Create Timely Content Your Audience Craves with Innovative MediaCentral Features and Enhancements

It’s all about the content

Now more than ever, you need to quickly and continuously deliver compelling content to keep audiences engaged. Attract and retain more viewers with high-quality, relevant content they can access fast, anywhere they roam. But if you have gaps in your processes that throttle workflow efficiency, lagging behind the competition will mean missed chances for audience loyalty and growth.

When the Carolina Panthers saw an opportunity to increase viewership by creating powerfully immersive content, they knew it was time to update their production facilities with future-ready solutions and turned to Avid as a trusted partner to help solve their business challenges.  By integrating Avid MediaCentral and Avid NEXIS shared storage into their workflow, they gained the flexibility and scalability necessary to drive game-day enthusiasm while delivering the best content to their fans, quickly.

As the media production team behind the Carolina Panthers knows well, it’s all about engagement. MediaCentral is fully equipped to fill the cracks on your path to winning productions whether you’re a leading sports team looking to bolster brand loyalty, a dynamic crew of two editors crafting an influential story, or anything in between. The latest update to MediaCentral serves up fresh features and powerful enhancements that let you take your workflow to the next level so that you won’t miss a beat in the race to content delivery.


What sets MediaCentral apart?

This unified platform and web-based user experience offers a customizable suite of creative tools and media management, scaling with ease from a simple to sophisticated solution. That means news, sports, and post-production teams can collaborate and create from anywhere on any device through MediaCentral’s web-based user experience.

It’s robust enough to handle everything you need to tackle day to day, from media ingest, advanced searching, and logging, to collaborating, editing, and publishing to multiple platforms simultaneously. In short, you can create better content faster and deliver it directly to a variety of outlets and devices, maximizing the ROI for your media—and keeping your audiences happy and tuned in–or coming back for more.

And now, with MediaCentral | Publisher powered by Wildmoka, you can create platform-tailored content quickly and publish it with a single, quick click. Everything happens automatically; all transcoding, content staging, and publishing is seamless, which means you can spend more time creating high-value content that drives traffic and, ultimately, revenue.

The improved MediaCentral with MediaCentral | Publisher is robust enough to handle everything you need to tackle day to day, from media ingest, advanced searching, and logging, to collaborating, editing, and publishing to multiple platforms simultaneously. In short, you can create better content faster and deliver it directly to a variety of outlets and devices, maximizing the ROI for your media and keeping your audiences happy and tuned in—or coming back for more.

We’ve upgraded MediaCentral to make it even more of a powerhouse solution for your needs. New features include:

  • MediaCentral | Publisher for swift publishing across multiple digital platforms
  • Collaboration across multiple sites
  • More intuitive searching features for finding media faster
  • Phonetic indexing to find media based on spoken words or phrases
  • Logging capabilities that enhance media searchability
  • High-volume media ingest
  • Graphics workflow integration for quick-turnaround news and sports production

When used with Avid’s compatible solutions, MediaCentral provides everything creative teams and broadcasters need to produce captivating productions.


Remote team? No problem.

Uniting geographically dispersed teams is a breeze. Communicate and collaborate more effectively with full access to media available through a simple graphical web browser or mobile interface. Journalists, editors, producers, loggers, assistants, and other creative contributors can access tasks, projects, and media from anywhere, using any device, enabling the whole team to create better stories and complete projects quicker.

Find your media when it’s crunch time

Ideal for sports and post production, the new Log app provides a customizable interface for loggers that want to make detailed notes and mark in/out points quickly. This enables other team members to search large amounts of media and find the right clips faster, especially with MediaCentral’s improved intuitive search capabilities that help you get the right results faster. The Phonetic Index option lets you find all clips that contain the spoken words you seek in seconds, too, cutting down on valuable time wasted searching for content.

Manage content for ultimate efficiency

When rich media pours in, your team can’t slow down. MediaCentral makes ingesting high volumes of content simple. With the Ingest desktop app, you gain automated file ingest through a web browser or volume ingest with full AMA support. MediaCentral also supports Microsoft Azure Cognitive and Media Services, enabling AI, speech-to-text, and machine learning capabilities within your powerful workflow. Plus, with new support for media analytics, your team will gain deeper search capabilities across archived content so that finding media quickly is easier than before.

We get it: one size doesn’t fit all in the business world. When you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to set you up with some time with an Avid specialist so that you can discuss your specific needs.

Avid MediaCentral

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of hundreds, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.

A Super-Simple Way to Safely Park and Back up Projects to the Cloud — Introducing Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces

As production teams create more immersive, rich video content, they are paving the way for deeper engagement with audiences. But that higher-quality media comes with larger, more complex projects. Teams need the ability to back up or park storage workspaces quickly and easily to protect project files and keep content production moving forward. And, unless there’s a secret stash of money lying around, budget constraints make large, up-front purchases of more storage difficult if not impossible.

The answer is cloud-based storage. Our newest addition to the multi-award winning Avid NEXIS family is just the solution.

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces is designed for small- to medium-size news, sports, and post-production organizations that need to back up or free up their Avid NEXIS storage space. As an add-on service, it enables your team to store onsite projects and media offsite and scale storage space as needed on demand, in the cloud. Unlike other solutions, it doesn’t require additional software components or complex configuration to set up and maintain. That means lower costs, less risk, and fewer administrative errors.

Making Life Easier for Editors, Assistant Editors, Journalists, and Producers

Say you’re an editor, assistant editor, journalist, or producer in a post-production environment using Avid NEXIS storage. You need a way to park finished projects and media not currently in production so you can easily find and retrieve them in the future.

If your Avid NEXIS storage is full, you need to manually shuttle media to external NAS/DAS storage devices, making it hard to find the clips you need. Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces makes it super easy to offload media, finished content, and suspended projects from your Avid NEXIS system to the cloud. And because Avid NEXIS workspaces and cloudspaces are both managed through the Avid NEXIS Management Console, it’s easy to organize,  find, retrieve, and restore what you need fast. With Cloudspaces, you no longer waste time searching for and wrangling media. That means more time to create projects and faster turnaround!

You also want to back up media and project files offsite while making sure your latest changes are protected. But backing up media offsite takes time and can be complicated. Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces works like an extension of your on-premises Avid NEXIS workspaces, enabling you to safely back up media and project files to offsite cloudspaces. It eliminates complex processes and management while safeguarding your projects from loss.

Designed to Support Business Owners, CTOs, Engineers, IT Managers and System Architects

If you’re on the technical side of the house, you want a simple and safe way to back up media and projects offsite. But setting up and maintaining an offsite system is time-consuming and complex. That’s because it often involves additional hardware, multiple software components and labor intensive processes. That’s not the case with Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces.

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces’ fully integrated offsite storage solution is incredibly simple to enable, set up, and maintain—with zero learning curve. You can activate and configure it quickly from the Avid NEXIS Management Console while leveraging your Avid NEXIS user access controls for built-in end-to-end security. And it uses the same familiar Avid NEXIS workspace semantics, making management easy.

Plus, with Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces, it’s super easy for editors to offload media, finished content, and suspended projects from Avid NEXIS to the cloud. That means no more time-consuming manual processes and additional hardware for you to maintain.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a simple way to integrate a secure and effective backup solution that won’t disrupt production? As you know, integrating new systems can impact production if it involves any changes to the workflow or training. The good news is that teams can safely back up and park media to Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces without having to learn new processes or change their workflow. Workspaces can be synced to your cloudspaces, without requiring any editor involvement. And media can be parked in the cloud to free up Avid NEXIS storage space, so production keeps moving.

You Too Can Try Backing Up and Parking Projects in the Cloud – For Free!!!

Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces offers a fully integrated offsite storage solution—without requiring any additional hardware or software. Simply upgrade your Avid NEXIS Enterprise or Avid NEXIS | PRO storage systems to the latest release of the Avid NEXIS | FS file system software (2019.4 or later).  Then choose from a variety of subscription plans in your Avid Account and get 3 months of free Cloudspaces storage.

Stop investing money in NAS or DAS storage drives that add complexity and risk to production workflows every time you need extra storage. With Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces, you can match your storage expense to your business needs, easily scale up your capacity as needed, and safely park and back up media while leveraging Avid NEXIS to manage your on-premises workspaces and cloudspaces together for greater workflow efficiency.

Remember, all Avid NEXIS systems come with 2 TB of cloud storage  so you can start storing media in the cloud immediately. What are you waiting for?

Instantly expand your Avid NEXIS storage to the cloud

For small- to medium-size news, sports, and post-production organizations, Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces provides a super-simple way to park projects in the cloud, as well as sync onsite Avid NEXIS workspaces for easy offsite backup.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management Makes Life Easier for the Extended Post Production Team

As someone who spent 16 years as a post production engineer, I make it my job to understand the needs of the post production workflow. From these experiences has come a constant search for the right tools to solve problems and reduce friction for the clients that I support. This is why I’m so excited for the latest release of MediaCentral | Editorial Management. It’s a collaboration, workflow, and project management solution that perfectly complements the Media Composer creative toolset.

Editorial Management streamlines post production by providing the complete spectrum of workflow capabilities, seamlessly integrated into one simple solution. Editorial Management workflow allows editors who know and love Media Composer to edit the way they want to edit, while removing the distractions of some of the “worker bee” tasks that are still essential to the editorial process. The teammates that are integral to post production – producers, story editors, post-production supervisors, and production assistants – can now more easily and quickly take care of their part of the project pipeline. Editorial Management allows producers, story editors and others to access the project remotely to prep media and review the cut.

Editorial Management is an affordable solution that easily scales to accommodate small creative teams of two or up to 25. It effectively extends a team’s asset and project management capabilities beyond the confines of any video editing system, enabling producers, assistants, interns, and other non-editors to handle time-consuming media tasks as production ramps up. All of this can be done from anywhere you can access your VPN.

Media Composer interface with Editorial Management panel (bottom left)

The screenshot above shows the Media Composer interface with an embedded panel for Editorial Management in the lower left. This is a search and browse window that allows Media Composer users to search across the entire Avid NEXIS storage environment.


Serving the Entire Post Production Team

As most post professionals will agree, the industry’s adoption of file-based workflows has been a double-edged sword. No doubt, file-based workflows are more flexible and often faster than film or tape-based methods. But these workflows also introduce new complexities to the process, and in some cases, the non-tactile nature of files makes our jobs harder. It truly requires a team effort to get through post production in a timely manner. Thankfully, new tools are at last emerging to smooth out some of the wrinkles that file-based workflows introduced.

During my tenure in post production, our facility featured over 150 editing rooms available to our clientele. Though each room had an Avid Media Composer system, very few rooms were used for actual creative, “craft” editorial. Most of the edit rooms, bullpen spaces and teammates crouched over laptops were dedicated to managerial, preparatory and organizational tasks.  Recognizing this, Avid has brought many of these managerial, preparatory and organizational tools into in a lightweight and easily accessible tool, all while providing access to the same media without the constraints of being in the building.

The latest – and planned – enhancements to the Editorial Management workflow are a testament to Avid’s understanding of the landscape. It’s also proof of Avid’s commitment to building a platform serving all these vital roles within post production.


Benefits by Role

Simply put, Media Composer is a multipurpose tool with a vast array of capabilities that can serve the needs of many, which is now customizable for specific roles with the newly announced Media Composer Enterprise. And with Editorial Management, producers, story editors, post-production supervisors, and production assistants can easily focus on – and efficiently take care of – their tasks. Here’s how it benefits each person involved:

  • Production assistant – Can quickly and easily prepare and organize media.
  • Story editor – Can more effectively and quickly search for content and begin to build their narrative.
  • Post-production supervisor – Can easily keep their finger on the pulse of a project’s media, content, and organization.
  • Producer: Can find content with an easy-to-use tool and review edits in progress from any location, and to review cuts as the cut evolves.

Conducting a phonetic search within MediaCentral | Editorial Management

The screenshot above shows the web-based view used by the extended post production team to find media within Editorial Management. The terms that the user enters via phonetic search are at the top in the colored bubbles [film] [editor] [think] [doc]. Editorial Management analyzes the spoken words and finds any instances those words appear in any of the video stored on Avid NEXIS. This is a unique and powerful capability.

Creating a sequence with MediaCentral | Editorial Management

The screenshot above shows the view a producer would see when creating a sequence. In this view, the producer has selected four clips within the browser, and creates a simple string-out by right clicking and selecting ‘create sequence’.


Latest Features and More

In a nutshell, the latest release of Editorial Management makes it possible to:

  • Quickly prep and edit simple sequences in the new web browser timeline to create shot lists or string-outs
  • Easily assemble and create group clips to prep multicam shots for Media Composer editors
  • Find the right clips using the new Phonetic Index option, enabling dialogue search across all authorized Avid NEXIS workspaces

Should you be new to Editorial Management, I can assure you that this list barely scratches the surface of what post production teams can do with it. To review, Editorial Management enables teams to:

  • Collaborate efficiently. Editorial Management enables creative teams to work together more effectively —from finding clips and prepping sequences and projects, to reviewing and approving a final cut. Editors can easily browse, search, and access bins and clips on Avid NEXIS directly from their Media Composer | Ultimate or Enterprise interface. Production assistants can create and organize projects and bins using a simple web browser interface to support the editing team.
  • Get organized while cutting costs. No need to invest in expensive workstations or additional seats of Media Composer to jump-start new projects or handle reviews from anywhere. As a web-based solution, Editorial Management enables anyone on the team to create, browse, search for, organize, and manage projects, bins, and media—as well as play sequences—using any computer or mobile device. Its core indexing engine keeps track of all stored projects and media, so everyone on the team can view what’s available in real time.
  • Streamline project prep and review. With Editorial Management, production assistants can create and save subclips and simple sequences to Media Composer bins right from their browser to organize material into more manageable chunks for editors. It’s also possible to play subclips and rendered sequences created in Media Composer right in the browser, making it easy for non-editors to review and approve sequences from anywher

There’s a lot more to come. At NAB we are showing a technology preview specifically designed for multi-camera studio productions, enabling group clips to be easily captured from Avid FastServe on to Avid NEXIS, ready to use in Media Composer. This workflow will have unique appeal to studio-based shows, and even allows capturing in 1080p 23.98.

Editorial Management is new – and still emerging – technology that supports Avid’s post production clientele from both a technology and workflow standpoint. Editors will be able to focus on editing, while the extended team can more easily and quickly handle their parts of the project.

I hope you’re as excited as I am about the way Editorial Management is making life easier for everyone on the post production team. The best way to appreciate its power is seeing it in action. Come visit us at NAB to see a demo of a studio production workflow using MediaCentral | Editorial Management!

Creative Collaboration Made Simple

Add powerful, simple-to-deploy asset management capabilities to your file-based editing workflow with Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

Post Production Collaboration on a Budget

For years, Avid has been leading the way for the media industry to seize the opportunities and overcome the challenges that the digitization of media has unleashed.  Since April of 2013, Avid has focused several resources to deliver on our promise to completely transform and advance broadcast and post-production workflows into this new age. This week, continuing that vision, we have delivered the latest release of MediaCentral | Editorial Management.  Purpose-built to accelerate post production, MediaCentral | Editorial Management enables creative teams to create and collaborate more effectively in this increasingly competitive environment.

For Avid editors, it provides a completely integrated media panel within Media Composer | Ultimate, making it easy to search and access bins and clips across Avid NEXIS. And it makes it easy for PAs to create and organize projects and bins using a simple browser interface to support the editing team—without requiring Media Composer. Through Avid’s unique HyperBin architecture, it delivers enhanced collaborative capabilities, enabling teams to stay in sync, have greater control over their media, and turn around their best work faster than ever before.  Resulting in the ability to accelerate the editing process.

Another request we have received is about managing and controlling the costs associated with post production, as well as being able to leverage the role of the Assistant Editor.  With this release of MediaCentral | Editorial Management, there is no need to invest in expensive workstations to jumpstart new projects or facilitate the review process.  MediaCentral | Editorial Management enables anyone on the team to create, browse, search for, organize, and manage projects, bins, and media—as well as play sequences—using any computer.

Finally, when you think about the end-to-end workflow associated with post production, the other key area that MediaCentral | Editorial Management dramatically expedites, is the process of finding and sharing media across Avid NEXIS or Avid NEXIS | PRO and multiple Media Composer | Ultimate workstations.  Thus, providing better collaborative efficiency while reducing the cost of operation. Its core indexing engine and service keep track of all stored projects and media, so everyone on your team can view what’s available in real time.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management is easy to deploy and maintain, so you’ll be up and running in no time. It installs through a streamlined configuration wizard and leverages your existing Avid NEXIS user management and access control configurations automatically, so team members only see the workspaces to which they have access.

I want to thank all our tremendous customers who have fed back critical insights, requests, and feature suggestions over the past few years. Your engagement is highly valued by the entire team as we work to develop the most robust file and workflow management for small to mid-sized creative teams in the world.

Creative Collaboration Made Simple

Add powerful, simple-to-deploy asset management capabilities to your file-based editing workflow with Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

The MediaCentral Solution: Creating Content through Connectivity

‘Content is king.’

If you work in media, it’s likely you’ve heard this sentiment preached repeatedly over the past few years. Rapidly advancing technology has empowered creatives and increased audience demand. Content needs to be created faster, in larger volumes, and in higher quality to meet more sophisticated viewer expectations. Workflows designed for singular platform delivery are no longer viable. It’s not OK to just remain competitive. Viewer trends are pushing media operations large and small to develop and refine new workflows ahead of emerging technologies.

Answering those needs is Avid MediaCentral, the industry’s most comprehensive solution for media workflow. MediaCentral features a modular ecosystem design that can be customized to meet your specific media production workflow needs today, and in the future. Imagine the benefits of a unified workflow that integrates media ingest, logging, editing, graphics, playout, multiplatform distribution, asset management, storage, archive capabilities and more – all controlled by one user interface. No production silos, no work-arounds… just a streamlined, collaborative solution that accelerates and simplifies your media production workflow, whether for post, news, sports or any other media organization.

Flexibility and scalability enable MediaCentral to be configured specifically for your needs. Integrating both Avid and third-party solutions, the MediaCentral platform brings together disparate technologies into a seamless workflow, accessible through a single user interface, with multiple game-changers for your production process:

  • Deploy modules for Newsroom, Editorial, Production and Asset Management at the scale you need
  • Access media, ingest clips, edit video and publish content from anywhere, to multiple platforms, in real time
  • Navigate an easy-to-use, task-oriented user interface on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Future-proof media production with a platform ready for 4K/UHD resolutions and cloud-enabled workflows
  • Boost your efficiency with a new search engine and apps that speed up media browsing and searching

As the MediaCentral platform evolves, so do its capabilities and features. In our latest release MediaCentral 2018.6, Avid is delivering important new enhancements across the full array of workflow modules, apps, and services.  Check out a few of the highlights:


Gain better performance and productivity

MediaCentral offers many new enhancements and improvements across its workflow modules, apps, and services to help speed up and simplify your workflow. Edit content easily in a timeline across all apps in MediaCentral | Cloud UX, including MediaCentral | Search and Browse—not just Edit. Work more intuitively with improved views and interface interaction. Get support for Avid DNxHR SDR formats. Develop third-party connectors to the platform more efficiently. And much more.


Find what you need faster

With the powerful new MediaCentral | Search engine, MediaCentral enables editors, assistants, journalists, field producers, and other media coordinators to find the assets they need faster for easier, more fluid collaboration. Regardless of where the media—and all contributors—are located.

Stay current more easily

The MediaCentral backend now supports CentOS 7.4 across the entire platform. Not only does this make it easier to install, deploy, and update the software, you can have peace of mind knowing that security patches will be offered and available more frequently too.


Improved Licensing Administration

MediaCentral’s comprehensive workflow capabilities take you even farther by extending to user management across your platform. With every element of your workflow now unified, administrators have one central place they can switch modules on and off, manage licensing, and designate user roles and permissions.


The proliferation of new delivery platforms and real-time media consumption is shaking media infrastructure at its foundation. The unrelenting demand for content generation is creating an unrelenting need for content management tools that help you make the most of your media. Avid MediaCentral offers a solution that brings unprecedented speed, efficiency, connectivity and scalability to your media workflow.

Avid MediaCentral

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of hundreds, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.

Deliver Compelling Content to Multiple Platforms Quickly and Simply with Avid MediaCentral

It used to be so simple. Get breaking news on air first, and you beat the competition. But now, audiences expect to stay current on breaking news using apps or social media on their mobile devices, looking online using a computer, or watching TV. The race to break news first now demands instant distribution on a wide array of platforms, each with its own parameters and delivery standards. Developing a newsroom workflow that integrates messaging to each of these platforms is essential to win the breaking news race.

The Avid MediaCentral platform is the industry’s most comprehensive workflow solution for media organizations. It’s an ecosystem that eliminates cumbersome workflow silos by providing integrated tools for a seamless, end-to-end solution. An important part of the end-to-end workflow is multiplatform content delivery. MediaCentral facilitates this process by automating background tasks, so you can focus on what’s most important: being first to deliver compelling content for viewing on websites, social media, mobile apps, and TV.

MediaCentral incorporates several unique features that empower your team to deliver content to more platforms, faster.


Cohesive messaging across all platforms

Create content once and deliver it to multiple channels simultaneously. MediaCentral enables your team to put stories together for TV broadcast and then quickly convert them for on-demand streaming, website playback, 280-character Twitter posts or other social media viewing.


Automated formatting for lightning-fast distribution

Re-formatting your stories for the web and social media takes time that you don’t have. MediaCentral accelerates the process by automating video, image and text formatting specifically for each platform and app. Any media transcoding, versioning, and publishing is handled by the app, enabling speedy multichannel distribution.

Cross-platform collaboration

Newsrooms are becoming more integrated. Web journalists and on-air journalists are no longer separate teams, but often the workflows they operate within are still siloed, causing inefficiencies. MediaCentral tears down these technological walls with real-time collaboration. Your journalists develop compelling social media game plans across all platforms as part of the core creation process. Your team can even schedule posts linked directly to stories already in your rundowns.

Brand consistency

Built-in review and approval tools ensure your managers are tuned-in to any and all content your team publishes. Posting activity, topics and approvals for each post are easily tracked. You can even track newsroom activity with a searchable record of all publishing per user.


In our previous blogs in this tutorial series, Say Goodbye to Patchwork Workflows , Get Unprecedented Workflow Speed and Productivity, and Find the Right Media Fast with Advanced Search Capabilities in Avid MediaCentral we showed you an overview of how users interact with MediaCentral’s groundbreaking new interface. We introduced several of the apps that improve workflow efficiency and outlined basic navigation and search features.

In this tutorial video, you’ll see how MediaCentral makes it easy to create social media posts leveraging video assets in your MediaCentral system. Once the video asset is selected, you’ll see how simple it is to create messages for Facebook and Twitter, in the correct format, and ready for publishing. You’ll also see how the interface is adaptable specifically for your newsroom needs.

Multiplatform distribution is just one aspect of the entire MediaCentral platform solution, a breakthrough in media workflow integration. The modular platform is scalable and can be configured specifically for your newsroom needs and priorities. From multiplatform distribution to streamlining your entire media workflow, you can learn much more about MediaCentral by clicking here: avid.com/mediacentral

Avid MediaCentral

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of thousands, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.

Meeting the Needs of Modern-day Post Production with MediaCentral | Editorial Management

The growth in connected consumer TVs and mobile devices, combined with more affordable and faster broadband coverage, is rapidly making 4K/UHD content ubiquitous. Post production studios are upping their game and equipping their facilities for 4K/UHD but there are other factors at play which make modern-day post production more challenging than it’s ever been.

Turnaround times are still high on the agenda, of course. There’s little or no premium to be charged for creating higher resolution content and you do not want to be taking four times as long to deliver four times the data. Likewise, it also means four times the amount of storage capacity too.

But a less well-publicized side effect of the digital age is impacting post production: we’re just shooting more stuff – a LOT more stuff – and shooting ratios are skyrocketing. Consider this: George Miller’s 2015 action blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road had a shooting ratio of 240:1, with 480 hours of raw footage. That’s more than two-and-a-half times the shooting ratio of Apocalypse Now (95:1), which has a running time over 30 minutes longer! (source: VashiVisuals)

Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management

Movies are rare beasts though, compared with the staple of most small-to-medium post houses: unscripted and reality TV. Here, the combination of cheap, digital acquisition and recording media invariably leads to even bigger shooting ratios, sometimes up to 400:1.

So, a very big challenge for today’s editor is that, with so much more media, it just takes longer and longer to find stuff. ‘Asset management’ is a dry and uninspiring term, especially in such a creative environment, but it’s essential in today’s post production workflows, not just because it manages media and available capacity, but because it acts as your own in-house search engine for your content.

Media Composer has a long-established reputation for rock-solid media management, but the asset management systems that grew up around it were invariably more suited to broadcast production than post. For larger facilities, the investment in retraining staff to learn a new navigation tool was viable, but for smaller post houses, who typically hire a lot of freelance talent, the benefits of enterprise MAMs were often undercut by the cost and effort to onboard talent.

The development of the much more open and integrated MediaCentral platform, has given Avid the opportunity to develop a module that is much more in step with the needs of modern post production. That module is called MediaCentral | Editorial Management, and what is unique about it is that it’s built around a concept that is VERY familiar to editors – shared projects and bins.

MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer

Although MediaCentral | Editorial Management is designed for smaller creative or editorial teams, it is extensible enough to grow up to 25 users in its first version and offers a framework of additional options to adapt to a range of workflows. It brings a new layer of file management, as well as extended collaborative capabilities to Avid Media Composer workflows.

Everything is about speed and ease of use. Navigation is familiar to anyone who knows Media Composer, and the indexing schema the indexing schema is now directly linked to up-to-date bin activity, making it much faster and easier to search shared projects and bins – even if they’re not open – and add media from Avid NEXIS too.

You can search for markers, rename clips and add comments to clips. You can browse through non-Avid media and link it to bins. We’ve even added phonetic search to save time trawling through media libraries for soundbites. This is a huge time-saver and cannot be underestimated. The hours an editor gets back can be the difference between being able to put more creative thought into a project, or just getting to pick up the kids from school on time.

Because MediaCentral | Editorial Management has been developed from the outset to be tightly integrated with Avid NEXIS shared storage, it’s very easy to install and configure – again, the learning curve is kept to minimum. The MediaCentral Core indexing engine and service keep track of all projects and media stored on Avid NEXIS, so everyone on the team can view what’s available in real-time.

One huge benefit of the MediaCentral playback architecture is that producers, or assistant editors prepping a project, can connect to MediaCentral | Editorial Management via a web client. This means that they can access clips from a remote location, from a home office, or while traveling; they do not have to be directly connected to the Avid NEXIS.

Developing the new MediaCentral eco-system has been Avid’s largest-ever engineering project, and by design, will extend into many different content creation environments. The potential benefits for Avid’s core post production customer community – streamlining their workflow to make production slick and efficient, even when dealing with more footage than we’ve ever shot at any point in history – makes MediaCentral | Editorial Management a true game-changer.

Creative Collaboration Made Simple

Add powerful, simple-to-deploy asset management capabilities to your file-based editing workflow with Avid MediaCentral | Editorial Management.

New Horizons for Fast Access to Archived Media — Introducing Avid NEXIS | E5 NL at NAB 2018

The growing demand for video content is accelerating production schedules across all platforms. From news and sports organizations to post-production groups, deadlines are growing shorter, increasing the need for streamlined workflows that can access archived video, quickly and reliably. As media producers create more assets, you need to find cost-effective ways to store and protect your valuable media, while still making it easily accessible for reuse. You can’t afford to have all your media taking up space in online high-performance storage systems.  You need a nearline storage solution that enables your team to move material quickly to and from online production storage.

We have great news! Avid just announced a new addition to the world-class Avid NEXIS family, designed to address these needs and more.

Introducing Avid NEXIS | E5 NL, a high-density nearline storage system that expedites access to archived media.  It provides a fast, intelligent solution for parking and retrieving assets and projects no longer in active production for repurposing and reuse, to maximize the value of your media.  It offers scalable, multilevel protected storage on-premises with integrated media management, making it easy to access, preview, and restore assets and projects, browse proxies of archived material, and stage upcoming projects and events quickly—all at an affordable price.

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Take control with a new Avid NEXIS Management Console UI

Avid is also introducing an updated Management Console for all Avid NEXIS shared storage that provides a responsive UI to support mobile and desktop devices—aligned with MediaCentral | Cloud UX—making systems monitoring, administration, and management easier.

This HTML5 User Interface offers a new Dashboard that provides an overview of your system’s performance, bandwidth, and status, as well as access to configure and manage workspaces, storage groups, user access, notifications, and other functions quickly.

From accelerating archive-to-online workflows (and vice-versa) and providing workspaces for staging, to delivering to multiple storage tiers when integrated with MediaCentral for public and private cloud workflows, Avid NEXIS | E5 NL gives you everything you need to maximize and protect the value of your media.

New Avid NEXIS Management Console Dashboard

Streamline your media production workflow

Forget having to wait while pulling media from tape. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL gives broadcast teams faster access to archived media, enabling you to quickly browse, search and shot-select proxies of the high-resolution assets on tape. This eliminates the need to restore large amounts of high-res material just to search for the ideal clip as the news cycle changes. Put together a rough-cut sequence using the proxy instantly available on Avid NEXIS | E5 NL and kick off a selected, faster restore from tape of only the required clips. In a pinch, you can go to air with the proxy if all the high-res assets are not restored. This enables you to get on air first with the best story possible.

Post production teams often struggle with multiple competing projects that may get put on hold. Or you may need a shared staging area for upcoming events and a library of common assets. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is the ideal tier 2 storage that enables you to fully utilize your high-performance tier 1 Avid NEXIS | E2, E4, E5 production storage for currently active projects. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is high density, protected storage that enables you to move media from online to nearline quickly if a project goes on hold, or when you are awaiting final approval. Also Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is ideal for event staging when you need to pull media from a tape archive to prepare. You can avoid cluttering your online storage while the slow restore from tape is progressing. You can collect all of the media in the Avid NEXIS | E5 NL nearline tier, and when ready, quickly move it to your Avid NEXIS online storage for production.

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is the perfect cost-effective companion to any Avid NEXIS and MediaCentral environment, streamlining the workflow between active and non-active production.  Avid NEXIS I E5 NL integrates with MediaCentral to take advantage of the platform’s media management capabilities. This includes MediaCentral | Shared Library, which provides a powerful, flexible archiving solution for all types of assets. Get instant browse access to proxy archive and parked projects, which can be restored to Avid NEXIS | E5, E4, or E2 for active production, then parked back to Avid NEXIS | E5 NL when finished.

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is the only nearline storage solution that offers tight integration with MediaCentral and its workflows to streamline production. And because its built on the same robust, industry-proven architecture and file system as Avid NEXIS online storage, you have the reliable media protection and redundancy you need to prevent your nearline from going offline.

120 TB Media Packs for Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Scale your system as you go

As your business and project needs grow, Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is right there with you. Avid NEXIS | FS—the common scale-out file system across all Avid NEXIS storage engines—makes it easy to add storage capacity. Scale from 480 TB of storage to more than 7.5 PB by connecting multiple E5 NL engines together as a single nearline system. Plus, each engine delivers 1 GB/s of throughput, enabling fast media transfer.

In addition, this highly intelligent, unique file system enables you to flexibly adapt capacity, bandwidth, drive protection levels, and user read/write permissions to meet changing production and security needs. You can use E5 NL as dedicated nearline storage or integrate it with other Avid NEXIS | E5, E4, and/or E2 engines to facilitate media transfer to multiple storage tiers.


To see how Avid NEXIS | E5 NL can cost-effectively improve and accelerate your media production workflow, come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Get access to your archived media instantly. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is a high-density, disk-based nearline storage system that provides a fast, intelligent solution for parking and retrieving assets and projects no longer in active production.

New Horizons for Media Management Start on the Cloud

The media and entertainment industry is experiencing a major disruption as consumer viewing habits shift to anytime access to content delivered on any device, anywhere.  Broadcasters need to create compelling content, streamline delivery, drive higher efficiency, and put the right technology in place to improve collaboration, access, and creativity to capitalize on this ever-changing paradigm.  Avid delivers those solutions, enabling cloud workflows to meet the challenges faced by broadcast sports, news, and live entertainment.

So, what’s next? A fundamental reimagining of how media organizations create, distribute, and monetize their content.  Avid will be highlighting Avid | On Demand in its cloud theater at NAB (in Booth SU801) every hour at the bottom of the hour, showing how users can fully realize the power of the cloud for production on demand. See how to enable the solutions and services you need using infrastructure from Microsoft Azure, spinning up when you need it and paying only for what you use.

In the Avid Cloud Platform Theater we’ll show you how our new cloud services and new cloud solutions extend the capabilities of the MediaCentral platform. New features empowering your team with greater capacity, access, automation, and collaboration, at appealing economics delivered on demand.

Users can see how Avid has taken machine learning, artificial intelligence, and cognitive services and created on demand services that meet every day challenges in media workflows.  In the cloud theater, users can see how Avid cloud solution offerings conjoin indexed media libraries, connect disparate creative teams, and share projects and bins.

Once you witness Avid | On Demand in action with cloud services like Avid | AI for auto-indexing content or Illuminate On Demand for auto-QC’ing content, you’ll see the fundamental reimagining of content delivery and realize the power of production on demand.


Explore new horizons with Avid’s On Demand services and solutions.

Come and see how it works every hour, at the bottom of the hour at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Find the Right Media Fast with Advanced Search Capabilities in Avid MediaCentral

Your team is producing more content than ever…in some cases 1,000 times more media than you did just 10 years ago.  Your media is your lifeblood, your most valuable asset, but what good is it if you can’t find the content you need, when you need it… let alone be able to repurpose it for multiple projects to be delivered across various platforms.  Ultimately, you want to leverage your content as much as possible, perhaps even to tap into new revenue opportunities.

Many contributors and producers have faced challenges trying to locate digital content, searching multiple databases, each with their own applications, or even databases running on entirely separate physical systems.  Then when you finally find the content, transferring it to the editing or production system to use it is another huge hassle.  This is not only inefficient and time-consuming, but also limits your organization’s ability to deliver content quickly, which can impact you competitively and economically, as well.

Reducing complexity, costs, and time-consuming manual processes rampant in piecemeal media production workflows is a key focus in Avid’s media production solution development strategy.  We developed Avid MediaCentral to help you find and access the media you need quickly using powerful global search, filter, and indexing tools that make it easy to locate relevant video, audio, graphics, and/or document content across multiple local and remote systems within your entire ecosystem.

MediaCentral makes tracking down content easier than ever. You can search for and find the media you need fast, within MediaCentral. It makes all production and archived assets accessible to every in-house and remote contributor.

MediaCentral | Cloud UX with Search app and Phonetic Index service

With the optional MediaCentral | Phonetic Index service and you can find clips based on spoken dialog. Phonetic search locates every media clip that contains a specific spoken word or phrase in milliseconds—across all available storage and archives. You can also organize and maintain a list of your frequently performed searches for fast access, reducing the extra time spent searching for assets.

Not only are search results shown, but clips can be viewed right within MediaCentral | Cloud UX, the web-based user experience, on virtually any device. When you find the desired assets, the underlying technology streams it transparently in the background so you can begin working with it within MediaCentral or using other creative tools.

Editors don’t even need to leave the comfort of their editing application, as MediaCentral can be accessed directly from within Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

MediaCentral | Panel for Media Composer

MediaCentral | Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In our previous blogs in this tutorial series, Say Goodbye to Patchwork Workflows and Get Unprecedented Workflow Speed and Productivity, we showed you an overview of how users interact with MediaCentral’s groundbreaking new interface. We introduced several of the apps that improve workflow efficiency and outlined basic navigation features.

In this tutorial video, you’ll see how MediaCentral makes it easy to search for and find the media you need, regardless of where on your network the media is located, while you’re working anywhere on any device. You’ll see how the power and flexibility of phonetic search helps you find specific content and metadata, quickly and easily. We’ll also show you how MediaCentral’s unique search options can be customized to your needs to keep your team more productive and improve overall workflow efficiency.

With MediaCentral, you can gain greater accessibility, facilitating greater collaboration across your organization.  You can turn content around faster leveraging powerful search capabilities to help minimize inefficiencies while positively impacting revenue opportunities.  Accelerate your entire workflow with MediaCentral to create better content faster, deliver to more outlets and devices, and maximize the value of your media.

Stay tuned for the next blog in this tutorial series which will showcase MediaCentral’s powerful browsing capabilities.

Avid MediaCentral

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of hundreds, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.