Graphic Tales from the Redefining Graphics European Tour

It’s been a stellar year for studio and graphics innovations to the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the industry’s most open and integrated platform for media production. This autumn, our local teams have taken to the road across Europe to showcase how our range of powerful broadcast solutions from the Avid Studio Suite are changing and revolutionizing viewer experiences for studio, news and sport production.

Since October, the Avid Graphics Tour has been in full swing, with stops in cities including Munich, London, Rome, Madrid, Dubai and Paris. These intimate events gave attendees a first-hand look at the powerful arsenal of solutions in the Studio Suite including Avid Playmaker, Avid TD Control, Avid Maestro, Avid Spark and Avid 4Designer. Examples of how many media enterprises are harnessing the power these next-generation news, sports and studio broadcast solutions were also showcased to Avid customers.

Additionally, on every stage of the tour, Avid NEXIS, the world’s first software-defined storage platform, has been making a splash. This powerful system delivers unmatched flexibility, control, and extensibility to Avid MediaCentral Platform applications including the Studio Suite.


Kicking things off in Munich in the suburb that’s home to broadcasters including Sky Deutschland, Pro7 Sat1, and the Munich branches of ZDF and Bayerischer Rundfunk, partners and customers gathered at the MACE – Conference Centre in Unterfoehring.

An array of Avid partners including Videocation DE, dve-x DE, Snitt Studio HU, CS Computer Systems HR, Media Online DE and ADTV PL joined the event, hosting various operator training sessions. In addition to the local broadcasters, Czech TV, HRT – Croatia, Plazamedia, CBC (RTL Production) and DAZN (Perform Group) attended to learn more about how they can revolutionise viewer experiences.

United Kingdom

Attending customers in London included ITV and Perform Group, along with various leading London post production houses, where discussions were held on the array of available solutions to enable greater creativity and efficiency for high end productions.

Avid’s Regional Sales Director for North EMEA, Tom Evetts, hosted two sessions which explored the latest in news, studio and sports production. “Accelerating and streamlining our customers’ entire news production graphics workflow means they can captivate audiences everywhere with immersive viewing experiences. It’s allowing them to tell the whole story and win the race to break news across all platforms,” he said.


Our third stop on the tour took in the city of Rome, where once again demonstrations and hands on experience with the Avid Studio Suite, including Maestro and PlayMaker, were on display. Attendees, including spokespeople from Betamedia Spa, Stadion Video, CPA, Portus 2014, AMG international and RAI Italy were introduced to the next level of viewer engagement, reinventing the newsroom, redefining graphics, and changing the game for sports production.


In Paris, new and returning partners and customers alike appreciated the Avid product demos, discussions and presentations around the Studio Suite and Avid NEXIS. For some existing customers, it was also an education in some of the new and productive ways in which Avid solutions can enable them to create stunning productions. Sébastien Dehe, Sales Manager at Avid France said, “Comments from our customers on the day described how impressed they were with the simple integration of the products and the innovative ways they’re making changes to their workflows.”

Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



Create Compelling Graphics for News Broadcasts and Streamline Your Workflow with Maestro 7.2

Today’s news audiences are flipping channels, tuning into online video platforms, and scrolling through social media in search of one thing—captivating stories that help them quickly understand the news. It might be immersive images on a video wall that gives context to coverage. A beautiful shot of the weather forecast. Or on-air ticker feeds delivering Twitter reactions to breaking news and giving overviews of the day’s biggest stories.

It’s graphic content that gives audiences exactly what they want—lots of information that’s exciting to watch and easy to understand, all at a glance. It’s challenging for broadcasters to compete in this environment. And it’s exactly why we’re excited to introduce Maestro 7.2.

Maestro is a complete production suite that gives broadcasters the power to create and play out high-resolution 3D graphics and video with their on-air content. With Maestro, editors and journalists can turn key data from external sources—including social media—into compelling imagery, graphs, and illustrations that enhance news coverage. Maestro comes with 4Designer, a powerful 2D/3D graphics creation software that’s packed with stunning templates so broadcast teams can easily elevate their production value by customizing these templates, or authoring completely new graphic elements.

Plus, with Maestro Media Engine, you can now manage and play both videos and graphics. Video elements can be added to a rundown on a newsroom system or directly on Maestro—and they can be cued and played with a single tool. And Maestro 7.2 tightly integrates with the entire Avid MediaCentral Platform. So broadcast teams can get stunning graphics to air faster than ever before.


• Easily access Maestro graphics with the extended MediaCentral | UX pane

• Retrieve rundowns from iNEWS right into Maestro

• Browse and bring in media from Interplay | Production from within Maestro

• Go to air faster by playing content directly from Avid NEXIS or Avid ISIS

Stunning on-air graphics. Gorgeous virtual studio displays. Immersive high-res video wall content. And seamless integration with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Maestro 7.2 gives you control over every aspect of your production studio. It’s the best way to streamline broadcast workflows and give your news stories an exciting newsworthy look. And it’s available now.

Keep your audience engaged. Create captivating coverage with Maestro 7.2.

Maestro 7.2 Now Available

Maestro is a fully modular graphics solution that enables you to adapt it to your specific broadcast needs and workflow.


Reimagining Sports in VR — Avid Brings Thought Leadership to VR 20/20 Summit

Avid was recently asked to appear at the VR 20/20 summit, the newest component of the fourth annual NYC Television and Video Week. Held this October in Times Square, the week-long conference offered “education, information and unparalleled networking for leaders in the broadcast, cable, advertising and technology industries” and drew more than 2400 executives from around the globe.

The VR portion of this event, provided attendees with the opportunity to gain insight into emerging trends in VR/AR hardware, content development, distribution, and retail; explore the latest VR/AR devices through hands-on demonstrations; and network with some of the industry’s most prominent thought leaders and innovators in the space.

Joel Lamdani, Avid’s Senior Director for Strategic Market Development, served as a panelist on the Reimagining Sports in VR panel, which focused on how sports leagues, broadcasters, and technology innovators are harnessing Audio, Video, and Graphics to support the emerging medium.

“The VR/AR space is constantly evolving and today’s audience is driven by their hunger for new technology experiences,” says Lamdani, citing a new era of sports interaction, like interactive gaming, as an example. “E-sports is going to explode. When you have user engagement of thousands of people on Facebook and Google platforms, those users will dictate a new type of sports.”

“It’s important that vendors like Avid not only develop tools and technologies in the VR space,” continues Lamdani, “but find trusted partners looking for the most advanced solutions in this exciting new field.”

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Join the Upcoming Webinar: Make Incredible Moments with Avid PlayMaker 3.3

Captivating highlights reels and slow-motion replays have become hallmarks of excellent sports and breaking news coverage. They’re what keep viewers tuned-in, even though there’s more content on more platforms than ever before for audiences to choose from.

Studios that produce live sports and news around the clock need an easy way to quickly turn around stories as fast as they happen. And Avid PlayMaker is the perfect tool for the job. With PlayMaker 3.3, you can ingest multiple high-quality content feeds and edit footage on the fly, and instantly share media highlights using Interplay or MediaCentral | UX.

In our upcoming webinar on Monday, December 12, 2016 at 10 am (EST), Avid PlayMaker product manager, Eyal Stessel, provides a closer look at this truly versatile media ingest/playout solution, and answers your pressing questions in a live Q&A session.


• See how to create action-packed highlights and slow-motion replays in an instant

• Watch PlayMaker seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow

• Find out how PlayMaker enhances collaboration with virtually anyone on your network

• Learn how you can Maximize efficiency by automatically collaborating with the entire production environment, including Interplay | Production, MediaCentral | UX and Avid NEXIS


Avid PlayMaker Webinar

PlayMaker will streamline your broadcast workflow and help you produce media highlights with incredible speed.



Delivering the Colors of Rural America: Avid Studio Suite Helps Rebuild RFD-TV’s Award-Winning Network

RFD-TV faced a challenge. The burgeoning cable network, which delivers rural-related news and lifestyle content to 50 million Americans throughout the country, wanted to update its on-air experience. In the words of the network’s founder that meant looking “every bit as professional as the big boys,” referencing the likes of CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg. But these broadcast powerhouses have large coffers and expansive budgets. RFD-TV was looking for equal quality without the requisite costs.

The network approached its complete studio rebuild with a clear list of requirements. Chief among them was the ability to push a huge volume of high-quality data graphics to air. “Anchors are functionally dependent upon that data,” says Gary Kanofsky, RFD-TV’s chief content officer and executive vice president of news. “This is key data that’s critical to “amplify and clarify” the story or package they’re talking about on-air.”

Enter Avid’s Studio Suite, the only industry-leading solution that met every one of the network’s functional requirements at a budget that was surprising given what was delivered. Even more, Avid took on a close advisory role spec’ing out a system that Gary describes as having “no overkill in it – but was more than robust enough.”

Avid’s TD Control plays a critical role in the new broadcast system, giving RFD-TV a complete studio display and management solution that combines video processing and real-time graphics in one workflow. While interfacing with RFD-TV’s newsroom computer, server and automation systems, TD Control manages two video walls and four other in-studio screens. Best of all, the technical director can easily run TD Control through a simple touchscreen panel, offering a significant advantage over competitive offerings that require a dedicated operator.

Avid’s Maestro for graphics playout is also central to RFD-TV’s new look and feel. A universal controller for video and graphics, Maestro enables the team to easily create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos. Maestro, which includes the 4Designer 2D/3D graphics creation tool, allows editors to introduce real-time data from external sources—including social media—and manage, massage and cue that data to external sources and play it out to air in real time.

In a streamlined six months the new studio system was up and running, and has been a tremendous success with those who matter most: viewers. Audience members have flooded the network with comments that spoke not only to the more dynamic look, but also to its ‘watchability.’  Industry accolades followed soon after, earning RFD-TV a Cablefax Award for Best News or Series Program, a formidable win against CNBC, Robin Meade’s show on Headline News, and other programs from Al Jazeera and Oxygen.


Tune into our webinars to learn more about these next-generation tools RFD-TV used to achieve their award-winning network:



Captivate Your Audience, Everywhere

With Avid graphics solutions, you can entertain and enlighten audiences through powerful visual storytelling, stunning imagery, and enhancements, so they keep tuning in for more.



Introducing Spark 1.2 — All-in-One Telestration for Sports Broadcasters

Sports broadcasters create some of the most exciting and inspiring content on TV. The cinematic camera movements that put us in the stadium. The drama that unfolds on the field. Expert commentators who excitedly expand each play. They all give us greater insights to the game. It’s a thrilling way to experience and understand our favorite teams.

But for small- and mid-sized broadcasters, it can be challenging to compete with larger networks that produce sports productions, complete with immersive in-game graphics. Smaller teams often have talented commentators, but they need better tools to up their production value.

Enter Avid Spark 1.2. The all-in-one telestration tool for sports broadcasters. With Spark, you can create captivating sports analysis in seconds. Highlight the action with a full library of rich customizable 2D and 3D graphic effects. Call out players with tags that hover overhead or spotlights that follow underfoot. Draw on live video. Even call out pivotal moments with eye-catching effects like Monochrome, which creates a black and white look for the entire scene except for specific players in full color. Completely reinvent your replay analysis in just a few clicks.

Don’t miss our upcoming webinar on January 24th to explore the new features in Spark 1.2.


Spark ignites your sports coverage with tools that truly get your audience into the game. And its easy-to-use, intuitive touch interface means you don’t need an expert technician to create compelling highlights. Simply drag, drop, and draw stunning elements right on screen. Or use the built-in chromakeyer to give your graphics a realistic in-game perspective. Even better? Spark works with any Windows-compatible touchscreen. So you can use a touchscreen you already own, or choose the perfect touchscreen that works for you. Plus, you can adjust elements to specifically match your brand, your team, and your needs. The included powerful rack-mount Spark Engine rips through all of these complex video-rendering tasks as fast as you can broadcast, so you won’t miss a moment of gameplay.

• Analyze the action with stunning, fully customizable 2D and 3D graphic elements

• Draw graphics directly onto live video—including replays—and give your viewers a better visual understanding of the action.

• Enhance multiple points of interest in a single play

• Smart and easy-to-use telestration tool – no dedicated operator required


Spark 1.2 is available now. Attend our webinar and Q&A session on January 24, 2017, to see how you can instantly enhance your sports coverage with stunning in-game graphics.

Enhance Gameplay with High-Impact Graphics

Avid Spark is an all-in-one sports telestration, video recording/playout, and 3D graphics rendering solution that enables you to draw graphics on live video and control replays to engage viewers.


IBC 2016: Redefine On-Air Graphics with Avid Blend

Live television is perhaps the most intense production environment there is. Not only are the production requirements demanding—the competition between channels and networks can be as fierce as well. In order to win ratings battles and gain the widest possible audience, broadcasters need powerful and integrated video solutions that increase production efficiency and reduce operational costs.

Avid Blend is a “channel in a box” solution can help today’s broadcasters address their most pressing workflow challenges, with high-performance video and graphics capabilities that simplify and streamline a wide range of channel management tasks.

Here are several key features that Blend offers:

Blend supports playback of all commonly used file formats and codecs, and clips are copied to local storage without disturbing your current playout. The frame-accurate system supports back-to-back clip playback, so you can cue multiple clips for playout.

Blend is a native 3D solution that offers real-time graphics playout and works with all commonly used graphic elements. Easily introduce smart logic to graphics without the need for scripting or programming. Insert live video inputs into the graphic scene for use as Digital Video Effects and video clips. A streamlined user interface delivers intuitive playout control and extensive playlist capabilities, and you can even create playlists offline using the standalone playlist mediator.

With Blend, you get peace of mind thanks to maximum performance and proven reliability. Video clips are stored on configured RAID disks that can be set as RAID protected. It also offers fully redundant protection with hot swappable power supplies, as well as mechanical and software bypass.


New at IBC: Create and introduce segments with Media Composer

If you have Media Composer, creating clip segments is now easier than ever. Using markers, simply create in and out points in any Media Composer sequence and tag them as a marker with its name. Introducing graphics is just as simple. Navigate to the frame where you want to include the graphic element and create a marker (which can include the template’s ID and its parameters) to represent the graphic. You can also now see the graphic element and position it in its frame precisely.

Save the sequence as an AAF, and all relevant information, such as metadata, will be saved without having to render and export the sequence as a clip. You can then schedule these segments by simply dragging and dropping them into a Blend playlist. The graphics introduced in Media Composer will automatically become a secondary event, with all segment and graphic metadata tied to the clip.

Robust Channel in a Box Solution

Blend channel in a box is a high-performance, cost-effective, file-based solution that addresses today’s broadcast workflow challenges.



Captivating Viewers With Stunning Real-time Graphics in Rio

In the world of sports media production, data is getting bigger and more important. There are now many different ways to capture real-time data — player and ball positioning, predictive data, play-by-play data, player and team stats. And with more than 10,500 athletes competing in 28 different sports, the amount of data being captured at Rio 2016 is mind-blowing. The question is: How do you present all of this big data to viewers in a meaningful, attention-grabbing way?

The answer is, of course, through graphics. If you compare the amount of TV-screen real estate that graphics used to occupy 10 years ago to today, it’s clear to see how important graphics have become in sports production, especially at an event like the summer games. Over the years, graphics have become an essential part of storytelling and ever more sophisticated. Today, we’re even seeing augmented reality elements being used to visualize data. But for graphics to captivate and engage viewers, they need to be fast and relevant to the story.

In addition to delivering sophisticated graphics quickly and efficiently, graphics solutions need to be able to create them in a wide range of resolutions. They also need to integrate seamlessly with other systems in the sports-production environment and enable broadcasters to maximize the value of their content through user rights management and the efficient repurposing of broadcast graphics.

That’s where Avid graphics solutions come into play, providing a complete and integrated workflow for creating, managing, distributing and playing out stunning, high-resolution graphics and videos quickly and easily, boosting efficiency and production possibilities. With its modular architecture, the Avid graphics toolset can be customized for a wide variety of media environments and integrates seamlessly with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral Platform, as well as third-party applications.

When broadcasting live sports like this summer’s games in Brazil, real-time graphics are an essential part of the overall viewer experience, helping to capture viewers’ attention and increase ratings. Visit the Avid website to find out more about Avid’s real-time graphics solutions.

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Augmenting Reality In Rio

Rio Summer 2016 is set to be the most immersive Games to date, with augmented reality putting viewers firmly in the middle of the action — wherever they are in the world. Augmented reality isn’t new in the world of sports broadcasting. For some time now, advanced design and production tools have existed that enable broadcasters to easily create 3D virtual objects that appear as if they’re actually in the studio or even outdoors.

While the tools and workflows have remained the same, the way augmented reality is deployed in production has improved dramatically. Today’s broadcasters are more experienced with augmented reality and are better able to figure out what can and can’t work. There’s a fine line between doing something that’s cool and something that’s tacky. But now that broadcasters have had a few years to experiment with the technology, from a content perspective, they have a much better idea of where augmented reality makes sense, how to use it and what kind of AR elements make sense. And with greater computing power, we’re now seeing more realistic graphics.

A number of broadcasters demonstrated these advances with some stunning augmented reality moments at the recent Euro 2016 soccer championship. National French TV channel M6, for example, made headlines when presenter Nathalie Renoux in M6’s Paris studio appeared to walk inside a TV to speak to fellow presenter Carine Galli on the sidelines in Nice. M6 also used a hologram effect to “zap” interviewees from a studio in the stadium to the M6 studio in Paris.

Meanwhile, in China, the national broadcaster’s sports channel, CCTV5, made a highly detailed model of the Arc de Triomphe appear in the studio for the opening game, enabling viewers to “walk through” the Paris landmark. CCTV5 also used Digital Sand Table — a professional football application developed by Avid partner EarthMountain — for pre-match predictions and analysis before each daily live broadcast. With all 32 participating teams and their players built into the application in advance, CCTV5’s presenters were able to discuss the game to be played that day, using different colors and effects on a touchscreen embedded on their desk. When presenters dragged the players’ names across the screen, viewers saw 3D models of the players running across the screen.

As sports broadcasters continue to develop how they use augmented reality technology to help boost fan engagement and ratings, I can’t wait to see the immersive experiences they have in store for us in Rio de Janeiro.

Visit the Avid website to find out about Avid’s augmented reality solution RealSet.

Changing the Game

Captivate your viewers with a fully immersive sports experience. From rich Ultra HD/4K content and augmented reality to powerful sports enhancements—Avid end-to-end sports solutions give you the platform to create captivating content from any location and deliver a game-changing viewer experience.



Draw 3D Graphics on Live Video and Turn Around Enhanced Replays with Avid Spark

Today, there are hundreds of sports TV programs, news shows, and live game broadcasts competing for audience attention. Too many for the average sports fan. For small- to mid-size broadcasters, finding a way to better engage and grow an audience is paramount when going up against the big broadcast networks and 24-hour sports cable giants.

That’s why Avid designed Spark—an all-in-one sports enhancement solution that packs powerful telestration, video recording/playout, and 3D graphics rendering capabilities into a portable, cost-effective package. Engage, entertain, and give viewers better visual insight and analysis into the game flow, key plays, and controversial calls by drawing graphics directly on live video and providing instant replays—without the need for a dedicated operator.

Ideal for both studio and live sports productions, Spark can be used to enhance any type of sport, whether you’re broadcasting or showcasing football or American football, baseball or cricket, or hockey or lacrosse. And it’s incredibly easy to set up and use—in the studio or in the broadcast truck.

Enjoy Simple Operation

Anyone can operate Spark using its easy-to-use graphical interface. There’s no need for a dedicated operator. Prior to broadcast, simply choose a point of interest in the video (any frame). Then during the show, tap the graphic you want on the touchscreen, place it onto the field with another tap, repeat as needed, and then play the video when ready.

Add Rich Graphic Effects

With its extensive library of ready-made, richly designed graphic effects and intuitive toolset, you can amplify every type of sports production. Easily modify and control every attribute, including color and size. Emphasize a particular play, area, or player using arrows with customizable attributes, including the arrow’s head, body, tail, color, width, and texture. And ensure that all elements placed on the field appear real with the embedded chromakeyer.

Get Powerful Performance

The Spark engine is a cost-effective, all-in-one digital video server and graphics rendering platform. It’s designed to meet the real-time graphic rendering needs of the broadcast industry.

To better streamline productions, the Spark engine is equipped with a 2-channel video server. You can record and grab the relevant footage and play it to air directly from the Spark system—no need to use external video servers.  In addition, Spark is a fully redundant solution, providing peace of mind even in the most demanding studios.

Enhance Gameplay with High-Impact Graphics

Avid Spark is an all-in-one sports telestration, video recording/playout, and 3D graphics rendering solution that enables you to draw graphics on live video and control replays to engage viewers.