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Anastacia’s 2015 Resurrection Tour is “all about the music,” as she makes clear at the very beginning of the gig. Backed by a tight band, Anastacia delivers an energizing mix of soul, pop, and rock styles packed with all of her old and new hits, effortlessly moving between uptempo electronic and rock numbers as well as intimate ballads throughout the performance.

Responsible for bringing Anastacia’s sound to her fans is FOH engineer and long-time VENUE user Gerard Albo, who has worked with artists including Amy Winehouse, Patty Smith, Corinne Bailey-Rae and many others.

“The main challenge of mixing Anastacia is to conserve the dynamics of the band and to contain her powerful voice”, explains Albo. “And the S3L-X does a great job on that—the dynamic range and the sound are superb.”

In this Behind the Scenes video, Gerard Albo talks about the production of the current Anastacia Resurrection Tour and shares his insights and techniques for mixing such a dynamic artist with VENUE | S3L-X.


Get inside the Mix of Anastacia

Sign in to part 2 and follow Gerard as he runs through all the signals and microphones on stage, and mixes one of Anastacia’s biggest hits, ‘Sick and Tired’.

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