Avid VENUE | S6L Leads the Line-Up for BCS Audio

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One year after the launch of the Avid VENUE | S6L, the resounding success of the award-winning live sound console continues. It’s out on the road with some of the most prestigious and demanding tours across the globe and has won an array of industry awards and accolades for innovation. Now, UK-based production company and hire firm, BCS Audio, is the latest UK distributor to add the powerful live sound surface to its product inventory.

Supporting a wide range of areas in the live sound market – including touring and festivals to corporate and theatre work – BCS Audio faces the daily battle of competition from other firms. The powerful VENUE | S6L is now the most capable live sound console in their inventory, providing a diverse customer base with the next level of live sound production.

Dave Shepherd, Director at BCS Audio, said, “In today’s live sound market, our customers’ expectations are higher than ever, while budgets are, at best, static year on year. The VENUE | S6L offers a reliable product that’s open to a worldwide client base, and Avid’s effective design of surfaces like this is a testament to their commitment to users.”

Avid’s proven track record of supporting the world’s most demanding tours and events with ease – for popular bands and artists like Rudimental, John Legend, Hurts, Jack Johnson, and Tom Odell – made BCS’s decision to invest in the new flagship desk easy. “Profile has become an industry standard at shows and festivals, and being able to load any existing show file into the console is a massive plus point,” said Shepherd. “Avid systems have always been a solid investment and allow us to create consistent and excellent sound touring and festival packages for our customers.”

With the groundbreaking VENUE | E6L engine integrated into the S6L live sound console, BCS Audio’s customers benefit from two powerhouse technologies working in unison. The real-time processing engine handles all routing, channel, and mixing functions for maximum stability and power, while the HDX-powered DSP engine manages all AAX plug-in processing, enabling bigger, better sounding mixes with ease.

BCS Audio purchased the VENUE | S6L-32D with an E6L- 144 engine and one Stage64 configured 56/32 with 4 AES. Shepherd explains, “We chose the 32-fader surface to keep a similar layout to existing profile systems in our inventory, with Pro Tools and twin touch screens. The flexibility of the system will allow us to increase channel count at short notice through acquisition of a larger engine.”

This summer, BCS Audio are booked to take the VENUE | S6L out on a festival control package to support British band ‘Hurts’ on a European tour, covering Spain, Finland, Romania, Russia and more.

The first ‘hands-on’ opportunity BCS Audio had with the console was at an introductory seminar held by UK reseller, HD Pro Audio. Sales Director Andy Huffer said, “We’ve been involved with the Avid VENUE line since the launch of the original D-Show console in 2004. It’s great to see the VENUE | S6L has had such a great response and is excelling in the marketplace. The significant investment in an industry-leading console like this will be a credit to the continuing success of BCS Audio, and we wish them all the best.”

“Avid has a fantastic support network with engineers on hand for advice pretty much round the clock. Avid has always been a great investment for us at BCS, and I can definitely foresee more surfaces and systems being added to our expanding inventory in the near future.”

—Dave Shepherd, Director at BCS Audio

Headquartered in Fareham, Hampshire, BCS Audio is a production company that caters for sound, lighting, video, staging, rigging, special effects, and logistics. For sound and audio, they support many areas of the market, from live touring and festivals through to corporate and theatre work. BCS Manufacturing manufactures and distributes flight cases and transit cases for the transportation and storage of any delicate hi-tech equipment, forming an important division of the business.

VENUE has long been one of the most requested live mixing systems in the world, and now the legacy continues with Avid VENUE | S6L. When you need to present the best mixes possible, S6L delivers unmatched power, clarity, and customization to meet the demands of any gig. Learn more about the VENUE | S6L live sound console here.

VENUE | S6L Now Available

The next stage in live sound is here—with the award-winning VENUE | S6L system, you can take on the world’s most demanding productions with ease.

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