer 8 systems on HP Z840 editing workstations, an Avid Media Composer assistant workstation, two 32TB Avid shared storage racks, a 4-channel Avid Airspeed | 5500, an Avid Interplay | Production system and a Telestream Lightspeed K80 transcoding server.

The Telestream Lightspeed K80 transcoding server lets us manage JRI acquisitions from cards, the 60i transcoding of archives retrieved from the FTV main site and 50i transcoding of ready to broadcast files sent to Paris.

We’re using the Avid Airpseed | 5500’s first channel to digitize the broadcast content, while the other three carry the “on-call” rushes.

The editors can then put together sequences that pull in ENG rushes and official competition images to broadcast, and prepare items for the news bulletins on France2, France3 and FranceO.

All of the rushes are pooled on the Avid Interplay, which acts like an image bank. VIDELIO – Cap’Ciné provides technical support and post production assistance during the sports events in Rio de Janeiro.

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