Draw 3D Graphics on Live Video and Turn Around Enhanced Replays with Avid Spark

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Today, there are hundreds of sports TV programs, news shows, and live game broadcasts competing for audience attention. Too many for the average sports fan. For small- to mid-size broadcasters, finding a way to better engage and grow an audience is paramount when going up against the big broadcast networks and 24-hour sports cable giants.

That’s why Avid designed Spark—an all-in-one sports enhancement solution that packs powerful telestration, video recording/playout, and 3D graphics rendering capabilities into a portable, cost-effective package. Engage, entertain, and give viewers better visual insight and analysis into the game flow, key plays, and controversial calls by drawing graphics directly on live video and providing instant replays—without the need for a dedicated operator.

Ideal for both studio and live sports productions, Spark can be used to enhance any type of sport, whether you’re broadcasting or showcasing football or American football, baseball or cricket, or hockey or lacrosse. And it’s incredibly easy to set up and use—in the studio or in the broadcast truck.

Enjoy Simple Operation

Anyone can operate Spark using its easy-to-use graphical interface. There’s no need for a dedicated operator. Prior to broadcast, simply choose a point of interest in the video (any frame). Then during the show, tap the graphic you want on the touchscreen, place it onto the field with another tap, repeat as needed, and then play the video when ready.

Add Rich Graphic Effects

With its extensive library of ready-made, richly designed graphic effects and intuitive toolset, you can amplify every type of sports production. Easily modify and control every attribute, including color and size. Emphasize a particular play, area, or player using arrows with customizable attributes, including the arrow’s head, body, tail, color, width, and texture. And ensure that all elements placed on the field appear real with the embedded chromakeyer.

Get Powerful Performance

The Spark engine is a cost-effective, all-in-one digital video server and graphics rendering platform. It’s designed to meet the real-time graphic rendering needs of the broadcast industry.

To better streamline productions, the Spark engine is equipped with a 2-channel video server. You can record and grab the relevant footage and play it to air directly from the Spark system—no need to use external video servers.  In addition, Spark is a fully redundant solution, providing peace of mind even in the most demanding studios.

Enhance Gameplay with High-Impact Graphics

Avid Spark is an all-in-one sports telestration, video recording/playout, and 3D graphics rendering solution that enables you to draw graphics on live video and control replays to engage viewers.


As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.