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Since the 1990s, Avid has been the leader in film and television editing and post-production, due to its rock-solid stability, enormous range of format compatibility and familiar workflow. It’s used by award-winning editors in Hollywood and everywhere else filmmakers tell their stories.

People who use Media Composer gain an advantage over editors working solely with other platforms. New editors discover the complexities of every editing tool they encounter, and choose one over another for various reasons. Media Composer already includes a lot of technical advantages whether your project is for entertainment or any other purpose, such as business or education.

If you’re proficient in another application for your editing workflow, or you’re completely new to video editing, great! Media Composer has advantages that go beyond software.

On Oscar weekend, Igor Torgeson at the New York Film Academy discussed three primary reasons that Avid Media Composer is the required software for their students in film editing:


1. It’s the Industry Standard

Media Composer is a must for an editor with an interest in working in entertainment. Wherever you find people working in film or television post-production, you’ll find Media Composer. In fact, all six of the editors nominated for an Oscar* for Best Picture and Best Editing in 2018 used Media Composer for their films. Many top editors know the software so well they also teach it in schools and online courses. If that’s your goal, you should make Media Composer your primary tool.

2. The Skills are Easily Transferable

Media Composer offers the most powerful, advanced editing tools in the business. Once you get how the timeline, storage and workflow operate, and realize it has to do with how strips of film were once stored in bins and edited with a blade, the light comes on. Then you’ll find that its major competitive tools are a variation on this theme. Master Media Composer, and you’ll be able to transfer your skills easily to everything else you run into.


3. A Career Using Avid is More Lucrative

This makes sense given the first two points, editors whose skill set includes Media Composer can earn more. Torgeson reveals studies of salaries listed on Payscale.com and Glassdoor showing that editors with Media Composer skills can command higher average annual salaries and hourly rates than those with expertise in Premiere or Final Cut Pro.

4. More affordable than ever – only $19.99 / month (USD)

The fourth point is the price. New in 2018, a one-year subscription to Media Composer is only $19.99 per month (USD), including software upgrades and standard support. Yes, for the top software in the video editing business.

For the experienced, the full-featured Media Composer | Ultimate ($49.99/mo USD) offers the same powerful functionality, but with features for editors in a collaborative environment, for instance shared bins & integrated workflows. This top tier includes the options PhraseFind, ScriptSync, Symphony and NewsCutter, as well as upgrades and ExpertPlus support throughout your subscription.

At Avid, we’re doing everything we can to make it easier for editors to hone their craft and tell their stories more easily. Find out which Media Composer is right for you so you can cut above the rest.


*Academy Awards and Oscar are registered trademarks and service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Which Media Composer is right for you?

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