Boost Your Broadcast Graphics Workflow with the New Version of Maestro | News

When the leading private broadcaster in Portugal, SIC TV, needed to increase operational efficiencies with a standardized graphics workflow, they turned to Avid’s suite of Maestro graphics solutions. Tailored to improve productivity across all nine of their media properties, our suite of solutions easily integrated with SIC-TV’s third-party news production tools for streamlined workflows from creation to playout.

Their ROI? Immediate. In just the first three months of operation in their new future-ready production centers, SIC TV was able to increase ratings by 30 percent, propelling the organization forward as a leader in the race for viewership loyalty. Maestro | News is a critical piece of that workflow puzzle, powering SIC TV’s full screen LED walls, virtual sets, and augmented reality, all integrated into one workflow and controlled on-air.


Edit graphics faster with this new MediaCentral integration

Like SIC TV, broadcasters around the globe are enriching their production centers by choosing Maestro | News as part of Avid’s full suite of graphics solutions. The latest version of Maestro | News offers deep integration with MediaCentral, providing graphic designers, journalists, editors, operators, and additional news contributors a unified platform where they can find, edit, and access the content they need—anytime, anywhere. Want flexibility? It’s customizable for a wide range of environments so that you can design your workflow however you see fit.

Editing is easier than ever on this powerful platform. The latest update enables newsroom teams and production staff to drag and drop Maestro graphics templates into the MediaCentral video timeline while editing stories. With in and out points preserved, graphics data populates automatically during playback, saving valuable storage space and providing the right tools for making last-minute changes on the fly.


Be ready the moment news breaks

When stories break, production teams need to stay one step ahead of audiences with the right tools at their fingertips. The ability to grab audio, video, and image content from local storage at a moment’s notice is essential. Now, MediaCentral and Maestro | News are unified in the race to deliver those meaningful updates when viewers need them most.

With this robust integration, news production teams can browse and select content from MediaCentral and any Maestro-accessible storage location, dropping assets directly into Maestro graphics templates within the same browser. This saves time and improves productivity where it matters most.


Leave the competition behind with simplified workflows

Your team is fast, and your production workflow should be too. Maestro | News enables you to play back non-flattened sequences, eliminating the need to flatten projects to a single file and transcode media—before or after editing—to a single codec. That means you can get edited video to air faster than the competition. You can also play out media directly from Avid NEXIS instead of transferring it to your playout device, saving even more time when rendering projects.

With the MediaCentral | Graphics Management workflow module, you can browse, search for, and transfer clips and images directly from within the software interface. This powerful and future-ready graphics asset management solution delivers uniform workflow integration across your production environment, giving news teams superior access, efficiency, and collaboration.

Maestro | News

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