Avid Shared Storage Optimized for Real-Time Audio Production

Avid NEXIS® and Avid NEXIS | PRO® are software-defined storage solutions that have been optimized for Pro Tools®, Avid Media Composer® and most other leading third-party creative tools. They are a scalable, high-performance platform with a host of collaborative features that enable creative teams to work together on projects, whatever the track count, to make more content, faster than ever before.

When it comes to collaboration, the ability to provision on the fly is a huge bonus. It’s quick and easy to set workspace sizes, bandwidth and access privileges to ensure that you are always on top of schedules ready to deliver content in response to continuous demand.

As well as optimizing shared storage for collaborative work, we’re also in the unique position of being able to optimize the application for shared storage! Pro Tools 12.8 has been tweaked for Avid shared storage enabling users to stream 256 tracks or more, and attach up to 12 Pro Tools systems to a single Avid storage system.

Here are five great reasons why Avid NEXIS | PRO is a great investment for any audio production studio.


  1. Avid-Certified Performance
    Get 256 or more tracks of Pro Tools HD® playback per user (up to 12 users).
  2. Collaborate Across Work Spaces
    Gain multi-room access to projects in up to 1,024 workspaces by centralizing audio file storage,. Resize capacity on the fly, and set bandwidth per user, or per device.
  3. Scale as Your Business Grows
    Connect up to four engines for maximum capacity. Quadruple your bandwidth and enable more clients to complete more projects faster.
  4. Rigorously Tested
    Rely on the most rigorously tested workflow, performance, scalability, and interoperability in the industry.
  5. Minimal Downtime
    Count on easy and fast maintenance with flexible media protection, field-replaceable storage controllers, redundant system drives and power supplies.


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Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.

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Avid NEXIS Drives Flexible, Scalable Storage for Manor Production Services

Based in London and Birmingham, Manor Production Services was born from the 2014 merger of leading production companies North One TV and Maverick Television’s post production departments. Led by Head of Post Production Piera Cuttica, its 10-strong team provides full post services to both production giants, while continuing to grow an external client base. As an existing member of Avid’s preeminent customer community and users of Avid’s industry-standard Media Composer editing software, Manor Production Services knew to turn to Avid when its storage no longer met their expanding requirements.

When storage architecture began to impact editing performance, Manor turned to Avid elite reseller, Altered Images, for a new solution. The world’s first software-defined storage platform, Avid NEXIS, was the perfect fit for their growing needs. Investing in four NEXIS | E2 storage engines, the team at Manor now benefit from a scalable, collaborative and easy-to-use platform that integrated seamlessly within its network and archive systems.

“Avid NEXIS supplies us with flexible storage that can be tailored for any given project. It provides us with a base for our workflows that we can rely upon, easily maintain and even expand if and when necessary.”

—Piera Cuttica, Head of Post Production

Virtualized storage

Manor is among numerous post production facilities enabling true storage virtualization for any real-time media application with Avid NEXIS. Its scale-out architecture enables Manor to mix and match engines in a single system, upgrade capacity and bandwidth as needed, and add redundancy when high availability is required. This flexibility is supported by bulletproof security and fail-safe disk protection that’s so crucial in today’s media landscape.

As expected, Manor has already seen benefits from combining two key products from the open, tightly integrated Avid MediaCentral. By connecting Avid NEXIS to Media Composer, Manor enjoys more speed, efficiency and collaboration throughout its workflow. Cuttica is also impressed by Avid’s integration with partners, commenting: “the ability to integrate with third-party systems developed by Avid partners allows us to move data from traditional offline storage to less costly and more expandable LTO tape – without having to compromise on production requirements.”

Channel 4/Vance Jacobs

When broadcaster Channel 4 commissioned Maverick Television’s new factual entertainment series, Escape, everyone involved knew that the project would be ambitious, and this was nothing new for Manor. The series, which follows a team of elite engineers working together to escape from crash sites, put Manor’s workflow to the test with large shoot ratios and mixed media types. But NEXIS rose to the occasion with the features needed to handle the challenges.

“Playback of multiple grouped videos and many constant audio tracks had caused performance issues on our previously owned third-party hardware, but Avid NEXIS has dealt with the requirements without showing any sign of the performance limitations,” said Cuttica.

Channel 4/Vance Jacobs

Having the choice to mix multiple media types on the timeline rather being constrained by one resolution greatly simplifies the offline/online process – giving the team the option to edit some content offline and other media at its native resolution. On top of this, integrating the Avid-partnered archive system gives Manor peace of mind. If it was to run out of near line storage, it could offload data onto LTO tape and still be able to restore its data quickly when required.

“Using Avid for Channel 4’s Escape has provided us with a user friendly, reliable and efficient core system throughout the project,” added Cuttica. The media management features of Media Composer and Avid NEXIS made it possible to organise large amounts of data created by multiple clients simply, without ever feeling like the workload was overloaded or unmanageable.”


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.

Cardiff-Based Gorilla Bolsters Post Production Workflow with Avid Pro Tools and Avid NEXIS Integration

Welsh post production house, Gorilla, is no stranger to Avid solutions. After being the first facility in the country to install Avid Pro Tools | S6 consoles, Wales’ largest post production house has continued to lead the nation’s post production industry by keeping up-to-date with Avid’s latest innovations. Gorilla’s recent move saw them streamline their operation with the integration of Avid Pro Tools and Avid NEXIS shared storage in an effort to improve efficiencies between its state-of-the-art studios.

With several file formats across a variety of post-production disciplines, Gorilla wanted to future-proof itself as its workload grows. Boasting an impressive portfolio including Channel 4’s One Born Every Minute, BBC’s Decline and Fall, and Sky 1’s Stella. Gorilla lends its post-production talent to a diverse range of TV genres, ranging from drama, documentary to comedy – all of which are edited and refined on Avid’s 4K compatible technology. Its extensive and varied workflow highlights the importance of a seamless delivery powered by a bespoke integration of its existing Avid tools with new and updated Avid technology.

Avid Pro Tools plays a vital role in Gorilla’s audio post-production capability. The facility relies on Avid’s world-leading audio editing tool for all its editorial and finishing work, including mixing, editing, and recording across its diverse project roster. With over 100 Avid work stations housing 7 Pro Tools suites and two Pro Tools | S6 consoles, Gorilla required a reliable and efficient solution with a high-bandwidth to manage the distribution and delivery of large files between Gorilla’s experienced editors.

“Without a reliable and highly-connected storage system, we can’t turnover work quickly enough to meet client demands,” says Rhodri James, technology director at Gorilla, who is responsible for the management and upkeep of the company’s technology. “Since merging our Pro Tools systems with the powerful NEXIS storage, our picture and audio editorial teams are working in ultimate real-time. The compatibility with Pro Tools benefits everyone, and production processes are much more unified, simplified, and a lot quicker.”

From installation to implementation, ensuring a reliable integration of two renowned Avid solutions into Gorilla’s workflow allows the editing house to operate an around-the-clock operation without unwelcome disruption. Eliminating typical conflict expected with a software-hardware integration, Gorilla worked closely with Avid to effectively introduce and roll-out the new collaborative audio storage offering. With Avid NEXIS at the core of the company’s storage, the two products working in unison results in greater cross-department collaboration and confidence in a secure and seamless end-to-end project delivery.

“We continue to follow Avid’s developments, making sure we stay ahead with our resellers on industry-disruptive concepts and solutions,” says James. “Together, we discuss the merits and implications of new product integrations. By doing so, we are constantly refining our workflows to suit our customers’ post-production requirements – it’s crucial to how we keep ourselves afloat in a fast-paced industry which ultimately rides on change and new technological ideas.”

Gorilla’s high turnover of projects will benefit the most from the integration of Avid Pro Tools and Avid NEXIS – posing new opportunities in terms of timing and efficiency. In turn, Gorilla’s customers are seeing the results. “As our teams are bringing out the improved levels of efficiency, the customers’ final product is ultimately better; it comes around full circle,” adds James.

Gorilla’s Avid offering is not just limited to audio, with other solutions including Avid Media Composer, in action for both offline and online editing in its video and audio post production suites. “From file delivery, to HDR, UHD and VR technologies, Avid, along with its Alliance Partners, have allowed us to develop, update and create new workflows in what is an ever-changing environment,” says James. “We see Avid as another member of our team. The innovation within its products are key elements to a modern facility, which is how we see ourselves.”

A self-proclaimed “Avid-centric” facility since its early inception in 1999, Gorilla has a long history specialising in broadcast and film post production, depending on the reliable workflow integration of Avid solutions to ensure it continues to spearhead video and audio technology in the region and beyond. For James and his team, it is keeping up and staying ahead that has always remained a priority throughout the years.

“With a backdrop of higher shooting ratios, higher data rates and challenging budgets, the ability to deliver the highest standards and remain innovative is everything,” comments James. “Avid’s technology has meant we can conquer industry demands whilst playing with our creativity. We’ve always had great results.”


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.

Pro Tools | S6

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Turbocharging Terabytes with Teamwork — Avid NEXIS at IBC 2017

Since inventing storage virtualization nearly two decades ago, Avid has consistently led storage innovation tailored for the media industry. Avid NEXIS, our current shared storage platform, was released a little over a year ago and immediately set a new standard, as it was the world’s first software-defined storage platform for media.

‘Software-defined’ means that your storage can be managed independently from the underlying hardware. This makes for easy maintenance as workspace size, bandwidth and access privileges can be set from a simple, easy-to-use web interface. More importantly, it also means that you can improve performance and add new features as you go, simply by applying a software update.

With Avid NEXIS | FS software version 7.7, released just last month, we introduced support for single-disk mirrored workspace protection. This option increases the usable storage capacity while at the same time protecting against the complete loss of an Avid NEXIS | Enterprise engine or any three simultaneous disk failures. So, you effectively get more storage, and additional protection options, all with just a software update.

But the pace of technology marches relentlessly on, and from time to time we need to add some extra hardware grunt, too. To accommodate high-resolution (4K/UHD and above) finishing, we’ve added the option of SSD drives to the Avid NEXIS | E2 engines. Available as either 9.6 TB or 19.2 TB Media Packs, you can edit bandwidth-intensive media in real-time with up to 8x greater read performance over hard disk drives. There are no moving parts, so it adds greater robustness to your workflow. And since Avid NEXIS is a scalable storage platform, this is a simple, additive process.

All Avid NEXIS | Enterprise storage engines are fully compatible with one another. They can be mixed, matched and augmented, so a storage investment in Avid NEXIS never becomes obsolete as capacity, bandwidth performance and availability can be upgraded to meet changing content and production demands.

As Avid is committed to improving collaboration across the broadest range of media workflows, we extensively test not just our own creative software tools like Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools, but also those from third parties, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Grass Valley EDIUS.

At IBC 2017, we’re excited to announce MediaCentral for Post – a solution comprising Avid NEXIS, Media Composer and a component of the all-new MediaCentral eco-system, MediaCentral | Editorial Management, a robust, yet lightweight file management application. It’s a snap to install and configure, so you’ll be up and running in no time. Its MediaCentral Core indexing engine and service keep track of all projects and media stored, so everyone on the team can view what’s available in real-time. For post production in particular, we truly believe that this will be a real game-changer in terms of collaborative content creation, whatever resolution you are working in.

With over 1,500 installations in just a year since its first release, Avid NEXIS is being adopted quickly by media producers all around the world—from preeminent global broadcasters to boutique post houses, and everything in between. Avid NEXIS is proven and trusted in the most demanding and bandwidth-intensive workflows.  It continues to lead the market as reliable, high-performance, intelligent storage for media that can scale and adjust quickly to change, without interrupting production. At IBC 2017, we’re taking productivity to new levels, not just by tweaking the tech, but also by turbocharging the capacity for teamwork.


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


Avid and Microsoft Showcase Joint Cloud Strategy at MESA’s Media & Entertainment Day and SIGGRAPH

Recently Avid participated in two events that underscore today’s media-anywhere environment and the importance of the cloud in that journey. In the same way that Avid led the industry three decades ago, Avid is once again at the forefront in helping its customers lead the next evolution of creative freedom—in the cloud.

Partnering for the cloud journey

As we announced at NAB earlier this year, Avid has formed a Strategic Cloud Alliance with Microsoft to integrate the Azure cloud hosting platform with the Avid MediaCentral platform, allowing customers to quickly and easily leverage the efficiencies, flexibility and agility that cloud workflows provide. By choosing Azure as our preferred cloud hosting platform, we’re allowing media and entertainment entities, creative teams and artists to migrate to the cloud at their own pace and on their own terms.

Demonstrating the power: Microsoft Media & Entertainment Day

We had the opportunity to showcase our breakthrough cloud-based strategy to more than 300 media and entertainment professionals at the Microsoft Media & Entertainment Day, held July 25, 2017, at the Microsoft Technology Center in New York.

The Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA), an organization of industry-leading developers and vendors, including Avid and Microsoft, hosted this inaugural event where Industry experts shared case studies and solutions showcases on data, analytics, security, the cloud and artificial intelligence.

Amid three tracks of programming and two floors of the latest technology updates from Microsoft, their technology partners and customers, we demonstrated our cloud-based solution, showing exactly how media organizations and creative professionals can quickly and easily leverage the efficiencies and elastic capacity of the cloud.

In his keynote on “Optimizing Video Workflows,” Senior Director of the Avid Global Center of Excellence Craig Dwyer noted several trends, including the exponential rise in content creation, multiplatform and Over-the-Top (OTT) distribution, and personalized media consumption. His remarks were part of the event’s “Video in the Microsoft Cloud: Where Collaboration Meets Workflows” session track.

Dwyer put the power of the joint strategy into perspective. “We’re now going to see that driving efficiencies at scale suddenly starts to make a lot of sense, especially for large organizations that have thousands of people who are using their systems at hundreds of locations,” he said. “Our customers now want to remove the friction between their different systems and create a much more fluidly-connected supply chain. Building an ecosystem of partner-solutions around the Azure cloud will create a lot of efficiency.”

Innovation in Editing at SIGGRAPH

Avid Solutions Specialist Michael Krulik demoed our Azure-based cloud solution for creative professionals at the SIGGRAPH graphics and animation conference, which took place August 1-3, 2017, in Los Angeles.

SIGGRAPH is known as an event for and about innovation and innovators. And this year was no exception. As one of six “partner pods” at Microsoft’s SIGGRAPH booth, Krulik and his team showed how Avid and Azure are advancing a synergistic cloud strategy that will allow media companies to migrate seamlessly to the cloud.

For people who were curious about why Avid was in Microsoft’s booth, the demo brought immediate understanding. As Krulik explained, “everybody is used to MediaComposer on a laptop but tapping into the data center through a virtual machine set up is very compelling and bring entirely new levels of creative freedom and flexibility.”

Plan Your Media Enterprise to the Cloud

The cloud provides an environment that can enhance and accelerate almost every aspect of the media supply chain, allowing Media Enterprises to focus on the business of creating and monetizing great content.


Avid Cloud-based Workflow Revolutionizes Post-Production Services of Israeli Production Company Ha-Mitcham

Israeli production and post-production facility Ha-Mitcham is serious about collaborative editing. In fact it has just built its entire business around it. When they decided to build a brand new facility, they started looking at solutions from various manufacturers, setting high standards for quality, flexibility, ease of use, long-term value for money and – crucially – the capacity to work remotely via the cloud.

After an extensive search, Ha-Mitcham, the largest independent post house in Israel, chose Avid to help revolutionize its facility to a new level of efficiency and collaboration. The Avid workflow allows Ha-Mitcham clients to compete successfully with larger organizations in the production of creative, high-quality content. With the industry’s best, most comprehensive individual tools integrated on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the workflow – the first of its kind in Israel – incorporates cloud technology to facilitate a cost-effective, collaborative and future-proof creative environment. The Avid workflow at Ha-Mitcham – the first of its kind in Israel – incorporates cloud technology to facilitate a cost-effective, collaborative and future-proof creative environment.

“We wanted to create a unique environment – the perfect ‘playground’ for content creators to produce great quality television. Our vision was to offer comfortable, creative production and post suites equipped with the best available technology, all under one roof. We wanted to enable people to come in with an idea and leave with a movie or a series to broadcast.”

—Efraim Halevy Sela, CEO, Ha-Mitcham

By deploying the Avid MediaCentral Platform, the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media, Ha-Mitcham has created a unique environment for TV production in the Middle East. The leading facility prides itself on its ability to make remote editing and technology available to every production company in the region, whatever the size.

“We wanted the perfect playground for content creators to produce great quality television,” says Efraim Halevy Sela, CEO, Ha-Mitcham. “Our vision was to offer comfortable, creative production and post suites equipped with the best available technology, all under one roof. We wanted to enable people to come in with an idea, and leave with a movie or a series to broadcast.”



Boost Your Performance—What’s New in Avid NEXIS 7.6

Since its introduction at last year’s NAB Show, the Avid NEXIS shared storage family has gone from strength to strength, earning the accolade “the gold standard for shared storage” from ProVideo Coalition at the beginning of this year. Now, the world’s first software-defined storage platform for media workflows delivers a massive performance boost, as well as multi-seat streaming support for Pro Tools users.

With just a software update, Avid NEXIS | PRO boosts performance 50%  up to 2.4GBytes per second, enabling finishing workflows and increased throughput for 4K/UHD and HD productions. Avid NEXIS | Enterprise  now supports up to 48 Media Packs across a single scale-out networked enterprise-class system, providing nearly 3 PB of storage capacity and up to 28 GB/s of bandwidth. It now delivers a colossal 600 MB/s per Media Pack – enough bandwidth for 375 streams of XAVC-Intra UHD, or well over 1,000 streams of DNxHD.

Since Avid NEXIS Enterprise storage engines are fully compatible with one another, they can be mixed, matched and augmented, so a storage investment in Avid NEXIS never becomes obsolete, as capacity, bandwidth performance and availability can be upgraded to meet changing content and production demands.

Avid is committed to improving collaboration across the broadest range of media workflows, and we’re excited to share that we’ve also expanded support for professional audio production workflows with Pro Tools. Audio and video creatives can now share projects with ease, and complete them faster as a result.

With the latest versions of industry-leading tools, Avid NEXIS 7.6 and Pro Tools | HD 12.8, you can share projects in a centralized pool of media storage, speeding up your workflow by eliminating the time wasted moving files between different systems.  Avid NEXIS now supports collaborative creation workflows for audio teams with multiple Pro Tools | HD seats and up to an incredible 256 audio tracks each.

Avid Pro Tools

Avid NEXIS and Pro Tools have been extensively tuned and tested to deliver the high standard of media protection already associated with Avid NEXIS – a failed drive no longer means a lost project or wasted time restoring it. Both audio and video workflows are accelerated by fuss-free file sharing – now you don’t need to connect an external drive and wait while copying media, or wait to push-pull projects. We also test with a broad range of Avid and partner workflow components to ensure that Avid NEXIS performs across a range of different broadcast and post-production pipelines.

Avid’s intelligent software-defined storage, with its intuitive management of workspace and bandwidth, is acknowledged as the benchmark for creative collaboration.


Since Avid NEXIS is software-defined storage, the enhancements included in version 7.6  are available from the Avid NEXIS | PRO, ideally suited for smaller production teams, all the way to Avid NEXIS | Enterprise, the scalable solution for the largest and most demanding teams.

As the media production landscape constantly evolves, we are committed to developing solutions to meet your changing needs. If your organization needs a reliable, high-performance storage system that can scale and adjust quickly to change, without interrupting production, look no further than Avid NEXIS—the world’s first and only software-defined storage platform.


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


Discovery Italia — More Avid, More Teasers

Discovery Italia is one of the main features on the national television landscape, offering a multi-platform portfolio of 14 channels, as well as two OTT platforms: Dplay and Eurosport Player.

The group owns seven free-to-air channels (NOVE, Real Time, DMax, Giallo, Focus, K2, and Frisbee) and seven pay channels (Discovery Channel, Discovery Science, Discovery Travel&Living, Animal Planet exclusively on Sky, Eurosport 1 and Eurosport 2 on Sky and Mediaset Premium, and ID – Investigation Discovery exclusively on Mediaset Premium). This is an organisation capable of reaching an overall share of 7 % of individuals and 9 % of the commercial target audience aged 25 to 54.

In particular, Dplay is a free OTT service launched in June 2015 that has already exceeded 12.5 million unique users. In Italy, Discovery gained a foothold thanks to its ability to create a unique integrated system, with multi-platform brands that represent a social destination for a dynamic audience, for experimental talent shows and for companies seeking an important and innovative partner.  In addition, Milan is home to the southern Europe headquarters of Discovery Networks International, representing Italy, Spain, Portugal and France. Discovery Media (www.discoverymedia.com) is the internal operator responsible for advertising revenues, which, in just a few years, has made a name for itself among the key players in the Italian advertising industry.

The core of the work related to Avid systems is the constant production of TV teasers

A need for efficiency

We met Ivan Giussani, 31, System Administrator of the Post Production & Media Services Operator division of Discovery Italia given that, as the engineer officer of the structure, he oversees all technological aspects and the production workflow. Giussani has been working at Discovery for about two years, after several years of experience at Viacom and a stint as a technical consultant for Sky Italia.

Ivan Giussani, Discovery Italia

First things first, what is it that you do at Discovery Italia?

The core of the work related to Avid systems is the constant production of TV teasers. We’re talking about at least a hundred clips a month, including the different cuts for the different uses of the programming schedule, which need to be thought up and created continuously. These are clips with a final duration ranging from 15 to 30 seconds, but they can also include longer teasers of up to 60 seconds. This workflow involves viewing a huge amount of footage. Just think that, for each clip, you need to watch anything from 25 minutes to 2.5 hours of footage, from which you draw your inspiration and keep the most effective parts to be condensed in the teaser. So this adds up to several days’ worth of footage to watch, after which the actual editing process can begin.

Avid held a training session for Discovery Italia, at the end of installation.

How do you structure such a big amount of work every day ?

From a logistics point of view, we have about 20 working rooms, including editing rooms, graphics studios and sound rooms. There are five key roles in our functional organisation chart. One is mine, as the System Administrator, which means that I am the technician who deals with the material functioning of the whole system. Then we have the three standard roles of Producer, Copywriter and Editor. The Producer coordinates production, the Copywriter logs the multimedia content (such as metadata, comments and tags) and works in low resolution, and then there is the Editor, who obviously takes care of editing, managing the projects and delivering the finished product.

These roles have been complemented by a new one: the Media Manager, who deals with the actual management of the multimedia contents. The Media Manager is responsible for archiving, and is the only person who can delete outdated or redundant material from the system (if already archived, for example). The Media Manager also manages and organises the tree structure provided by Avid Interplay.

For the record, these days Discovery Italia manages its teasers production using an archive with a growing capacity, based on an LTO system with 2.5 TB cartridges, while the online archive has 20 TB of capacity dedicated exclusively to the production of teasers out of a total installed capacity of 30 TB. The programming archive of our platform is managed directly from the London office.

Avid has helped to create a better connection between the several production steps at Discovery Italia

Spotlight on Avid

We also talked to Kostiantyn Volkov, Senior Pre-sales Manager at Avid, who oversaw the setup of the system.

What was perceived as the need to upgrade the Avid system?

Creating a better connection between the several production steps was clearly the most important thing, in order to include an efficient, faster and well-defined workflow among copywriters, producers and editors. Discovery Italia had a traditional post-production structure, with one shared drive, so the audiovisual material had to be processed by the different editors manually, with no automation.

Kostiantyn Volkov, Avid Italia.

The core phases of approval, logging and timing were still executed with a hands-on, highly complex approach, just like in the past. The client wanted to automate some of the processes, have a shared search system, be able to log with low resolution, and automate the production process as a whole.

An operation of this kind can require a basic, even relatively inexpensive solution, which reinforces the system and makes it more flexible. Then, of course, you can invest more to enhance the overall security of the system and increase redundancies, which means ensuring content permanence. These integrations are highly scalable.



With Avid MediaCentral Platform, Discovery has confirmed a significant increase in production speed

How important is training in these cases?

For Discovery, at the end of installation we held a training session, which is definitely a required step for making sense of the new technology and to providing maximum efficiency. But before the final training session comes a crucial preliminary step: workflow design. An effective workflow project is the crucial premise to making the ideal system configuration meet the client’s expectations. Practical and technical solutions are defined at the end, but before that you need a clear vision of the goals you want to achieve. The workflow design phase follows the orthodox presales phase and assumes that one or more meetings with the staff stakeholders are held, involving all levels. It requires some experience in team management and a great deal of flexibility. Avid Italia has a dedicated Workflow Manager role, assumed by Alessandro Calabrese, who oversees the executive phase of the project and finally brings competencies in house to create a more well-rounded vision.

Avid MediaCentral Platform helps to share and search media files more easily


Going back to Ivan Giussani, he remarked: “Before this integration, we had to resort to the professional role of an editor, that had to work on a dedicated machine and occupy a working room, even to just view some images. Now, using a web browser that is much simpler for everyone to use, this time-consuming phase no longer interferes with the actual technical structure. The online database is common and shared and allows us to free the working rooms from less qualified operations, such as viewing and importing/exporting. For these, the integration with the company’s network was sufficient. People work from their own workstation and only use the working rooms for actual high-quality editing operations, voice-overs and CGI processing”.

Giussani concluded: “The system was installed in July 2016 and, after running some tests in the summer, we started using it in mid-September. But only Avid Interplay at first, allowing editors to start familiarising themselves with the innovation, and then Avid MediaCentral was activated in late October, enabling copywriters to use contents directly. One of the copywriters acted as a pathfinder and then “converted” his colleagues. Now, the system is up and running and we have confirmed a significant increase in production speed, reducing the time needed to create every individual clip. The interconnection and the sharing of materials work seamlessly; the same content can now be viewed simultaneously by the copywriter, editor and producer, creating a definite boost in efficiency. Each person can also check the progress of the job in real time and see the editor’s timeline, while the copywriter is able to give instructions on the fly, for example by adding markers and other features. One final note, which I consider of extreme importance, is about the messaging service between the people involved in the production. This is yet another tool for speeding up the work and creating increased harmony among the stakeholders”.


Interview by Andrea Rivetta, specialized journalist


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


Avid NEXIS | PRO Wins the Praise of Activ’Company at the Eurosatory Trade Show

On the occasion of the 25th Eurosatory international trade show in Villepinte, near Paris – France, on the theme of defense and security, the communications agency Activ’Company specializing in operational marketing and communications entrusted DID Technology and its teams with implementing an entire post-production system at the trade show. The aim was to make this workspace as comfortable and productive as their own offices in Paris.

The Activ'Company teams at the Eurosatory trade show relied on Avid to complete their projects.

Using their hired equipment, DID Technology installed 4 editing suites based on Apple Mac Pro 2013 using the all new intelligent storage system Avid NEXIS | PRO. Activ’Company was then able to produce all of the video content for the trade show with total peace of mind, shooting a number of interviews with a Sony XDCAM HD system.

The communications agency set up ServiceMedia.tv, a platform for downloading HD videos aimed exclusively at journalists. Over 5 days, the Activ’Company filming times produced many images and interviews, promoting the media coverage of Eurosatory 2016.

DID Technology handled the complete delivery and installation of equipment in the press area of the Villepinte exhibition center. This meant the Activ’Company teams were able to work in excellent conditions, just like in the office.

Avid NEXIS | PRO was at the heart of the production unit led by DID Technology at the Eurosatory trade show.

The all-new storage system Avid NEXIS | PRO offered high responsiveness and speed of production for very important projects. The goal of the Activ’Company teams was to film reports on the numerous stands at the trade show and to publish the content as rapidly as possible on the various distribution channels. The collaborative work and the excellent performance of the Avid storage system managed to fool the editors, who could not tell the difference between powerful local storage and the double link to Avid NEXIS | PRO with a Giga Ethernet connection.

One major aspect that Activ’Company had to manage was the noise that such equipment can produce. Avid NEXIS | PRO is incredibly silent. Avid worked hard on this aspect in order to allow the installation of centralized storage in companies without specific server rooms. With the Avid storage system Avid NEXIS | PRO you can accelerate the production of audiovisual content.


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Lucky View Strikes Gold with Avid NEXIS | PRO

Lucky View is one of Norway’s premier post production houses, specializing in a full range of video and audio post production services for the TV and film industry, driving their creative forces into projects like TV programming, commercials, documentaries, animation and film and music videos. They’ve built a reputation on continuous investment in technology to help adapt their workflows, and continue to deliver exceptional post production projects.

Since its launch in 2011, Lucky View has expanded its operation, running out of two state-of-the-art bases in Fredrikstad and Oslo. For their most recent upgrade, Mediability, a Scandinavian provider of studio production products and support, helped deliver next-generation solutions to benefit the studio production efforts. Avid’s legacy line of shared storage has always been the lifeline to the entire operation at Lucky View, with their network running on the most open and integrated platform for media, the MediaCentral® Platform.

Christoffer Pettersen, partner and producer at Lucky View Production explained how the new Avid NEXIS® storage will enhance their workflows, which already feature an armory of Avid studio production tools and solutions to create, distribute and optimize their media. Collaboration is a big part of our workflow, with our teams usually working around the clock to complete several projects simultaneously,” he explained. “Avid’s comprehensive solutions designed for post-production continue to allow us to tackle any creative brief that comes through the door.”

With Avid NEXIS | PRO, hailed as the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application, Lucky View can now scale to new storage heights, delivering unmatched flexibility, control, and extensibility to Avid MediaCentral Platform applications. Qualifying multiple top of the range editing suites, Lucky View integrating the intelligent Avid NEXIS | PRO 20TB (connected to a Dell network switch) into their highly flexible workflow. This will accelerate production and dramatically enhance collaboration at every step of the creative process – from ingest and editing, to sound design and mixing.

Since the latest Avid investment, Lucky View has already seen a multitude of time-saving benefits. “With up to 400 MB/s of bandwidth and supporting up to 330 active clients, Avid NEXIS | PRO gives us the capability to access all our files and projects regardless of which suite we’re working from, streamlining workflows and speeding up time-consuming tasks. It’s also reassuring that Avid NEXIS | PRO uses a raid system in case of failure in one of the drives. Most of our media is irreplaceable, so it’s critical that we can trust our data storage 100 percent. Fortunately, we haven’t had to experience the raid benefit!”

With a team of highly skilled editors working simultaneously on various projects for clients including SpareBank1, Coca-Cola and Universal Music Norway and has produced films and music for artists like Lars Vaular, Vinni and Alan Walker, Lucky View required a solution that could easily access multiple files.

Explaining the immediate benefits of the Avid NEXIS investment, Pettersen said, Editors can now collaborate on each other’s projects simultaneously with ease. It’s great to have constant open access to all our media, enabling us to complete and deliver projects so much faster than before, primarily as we don’t have to waste time moving media around multiple servers.”

Modern editing suites often deploy a variety of production applications, and Avid NEXIS’ integration benefits with Avid-based and third-party workflows was another key driver for Lucky View’s investment. Adding to their workflow, the Avid NEXIS shared storage system connects to one Apple Mac Pro and three Apple iMac video editing suites with Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing, and one Apple iMac using Logic Pro X and Izotope RX4 for audio editing. This is supported by an additional mLogic mRack, and a Apple Mac Mini using Archiware for backup and archiving to LTO7-tapes.

When considering the move to Avid NEXIS | PRO, and the requirements Lucky View was looking for from a next-generation storage solution, Pettersen commented, “Our clients primarily use Avid editing solutions, but we need the versatility to offer alternative workflows. The fact [that] Avid NEXIS can natively support Adobe Premiere Pro is a real leap forward for flexible, open workflows. ”

Considering their business roadmap and forecasting for any future technology investments, Avid NEXIS will allow Lucky View to expand and accelerate workflows by mixing and matching engines to form virtualizable pools of storage to streamline as and when it’s right for them.

“Modern viewers expect the best content, delivered in record time, which means we must adapt to our customers’ demands. Because of the rapid development in technology, the film and music industries are in a constant flux,” he summarized. “New technology allows for increased efficiency across the board, which means we must pay attention and invest strategically in new solutions that are being made available. Avid NEXIS is the only storage solution that will grow with us at every stage of our developing business.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.