Capture the Action — Fast — With PlayMaker 3.3

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It’s that pre-game rundown that gets you pumped for the match. The one that captures the best plays of your favorite players in just a few action-packed moments. Or how about inspiring slow-motion replays? Like watching a wide receiver soar into the end zone as the ball slowly spirals into his outstretched arms. Or maybe it’s that montage of footage that gives you the context you need to understand breaking news.

These are the captivating highlights that keep us glued to the game or up to date about unfolding news stories. They are true testaments to the talents of live-broadcast and 24/7 news teams who create them to keep us tuned in.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that PlayMaker 3.3 is now available. PlayMaker is a powerful media ingest/playout server solution that makes creating incredible moments possible. With PlayMaker, you can ingest up to eight high-quality content feeds on a rolling 24-hour schedule. With an intuitive touch interface and specialized hardware, you can jump between camera angles, jog through footage, choose in and out points, and compile clips into playlists on the fly. All to create breathtaking highlights. All from a single workstation. Instantly.

Even better? PlayMaker supports high-frame-rate camera feeds that produce footage up to six times normal speeds. So you can create gripping super slow-motion replays of key moments during the game—just as they happen.

And now with PlayMaker 3.3, you can collaborate with your entire production environment.  Store your content on Avid NEXIS intelligent storage—and avoid costly intermediate software and hardware.  Maximize your efficiency by accessing your PlayMaker ingested content within seconds using Interplay or MediaCentral | UX.

You can even easily share clips with other PlayMaker workstations on your network. Anywhere in the world.

Here are just a few of the things you can do with PlayMaker:


• Capture and edit clips from multiple feeds into action-packed highlight reels—instantly

• Create dramatic slow-motion replays with support for HFR cameras

• Ingest up to 8 channels of high-quality video, with the flexibility to switch I/O configurations fast

• Get 24/7 always-on operation with built-in RAID-protected storage


Maximize efficiency by automatically collaborating with the entire production environment, including Interplay | Production, MediaCentral | UX, and Avid NEXIS.

There’s so much more to Avid PlayMaker. But the bottom line is that PlayMaker is the best way to create fresh stories that keep viewers engaged and attract new ones. It streamlines live-broadcast workflows and helps you stay on top of the highlights that matter. So you can keep the people who matter on the edge of their seats.

PlayMaker—Next-Generation Slow-Motion Replay

PlayMaker provides instant playback and extremely fast highlight editing for developing live sports and news stories.


As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.