Avid Sponsors High School Nation to Help Public Schools Build Recording Studios and Musical Skills

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At a time when many U.S. public schools are experiencing funding cuts for art, music and the performing arts, High School Nation (HSN) offers an exciting, innovative solution that infuses schools with the critical funding, equipment, facilities, and instruments they need to spark and develop budding creative and musical talents.

By hosting its traveling spring and fall festival tours annually for several years now, this Camarillo, CA-based organization has already provided a total of $2 million in cash and equipment to support educational programs and facilities at more than 200 high schools across 34 states.

As a corporate event sponsor, Avid is giving back to HSN-participating schools by donating our popular industry-standard audio content creation tools, giving teachers the means to develop their students’ talents for personal enrichment, and possibly future careers in the media and entertainment industry.

To create this exclusive extravaganza, HSN takes over high schools’ football stadiums and stages a two-hour live music concert featuring today’s top, young music artists. Students can also visit the many company-sponsored trailers and tents that surround the field with attractions—such as arts-oriented activities, product giveaways, and the opportunity to play with musical instruments, equipment and other content creation tools.

A hit with high schools

In 2017, HSN launched a new endeavor, HSN Studios, in an effort to help schools build fully functional, professional-grade music recording studios on their premises, and to assist students with the business side of the recording and entertainment industries. HSN Studios has chosen 60 schools to receive new studio equipment packages in the near future, with more expected in the coming years.

Students benefit by being able to enjoy music and arts programs, and access to high-end studios outfitted with gear, software, components, and musical instruments donated by the more than two-dozen leading manufacturers—including Avid, Audio-Technica, Guitar Center, DW Drums, One Piano, ZT Amplifiers, Nugen Audio, Gibson, Ernie Ball and Native Instruments.

Awesome future potential

As part of Avid’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of music professionals and helping educators better prepare them for their future careers, we’re supporting High School Nation’s ambitious project by providing each studio with a copy of the industry standard Pro Tools software. In addition, we’re also giving students access to Pro Tools | First digital audio workstation and Media Composer | First video editing solution with helpful tutorials and training videos.

These creative tools complement the rest of the HSN Studios equipment package, which includes computers, sound effects libraries, cloud and hard drive storage, microphones, headphones and monitors, giving students everything they need to produce and record music.

“High school is a time in a teenager’s life when they start to experiment with bands and vocal development. Very few have access to a professional studio where they can benefit from using the best equipment on the market. This brings them one step further toward achieving their potential whether it’s on the professional stage or for personal enjoyment,” said Jimmy Cantillon, CEO and Co-founder of High School Nation.

To date, HSN has entertained more than 600,000 high schoolers. In 2018, HSN Studios plans to expand to video production studios, and by 2019, to gaming, VR and animation studios. There are also plans to sponsor student film festivals and music contests, and act as a conduit between HSN students and major film and music production companies looking to discover new talent and content.

Through our High School Nation sponsorship, and our own educational programs, Avid offers educators access to the tools and resources they need to prepare students for top college media programs and successful careers in the media and entertainment industry.

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