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From newscasts to sports programming, the graphic needs of today’s broadcasters are complex. Maestro | News offers a complete on-air graphics suite that enables you to easily create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, real-time 3D graphics and video. Thanks to its modular architecture, you can customize Maestro | News for a wide variety of environments and integrate it seamlessly with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral platform.

With each new release, Maestro | News offers you even more capabilities and workflow improvements to boost your production efficiency and possibilities further. In this blog we will highlight some of these capabilities.


Rundown creation

Maestro | News offers intuitive rundown creation capabilities with user-friendly functionalities that increase efficiency substantially.

In this short video we will present Maestro| News’ playout layout, demonstrate how to create a rundown and offer a few different examples of playout logic.

Customizable layouts

Maestro | News enables your team to customize their layouts according to the production’s specific needs. Each layout has its own unique functionality and enables the work process to be more intuitive and user friendly. In addition to the existing layouts, you can also create your own customized layouts.

The clip below presents three such layouts: Page Editor, Playout and Default

Connection to data sources

One of Maestro | News’ many advantages is its ability to extract content from different types of data sources, including external databases, RSS feeds, and social media. Using Maestro | News, intelligence can be added to the content’s behavior enabling it to play automatically according to pre-defined context.

In this clip, we will present how easy it is to connect a data source to Maestro | News.

Maestro | News integration with MediaCentral | Command

In this video clip, we will present how Maestro | News’ improved integration with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management and MediaCentral | Command provides a significant increase in production efficiency. With this integration, production can easily control video and graphic items that were created in a MediaCentral | Newsroom Management rundown from the MediaCentral | Command production automation application.

Maestro | News Exposer functionality

Maestro | News enables you to gain even greater efficiency with its new exposer functionality. Maestro | News Exposer functionality enables you to see the information that was stored in one graphic scene and reuse it in a completely different graphic scene or template.

Ideal for content rich productions that need to be up to the second accurate at all times, multiple Maestro | News workstations can retrieve and reuse the same results for different graphic looks – enabling the entire production to gain greater efficiency.

Please check out our other videos that present Avid’s Maestro | News capabilities. For more information please go to:

Maestro | News

Maestro | News is a universal controller for video and graphics that enables you to create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos easily.

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