Captivating Viewers With Stunning Real-time Graphics in Rio

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In the world of sports media production, data is getting bigger and more important. There are now many different ways to capture real-time data — player and ball positioning, predictive data, play-by-play data, player and team stats. And with more than 10,500 athletes competing in 28 different sports, the amount of data being captured at Rio 2016 is mind-blowing. The question is: How do you present all of this big data to viewers in a meaningful, attention-grabbing way?

The answer is, of course, through graphics. If you compare the amount of TV-screen real estate that graphics used to occupy 10 years ago to today, it’s clear to see how important graphics have become in sports production, especially at an event like the summer games. Over the years, graphics have become an essential part of storytelling and ever more sophisticated. Today, we’re even seeing augmented reality elements being used to visualize data. But for graphics to captivate and engage viewers, they need to be fast and relevant to the story.

In addition to delivering sophisticated graphics quickly and efficiently, graphics solutions need to be able to create them in a wide range of resolutions. They also need to integrate seamlessly with other systems in the sports-production environment and enable broadcasters to maximize the value of their content through user rights management and the efficient repurposing of broadcast graphics.

That’s where Avid graphics solutions come into play, providing a complete and integrated workflow for creating, managing, distributing and playing out stunning, high-resolution graphics and videos quickly and easily, boosting efficiency and production possibilities. With its modular architecture, the Avid graphics toolset can be customized for a wide variety of media environments and integrates seamlessly with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral Platform, as well as third-party applications.

When broadcasting live sports like this summer’s games in Brazil, real-time graphics are an essential part of the overall viewer experience, helping to capture viewers’ attention and increase ratings. Visit the Avid website to find out more about Avid’s real-time graphics solutions.

Changing the Game

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