Create Timely Content Your Audience Craves with Innovative MediaCentral Features and Enhancements

It’s all about the content

Now more than ever, you need to quickly and continuously deliver compelling content to keep audiences engaged. Attract and retain more viewers with high-quality, relevant content they can access fast, anywhere they roam. But if you have gaps in your processes that throttle workflow efficiency, lagging behind the competition will mean missed chances for audience loyalty and growth.

When the Carolina Panthers saw an opportunity to increase viewership by creating powerfully immersive content, they knew it was time to update their production facilities with future-ready solutions and turned to Avid as a trusted partner to help solve their business challenges.  By integrating Avid MediaCentral and Avid NEXIS shared storage into their workflow, they gained the flexibility and scalability necessary to drive game-day enthusiasm while delivering the best content to their fans, quickly.

As the media production team behind the Carolina Panthers knows well, it’s all about engagement. MediaCentral is fully equipped to fill the cracks on your path to winning productions whether you’re a leading sports team looking to bolster brand loyalty, a dynamic crew of two editors crafting an influential story, or anything in between. The latest update to MediaCentral serves up fresh features and powerful enhancements that let you take your workflow to the next level so that you won’t miss a beat in the race to content delivery.


What sets MediaCentral apart?

This unified platform and web-based user experience offers a customizable suite of creative tools and media management, scaling with ease from a simple to sophisticated solution. That means news, sports, and post-production teams can collaborate and create from anywhere on any device through MediaCentral’s web-based user experience.

It’s robust enough to handle everything you need to tackle day to day, from media ingest, advanced searching, and logging, to collaborating, editing, and publishing to multiple platforms simultaneously. In short, you can create better content faster and deliver it directly to a variety of outlets and devices, maximizing the ROI for your media—and keeping your audiences happy and tuned in–or coming back for more.

And now, with MediaCentral | Publisher powered by Wildmoka, you can create platform-tailored content quickly and publish it with a single, quick click. Everything happens automatically; all transcoding, content staging, and publishing is seamless, which means you can spend more time creating high-value content that drives traffic and, ultimately, revenue.

The improved MediaCentral with MediaCentral | Publisher is robust enough to handle everything you need to tackle day to day, from media ingest, advanced searching, and logging, to collaborating, editing, and publishing to multiple platforms simultaneously. In short, you can create better content faster and deliver it directly to a variety of outlets and devices, maximizing the ROI for your media and keeping your audiences happy and tuned in—or coming back for more.

We’ve upgraded MediaCentral to make it even more of a powerhouse solution for your needs. New features include:

  • MediaCentral | Publisher for swift publishing across multiple digital platforms
  • Collaboration across multiple sites
  • More intuitive searching features for finding media faster
  • Phonetic indexing to find media based on spoken words or phrases
  • Logging capabilities that enhance media searchability
  • High-volume media ingest
  • Graphics workflow integration for quick-turnaround news and sports production

When used with Avid’s compatible solutions, MediaCentral provides everything creative teams and broadcasters need to produce captivating productions.


Remote team? No problem.

Uniting geographically dispersed teams is a breeze. Communicate and collaborate more effectively with full access to media available through a simple graphical web browser or mobile interface. Journalists, editors, producers, loggers, assistants, and other creative contributors can access tasks, projects, and media from anywhere, using any device, enabling the whole team to create better stories and complete projects quicker.

Find your media when it’s crunch time

Ideal for sports and post production, the new Log app provides a customizable interface for loggers that want to make detailed notes and mark in/out points quickly. This enables other team members to search large amounts of media and find the right clips faster, especially with MediaCentral’s improved intuitive search capabilities that help you get the right results faster. The Phonetic Index option lets you find all clips that contain the spoken words you seek in seconds, too, cutting down on valuable time wasted searching for content.

Manage content for ultimate efficiency

When rich media pours in, your team can’t slow down. MediaCentral makes ingesting high volumes of content simple. With the Ingest desktop app, you gain automated file ingest through a web browser or volume ingest with full AMA support. MediaCentral also supports Microsoft Azure Cognitive and Media Services, enabling AI, speech-to-text, and machine learning capabilities within your powerful workflow. Plus, with new support for media analytics, your team will gain deeper search capabilities across archived content so that finding media quickly is easier than before.

We get it: one size doesn’t fit all in the business world. When you’re ready to take the next step, we’re here to set you up with some time with an Avid specialist so that you can discuss your specific needs.

Avid MediaCentral

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of hundreds, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.

Boost Your Broadcast Graphics Workflow with the New Version of Maestro | News

When the leading private broadcaster in Portugal, SIC TV, needed to increase operational efficiencies with a standardized graphics workflow, they turned to Avid’s suite of Maestro graphics solutions. Tailored to improve productivity across all nine of their media properties, our suite of solutions easily integrated with SIC-TV’s third-party news production tools for streamlined workflows from creation to playout.

Their ROI? Immediate. In just the first three months of operation in their new future-ready production centers, SIC TV was able to increase ratings by 30 percent, propelling the organization forward as a leader in the race for viewership loyalty. Maestro | News is a critical piece of that workflow puzzle, powering SIC TV’s full screen LED walls, virtual sets, and augmented reality, all integrated into one workflow and controlled on-air.


Edit graphics faster with this new MediaCentral integration

Like SIC TV, broadcasters around the globe are enriching their production centers by choosing Maestro | News as part of Avid’s full suite of graphics solutions. The latest version of Maestro | News offers deep integration with MediaCentral, providing graphic designers, journalists, editors, operators, and additional news contributors a unified platform where they can find, edit, and access the content they need—anytime, anywhere. Want flexibility? It’s customizable for a wide range of environments so that you can design your workflow however you see fit.

Editing is easier than ever on this powerful platform. The latest update enables newsroom teams and production staff to drag and drop Maestro graphics templates into the MediaCentral video timeline while editing stories. With in and out points preserved, graphics data populates automatically during playback, saving valuable storage space and providing the right tools for making last-minute changes on the fly.


Be ready the moment news breaks

When stories break, production teams need to stay one step ahead of audiences with the right tools at their fingertips. The ability to grab audio, video, and image content from local storage at a moment’s notice is essential. Now, MediaCentral and Maestro | News are unified in the race to deliver those meaningful updates when viewers need them most.

With this robust integration, news production teams can browse and select content from MediaCentral and any Maestro-accessible storage location, dropping assets directly into Maestro graphics templates within the same browser. This saves time and improves productivity where it matters most.


Leave the competition behind with simplified workflows

Your team is fast, and your production workflow should be too. Maestro | News enables you to play back non-flattened sequences, eliminating the need to flatten projects to a single file and transcode media—before or after editing—to a single codec. That means you can get edited video to air faster than the competition. You can also play out media directly from Avid NEXIS instead of transferring it to your playout device, saving even more time when rendering projects.

With the MediaCentral | Graphics Management workflow module, you can browse, search for, and transfer clips and images directly from within the software interface. This powerful and future-ready graphics asset management solution delivers uniform workflow integration across your production environment, giving news teams superior access, efficiency, and collaboration.

Maestro | News

Seamless, secure, and scalable. See how Maestro | News can enhance your real-time graphics and video production to help you delight more audiences every day.

Connect Live Singapore

Connect with dynamic storytellers and media visionaries, get inspired, and discover ground breaking ways to collaborate


Connect Live Singapore

18th June, 2019 Tuesday

Video Sessions: 1pm – 3.30pm

Audio Sessions: 4.30pm – 6.00pm

Room304, Suntec Singapore, L3 [map]


Join us at Connect Live Singapore to meet media visionaries and discover ground breaking ways to collaborate to unify workflows and help you achieve the efficiency and productivity you need. Get insights about the future direction of the media industry from AJA Video Systems, Dolby Laboratories, HP, Masstech Innovations and Avid.

  • AJA Video Systems: Integrating AJA’s Editorial, Production, and HDR Solutions into Your Avid Workflow​
  • Avid: Latest Innovations for Media: Creative Tools, SaaS Cloud Storage, and Graphics Solutions
  • Dolby Laboratories: Dolby, Your Content Partner
  • HP: Reinvent with HP Workstation​
  • Masstech Innovations: Masstech’s Solution with Avid

Guest Speaker

Avengers: Endgame

Matt Holmes, Supervising VFX Editor, Weta Digital

Matt Holmes is the Supervising VFX Editor at Weta Digital. He has more than 28 years-experience in the Film and Television Industry across over 40 feature films and episodes and is currently working on Weta’s latest shows including Gemini Man and James Cameron’s Avatar sequels. Learn how Matt edits and finishes digital effects shots in Marvel films.




19th – 20th June


VSolutions booth (6F2-01, L6)

19th – 20th June


Avid Suite (Room304, L3)

Avid Suite at BroadcastAsia 2019

19th – 20th June, 2019 Wednesday – Thursday

Open Session: 12.00pm – 1.00pm, 4.00pm – 5.00pm

Room304, L3, Suntec Singapore [map]


Visit the Avid Suite to learn more about our innovative solutions and how you can expand your creative possibilities, propel team collaboration, and supercharge your media enterprise to move forward and disrupt the status quo.

Studio Production—Entertain and enlighten audiences

From simple onscreen graphics, data-driven visuals and sports enhancements, to photorealistic virtual studios, augmented reality content, and high-res video walls, Avid can help you reinvigorate your brand. Through integrated news and sports solutions, get the creative capabilities you need to energise your production, captivate viewers, and bring your shows to life.

Media Production—Empower dynamic teamwork

Go where the story takes you and expand content creation and delivery beyond the walls of your facility. Avid offers a powerful open platform and integrated tools that bring people, sites, and media together—no matter where they reside and what’s being used—reinventing what’s possible.

MediaCentral | Editorial Management

Creative Tools—Enable inspired performance

Give teams and individuals the creative flow and efficiency they need to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. (Re)discover the joy of creativity with Media Composer 2019. Move audiences with the power of sound with Pro Tools 2019. And present memorable shows live with Avid VENUE | S6L.

  • Media Composer 2019: See the reimagined new Media Composer’s feature enhancements for editing, finishing, and delivery
  • Pro Tools 2019: Create your sound. More power to create freely — from major MIDI track and voice count increases, to non-stop music creation and precise audio editing to picture
  • VENUE | S6L– 24C, 16C: Meet the VENUE mixing efficiency in a more compact and affordable 24 or 16 fader control surface that offers powerful performance

Media Composer 2019

Enjoy triple chances to win with Avid!

Chance 1.

Scan your badge to win a Media Composer Mousepad*.

Chance 2.

Collect 2 stamps by visiting VSolutions booth(6F2-01, L6) and the Avid Suite (Room 304, L3) to enter the draw to win your very own copy of Media Composer or Pro Tools software**. 5 winners of Media Composer and 5 winners of Pro Tools are possible each day.

* More chances to win Media Composer and Pro Tools software! Scan Me to complete the survey form via: iPhone Camera or other QR code scanner app available on app store/play store.

Chance 3.

Share one photo of the Avid Suite on your favourite social media platform with hashtag #Avid and #BroadcastAsia to enter the draw to win a KeepCup. 10 winners daily.

*While stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.

**Annual Subscription E-license.

New Horizons in Powering Real-time Graphics Production

Seeing is believing. That’s why great storytellers know the most impactful way to engage their audiences is with stunning graphics. They provide the visual reinforcement vital to capturing and captivating a viewer’s attention. Stunning images in virtual settings, augmented reality elements, on-air graphics and more require broadcasters to stay ahead of the technology. Workflows for tomorrow, need to be future-proofed today.

The new Avid Maestro | Engine is Avid’s next gen scalable graphics and video rendering platform created with future technologies in mind. It turbocharges your production workflow with real-time rendering for broadcast graphics, virtual studios, augmented reality, squeezebacks & data-driven graphics, and video wall content.


Future-proof your graphics production

Maestro | Engine was designed to grow with you as your technologies and workflows evolve. Currently, the Maestro | Engine platform supports SD, HD, and UHD formats, with HDR capabilities coming soon. Field changeable interface boards enables migration from SDI to IP, whenever you’re ready. Integration into your current workflows is simple because Maestro | Engine offers backwards compatibility for your existing content. Built for today’s and tomorrow’s broadcast needs, Maestro | Engine ensures a high return on your investment.


Create with unparalleled realism

Avid is pioneering a new generation of photo-realist virtual environments with Maestro | Engine 4K. Working with Epic’s Unreal Engine, it elevates your virtual set productions to truly cinematic levels. All virtual studio elements are rendered using Unreal Engine, while simultaneously overlaying data-driven augmented reality graphics with Maestro | RenderEngine. The result is virtual environments with astonishing levels of realism, depth and detail.

Produce stunning content in all resolutions

Maestro | Engine provides advanced graphics rendering in the highest possible quality SD, HD and UHD formats. Working with Maestro | RenderEngine software, content can be driven to multiple canvases, scale content up or down, and crop it to preview large scale video walls with a single feed.


Integrate video playback into your graphic presentations

Empower your design teams to create background elements or textures mapped onto scene objects by adding video clips. Maestro | Engine can play back video on its local drive, Avid NEXIS, or other storage devices. This empowers your team to quickly turnaround video elements and incorporate them into graphics enhancements.

Scale for your needs

Two hardware configurations make Maestro | Engine scalable for any production need. With up to eight video insertions and up to four outputs, including fill and key, Maestro | Engine handles most standard CG needs and dual channel productions. For higher resolution demands, Maestro | Engine 4K offers up to 16 video insertions and up to eight outputs. For UHD production, four fill and four key outputs are available.


Manage your graphics from anywhere, with any device

A web-based interface for all systems management enables your team to manage and configure settings from any computer or device on your network, from anywhere with internet access. Make changes to user access rights, video formats, genlock sources, input and output mapping, and other settings right from your desktop in the studio, or your tablet in the field.


Protect your productions

Reliable workflows are crucial for 24/7 enterprises. Maestro | Engine features dual power supplies, dual network interfaces, and software and hardware watchdogs to ensure your production is not interrupted by any systems going offline. You can even create your own live back-up to on-air systems using the Maestro graphics suite application to control multiple Maestro | Engines.

As the pace of production accelerates, the need for real-time graphic support is becoming the rule, not the exception. Avid Maestro | Engine and Maestro | Engine 4K answers that need with real-time production and performance, scaled specifically for your workflow to grow for the future.

Maestro Graphics

Make your broadcast come alive with graphics that explain, enhance, and enliven your content. The Maestro graphics suite helps broadcasters strengthen their brand with stunning 2D and 3D graphics. 

Deliver Compelling Content to Multiple Platforms Quickly and Simply with Avid MediaCentral

It used to be so simple. Get breaking news on air first, and you beat the competition. But now, audiences expect to stay current on breaking news using apps or social media on their mobile devices, looking online using a computer, or watching TV. The race to break news first now demands instant distribution on a wide array of platforms, each with its own parameters and delivery standards. Developing a newsroom workflow that integrates messaging to each of these platforms is essential to win the breaking news race.

The Avid MediaCentral platform is the industry’s most comprehensive workflow solution for media organizations. It’s an ecosystem that eliminates cumbersome workflow silos by providing integrated tools for a seamless, end-to-end solution. An important part of the end-to-end workflow is multiplatform content delivery. MediaCentral facilitates this process by automating background tasks, so you can focus on what’s most important: being first to deliver compelling content for viewing on websites, social media, mobile apps, and TV.

MediaCentral incorporates several unique features that empower your team to deliver content to more platforms, faster.


Cohesive messaging across all platforms

Create content once and deliver it to multiple channels simultaneously. MediaCentral enables your team to put stories together for TV broadcast and then quickly convert them for on-demand streaming, website playback, 280-character Twitter posts or other social media viewing.


Automated formatting for lightning-fast distribution

Re-formatting your stories for the web and social media takes time that you don’t have. MediaCentral accelerates the process by automating video, image and text formatting specifically for each platform and app. Any media transcoding, versioning, and publishing is handled by the app, enabling speedy multichannel distribution.

Cross-platform collaboration

Newsrooms are becoming more integrated. Web journalists and on-air journalists are no longer separate teams, but often the workflows they operate within are still siloed, causing inefficiencies. MediaCentral tears down these technological walls with real-time collaboration. Your journalists develop compelling social media game plans across all platforms as part of the core creation process. Your team can even schedule posts linked directly to stories already in your rundowns.

Brand consistency

Built-in review and approval tools ensure your managers are tuned-in to any and all content your team publishes. Posting activity, topics and approvals for each post are easily tracked. You can even track newsroom activity with a searchable record of all publishing per user.


In our previous blogs in this tutorial series, Say Goodbye to Patchwork Workflows , Get Unprecedented Workflow Speed and Productivity, and Find the Right Media Fast with Advanced Search Capabilities in Avid MediaCentral we showed you an overview of how users interact with MediaCentral’s groundbreaking new interface. We introduced several of the apps that improve workflow efficiency and outlined basic navigation and search features.

In this tutorial video, you’ll see how MediaCentral makes it easy to create social media posts leveraging video assets in your MediaCentral system. Once the video asset is selected, you’ll see how simple it is to create messages for Facebook and Twitter, in the correct format, and ready for publishing. You’ll also see how the interface is adaptable specifically for your newsroom needs.

Multiplatform distribution is just one aspect of the entire MediaCentral platform solution, a breakthrough in media workflow integration. The modular platform is scalable and can be configured specifically for your newsroom needs and priorities. From multiplatform distribution to streamlining your entire media workflow, you can learn much more about MediaCentral by clicking here: avid.com/mediacentral

Avid MediaCentral

Whether you’re a team of two, an organization of thousands, or anything in between, MediaCentral accelerates your workflow, scaling from the simplest to the most sophisticated solutions for post production, news, sports, and asset management.

Create Without Limits with Avid Maestro | Designer

Seeing is believing. Visual reinforcement is the most persuasive tool to connect with viewers. Storytellers use compelling images and powerful graphic embellishments to communicate their message with impact. Of course, graphics tools can take many forms; from on-air motion graphics, channel branding and sports enhancements, to designing immersive video walls and interactive virtual shows. This wide array of production flourishes can result in workflow silos requiring cumbersome work-arounds.

Avid unifies these often disparate processes with Maestro | Designer, the central component of a state-of-the-art graphics ecosystem that integrates directly into your overall media workflow. Coupled with RenderEngine 7, Maestro | Designer enables your team to create stunning 2D and 3D content in up to 16K resolution that captivates viewers and reinforces your brand.

Let’s look at just some of the ways Maestro | Designer can help differentiate your productions from competitors:

• Create 2D/3D motion graphics in real time that maximize brand showcasing on the set or in the field

• Get content on the air quickly with graphics that update automatically for weather coverage, sports scores, election results, and stock prices

• Save time and resources by leveraging your existing graphics tools by eliminating the need for pre-rendering content, scripting, or programming

• Maximize workflow efficiency with a simple, intuitive UI that can be used anywhere on any device

Avid is also ensuring Maestro | Designer remains at the cutting edge of graphics authoring software applications. Our most recent update, Maestro | Designer is endowed with powerful new features for improved capabilities and performance.


Integrate designers into your MediaCentral workflow

Further integration into the Avid MediaCentral platform empowers your designers with even easier access to robust media search, browse, and preview capabilities. The Maestro | Designer interface is now integrated into the MediaCentral | Cloud UX panel, eliminating the need to switch back and forth between apps. The RenderEngine preview window enables your team to drag and drop media directly to the object tree. Even your journalists benefit by using MediaCentral | Cloud UX to easily insert assets into Maestro templates from the field.


Enable back-to-back playback

Now you can get your content on the air and online even faster, with the new Maestro | Designer playback engine. It can play a variety of video content back-to-back and features a dedicated Audio Mixer application. The new playback capabilities also include start time scheduling, audio mapping, reversing clips, and changing speed.


Create vivid color gradients

Maestro | Designer’s new gradient slider tool makes it easier than ever to create multicolor gradients. An unlimited number of color stop points make the effect look more harmonious and natural, without having to rely on third-party graphics tools.

If visuals are the most important part of the storyteller’s tool box, then graphics are often the most descriptive tool. With the demand for media content escalating rapidly, integrating graphic production and delivery into your overall media workflow has never been more necessary. Avid Maestro | Designer not only empowers your designers to create without limits, but also accelerates how and when those graphics are utilized.

Avid Maestro | Designer

Captivate audiences with stunning real-time 2D and 3D graphics for news, sports shows, elections, weather segments, and other types of broadcast production.

Boost Your Production Efficiency Further with Maestro | News

From newscasts to sports programming, the graphic needs of today’s broadcasters are complex. Maestro | News offers a complete on-air graphics suite that enables you to easily create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, real-time 3D graphics and video. Thanks to its modular architecture, you can customize Maestro | News for a wide variety of environments and integrate it seamlessly with solutions across the Avid MediaCentral platform.

With each new release, Maestro | News offers you even more capabilities and workflow improvements to boost your production efficiency and possibilities further. In this blog we will highlight some of these capabilities.


Rundown creation

Maestro | News offers intuitive rundown creation capabilities with user-friendly functionalities that increase efficiency substantially.

In this short video we will present Maestro| News’ playout layout, demonstrate how to create a rundown and offer a few different examples of playout logic.

Customizable layouts

Maestro | News enables your team to customize their layouts according to the production’s specific needs. Each layout has its own unique functionality and enables the work process to be more intuitive and user friendly. In addition to the existing layouts, you can also create your own customized layouts.

The clip below presents three such layouts: Page Editor, Playout and Default

Connection to data sources

One of Maestro | News’ many advantages is its ability to extract content from different types of data sources, including external databases, RSS feeds, and social media. Using Maestro | News, intelligence can be added to the content’s behavior enabling it to play automatically according to pre-defined context.

In this clip, we will present how easy it is to connect a data source to Maestro | News.

Maestro | News integration with MediaCentral | Command

In this video clip, we will present how Maestro | News’ improved integration with MediaCentral | Newsroom Management and MediaCentral | Command provides a significant increase in production efficiency. With this integration, production can easily control video and graphic items that were created in a MediaCentral | Newsroom Management rundown from the MediaCentral | Command production automation application.

Maestro | News Exposer functionality

Maestro | News enables you to gain even greater efficiency with its new exposer functionality. Maestro | News Exposer functionality enables you to see the information that was stored in one graphic scene and reuse it in a completely different graphic scene or template.

Ideal for content rich productions that need to be up to the second accurate at all times, multiple Maestro | News workstations can retrieve and reuse the same results for different graphic looks – enabling the entire production to gain greater efficiency.

Please check out our other videos that present Avid’s Maestro | News capabilities. For more information please go to: avid.com/maestro-news

Maestro | News

Maestro | News is a universal controller for video and graphics that enables you to create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos easily.

Avid at BroadcastAsia 2018 — Capture the Future

Visit the Avid booth 4T3-01 on Level 4 at Suntec in Singapore to learn how Avid is extending the benefits of MediaCentral® and expanding its comprehensive product offerings with ground-breaking advancements for creative and aspiring professionals, production teams and media enterprises across news, sports, live production and post production.

Guest Presentation: Using Cloud Deployment & Artificial Intelligence for Next Generation Workflows

Level 6, June 26, 13:40 pm

Gain insights from Peter Ennis, Avid’s Senior Vice President, Global Services & Delivery, and discover how to streamline news production and distribution by working with cloud migration, business intelligence and the world’s most tightly integrated, efficient global media platform to improve capacity, leverage elasticity and converge resources.

Live Demonstrations

Product Focus



Pro Tools 2018 New Features

11.00am – 11.30am

Daniel Lovell

Avid NEXIS Intelligent Storage

1.00pm – 1.30pm

Kevin Usher

Avid VENUE | S6L Unified Platform

2.00pm – 2.30pm

Drew Parsons

News Production and Media Management

3.00pm – 3.30pm

Craig Wilson

Pro Audio Mixing

4:00pm – 4:30pm

Ozzie Sutherland

Post Workflow Innovations Powered by MediaCentral

Avid’s new generation of video post-production workflow innovations deliver greater integration, speed, and collaboration for everyone from small editorial teams to global media enterprises. With MediaCentral | Editorial Management: you can powerful, simple-to-deploy asset management capabilities to your file-based editing workflow.

The expanded Artist I/O family now includes Avid Artist | DNxID which delivers highly affordable and ultra-portable, high-resolution 4K monitoring for professionals on the go,  Avid Artist | DNxIQ, which provides broad format support in a sleek yet sturdy configuration, and Avid Artist | DNxIV, offers much of the same connectivity as Avid Artist | DNxIQ, but in a smaller, more portable form factor that’s ideal for independent editors and smaller post-production and news teams.

News Production and Media Management

MediaCentral | Cloud UX, Avid’s next generation web-based tool, streamlines production and enables collaboration across teams. Avid will demonstrate MediaCentral | Cloud UX in conjunction with:


  • MediaCentral | Production Management: Advanced file and workflow management for mid-sized to large production teams, simplifying and accelerating media production workflows.
  • MediaCentral | Newsroom Management: Complete story creation and rundown management for news teams, providing improved workflow efficiency and speed to break news across multiple broadcast and digital outlets.
  • MediaCentral | Asset Management: Advanced media asset management for news, sports, and post-production teams that manages the entire content lifecycle, with easy asset browsing and retrieval across multiple tiers of storage for reuse or repurposing.
  • Avid Dialogue Search: Enables users to easily find and preview any media clip based on spoken words or phrase in seconds.
  • MediaCentral | Publish: An app that enables journalists and producers to deliver on-air content to audiences on websites and social media platforms.
  • FastServe | Ingest: Allows broadcast news teams to capture HD and UHD content in pristine Avid DNxHR format directly to Avid NEXIS storage via a 10GB connection. This allows quick access to assets across the organisation through MediaCentral and to Media Composer, enabling editing during ingest, while decreasing time to air for news content.
  • FastServe | Playout: A new file-based playback server for video clips, images and motion graphics that offers both IP I/O and UHD playout with the ability for both IP and SDI in the same configuration. Deeply integrated into MediaCentral-based news workflows for lightning-fast turnaround, it allows playback of media directly from Avid NEXIS without copying the content to local storage first.

Avid Real-Time Graphics Solutions

The Maestro graphics family enables content creators to work faster and more efficiently and helps them to distinguish their brand to set themselves apart from the competition and build viewer loyalty. Avid will showcase the latest versions of Maestro | News on-air graphics suite and Maestro | Designer graphics authoring software, which enable content creators to create superior, high-resolution graphics more efficiently than ever before.

Maestro | PowerWall

Avid’s next generation Maestro | PowerWall display control and management solution puts the power of UHD-quality graphics into the hands of any television broadcaster. Maestro | PowerWall simplifies production and eliminates prohibitive costs for creating and presenting 3D graphics and video content on multiple displays regardless of size, dimension, or resolution. The successor to Maestro I TD Control, it provides powerful video wall capabilities, a high-performance video processing engine, and real-time, data-driven graphics, making it quicker and easier to captivate viewers and bring excitement to news, sports, and entertainment broadcasts.

Avid VENUE | S6L Unified Platform

Now FOH engineers can get more flexibility than ever with three new control surfaces, one new engine, and two new I/O racks. Modular, scalable and offering unprecedented processing capabilities—with over 300 processing channels. The S6L live sound system delivers unrelenting performance and reliability through its advanced engine design and backs it up with modern touchscreen workflows and scalability to meet any challenge. Catch a demonstration of the new VENUE 5.7 software release for S6L that delivers the most comprehensive integration of Waves SoundGrid plug-ins found in any audio console

Pro Tools | S6 and MTRX—Mixing Redefined

Since its introduction, Pro Tools | S6 has provided engineers with unmatched Pro Tools integration with most intuitive and immersive mixing workflows of any mixing system. Countless engineers, studios and post production facilities around the world depend on Pro Tools | S6 every day to complete the best sounding mixes possible for their clients. We’ll be demonstrating the latest EUCON 2018.3 software for S6 as well as the Pro Tools | MTRX interface. Get a demo of how Pro Tools | S6, Pro Tools | MTRX and Pro Tools | Ultimate work together to deliver the pinnacle of audio recording, editing and mixing.

Pro Tools 

Avid will showcase Pro Tools digital audio software alongside the affordable and portable Pro Tools | S3 control surface and the portable, ergonomic and affordable Pro Tools | Dock surface. Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools, and Pro Tools | Ultimate provide the tools to create music or sound for film or TV while connecting users with a premier network of artists, producers and mixers around the world.

Avid NEXIS Intelligent Storage

Avid will showcase Avid NEXIS | E2 and E4 from the industry’s first software-defined storage platform specifically designed for storing and managing media. Avid NEXIS enables fully virtualised storage, so media organisations can adjust storage capacity mid-project, without disrupting workflows. It delivers unrivaled media storage flexibility, scalability, and control for both Avid-based and third-party workflows. Designed to serve the smallest production teams as powerfully as the largest media enterprises, it’s the only storage platform built with the flexibility to grow with customers at every stage of their business.

Avid Certified Alliance Partner products are a unique collection of innovative solutions with connectivity to the Avid MediaCentral Platform.

New Horizons for Fast Access to Archived Media — Introducing Avid NEXIS | E5 NL at NAB 2018

The growing demand for video content is accelerating production schedules across all platforms. From news and sports organizations to post-production groups, deadlines are growing shorter, increasing the need for streamlined workflows that can access archived video, quickly and reliably. As media producers create more assets, you need to find cost-effective ways to store and protect your valuable media, while still making it easily accessible for reuse. You can’t afford to have all your media taking up space in online high-performance storage systems.  You need a nearline storage solution that enables your team to move material quickly to and from online production storage.

We have great news! Avid just announced a new addition to the world-class Avid NEXIS family, designed to address these needs and more.

Introducing Avid NEXIS | E5 NL, a high-density nearline storage system that expedites access to archived media.  It provides a fast, intelligent solution for parking and retrieving assets and projects no longer in active production for repurposing and reuse, to maximize the value of your media.  It offers scalable, multilevel protected storage on-premises with integrated media management, making it easy to access, preview, and restore assets and projects, browse proxies of archived material, and stage upcoming projects and events quickly—all at an affordable price.

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Take control with a new Avid NEXIS Management Console UI

Avid is also introducing an updated Management Console for all Avid NEXIS shared storage that provides a responsive UI to support mobile and desktop devices—aligned with MediaCentral | Cloud UX—making systems monitoring, administration, and management easier.

This HTML5 User Interface offers a new Dashboard that provides an overview of your system’s performance, bandwidth, and status, as well as access to configure and manage workspaces, storage groups, user access, notifications, and other functions quickly.

From accelerating archive-to-online workflows (and vice-versa) and providing workspaces for staging, to delivering to multiple storage tiers when integrated with MediaCentral for public and private cloud workflows, Avid NEXIS | E5 NL gives you everything you need to maximize and protect the value of your media.

New Avid NEXIS Management Console Dashboard

Streamline your media production workflow

Forget having to wait while pulling media from tape. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL gives broadcast teams faster access to archived media, enabling you to quickly browse, search and shot-select proxies of the high-resolution assets on tape. This eliminates the need to restore large amounts of high-res material just to search for the ideal clip as the news cycle changes. Put together a rough-cut sequence using the proxy instantly available on Avid NEXIS | E5 NL and kick off a selected, faster restore from tape of only the required clips. In a pinch, you can go to air with the proxy if all the high-res assets are not restored. This enables you to get on air first with the best story possible.

Post production teams often struggle with multiple competing projects that may get put on hold. Or you may need a shared staging area for upcoming events and a library of common assets. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is the ideal tier 2 storage that enables you to fully utilize your high-performance tier 1 Avid NEXIS | E2, E4, E5 production storage for currently active projects. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is high density, protected storage that enables you to move media from online to nearline quickly if a project goes on hold, or when you are awaiting final approval. Also Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is ideal for event staging when you need to pull media from a tape archive to prepare. You can avoid cluttering your online storage while the slow restore from tape is progressing. You can collect all of the media in the Avid NEXIS | E5 NL nearline tier, and when ready, quickly move it to your Avid NEXIS online storage for production.

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is the perfect cost-effective companion to any Avid NEXIS and MediaCentral environment, streamlining the workflow between active and non-active production.  Avid NEXIS I E5 NL integrates with MediaCentral to take advantage of the platform’s media management capabilities. This includes MediaCentral | Shared Library, which provides a powerful, flexible archiving solution for all types of assets. Get instant browse access to proxy archive and parked projects, which can be restored to Avid NEXIS | E5, E4, or E2 for active production, then parked back to Avid NEXIS | E5 NL when finished.

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is the only nearline storage solution that offers tight integration with MediaCentral and its workflows to streamline production. And because its built on the same robust, industry-proven architecture and file system as Avid NEXIS online storage, you have the reliable media protection and redundancy you need to prevent your nearline from going offline.

120 TB Media Packs for Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Scale your system as you go

As your business and project needs grow, Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is right there with you. Avid NEXIS | FS—the common scale-out file system across all Avid NEXIS storage engines—makes it easy to add storage capacity. Scale from 480 TB of storage to more than 7.5 PB by connecting multiple E5 NL engines together as a single nearline system. Plus, each engine delivers 1 GB/s of throughput, enabling fast media transfer.

In addition, this highly intelligent, unique file system enables you to flexibly adapt capacity, bandwidth, drive protection levels, and user read/write permissions to meet changing production and security needs. You can use E5 NL as dedicated nearline storage or integrate it with other Avid NEXIS | E5, E4, and/or E2 engines to facilitate media transfer to multiple storage tiers.


To see how Avid NEXIS | E5 NL can cost-effectively improve and accelerate your media production workflow, come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Avid NEXIS | E5 NL

Get access to your archived media instantly. Avid NEXIS | E5 NL is a high-density, disk-based nearline storage system that provides a fast, intelligent solution for parking and retrieving assets and projects no longer in active production.

The Graphics Solution Designed Specifically for News and Sports: Maestro | News at NAB 2018

The pace of news coverage is rapidly accelerating. Consumers are demanding more from their news providers: more coverage with more accuracy, on more platforms. And they don’t want to wait. News organizations live in the “now,” instantly turning-around breaking news in a constant 24-7 churn.

Clearly articulating and evolving the big story through multiple deadlines requires a support workflow that is quick and fluid. Graphic enhancements need to be created and available for producers and reporters, on-the-fly. With no time to wait for rendering, or asset transfers, the fastest way to get graphics on the air and online is with Avid Maestro | News.

Create, manage, distribute and play-out stunning, real-time 3D graphics with the industry’s only complete on-air graphics suite. Maestro | News can be customized for a variety of environments and seamlessly integrates with the Avid MediaCentral Platform, as well as third-party news and editing applications. Now, with the latest release, you get even more capabilities and workflows to boost your production efficiency.


The all-in-one graphics workflow solution

With Maestro | News you can:

• Take control of your entire production – From on air and interactive graphics, to virtual studio display and high res video wall content, Maestro | News provides everything you need for a full end to end graphics production.

• Gain ultimate workflow efficiency – Maestro | News integrates with MediaCentral and other newsroom and editing systems to simplify and speed up production workflows.

• Bring your content to air faster – As a robust content playout device, Maestro | News lets you significantly speed up video turnaround so you can be first to air

• Get the rendering power you need, with support for multiple live feeds and automation while maintaining reliability and security

The newest release of Maestro | News introduces improved integration with Avid and 3rd party production tools, as well as range of new features:


Build your stories from your web browser without additional installations

Avid’s Maestro | News now delivers new HTML5 based newsroom plugins that allow your journalists and editorial staff to build stories, preview content and add graphics elements to stories directly from a web browser – without any additional installation on their workstation. The HTML5 plugin supports all newsroom systems that use the HTML5 MOS plugin specification – including MediaCentral | Newsroom.


Find your stories faster

In the race to get breaking news on-air and online, Maestro | News helps you search through large rundowns quickly and efficiently. The new Simple Search feature locates stories using different keywords or phrases as you type to filter in your rundown. The search isn’t just limited to story slugs, but also applies to content inside of any story item.


Control your clip playback

Controlling clip playback in conjunction with graphics is an essential part of the production workflow, as it requires perfect synchronization between graphics and clip content. This next version of Maestro | News enables you to easily get access to Avid’s new clip playback engine from the new template controls available for each Maestro | News page. Supporting broadcast industry standards including DNxHD, XAVC, H264 and XDCAM, the clip engine easily combines graphics and clip content on the graphics platform to offer simple control over clip playback during production

As news viewers grow more sophisticated, the need to create news content with more value is becoming an editorial priority. Eye-catching, easy-to-understand graphics are no longer just complimentary embellishments to your coverage, they are now an important differentiator for your storytellers, helping to define your brand. Maestro | News brings end-to-end real-time graphic management unlike any other, to your production workflow.

To see how Avid Maestro | News can accelerate and simplify your news productions, please come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Maestro | News

Maestro | News is a universal controller for video and graphics that enables you to create, manage, distribute, and play out stunning, high-resolution 3D graphics and videos easily.