Efficient Archiving Yields Valuable Creative Time for Sakha NBC

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To create an up-to-date, integrated and unified workflow for preparing daily and regular programmes as well as digitising a vast archive of media material.


Develop an integrated and efficient workflow based on the Avid MediaCentral Platform with the comprehensive Interplay Facility Bundle at its heart.

Sakha National Broadcasting Company (NBC) is one of the largest regional television and radio broadcasting companies in Russia. It is a state-funded institution operating in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, reporting on events that have taken place in Yakutia and creating a wide variety of programmes including news, documentaries and entertainment shows about life in the region. At the beginning of 2016, Sakha NBC completely modernized its workflow, becoming the first company in the Russian Far East to implement the Interplay | MAM solution.

The company had been experiencing difficulties for several reasons, firstly due to the multiplicity and diversity of its editing systems (Edius, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut). Furthermore, the workstations themselves were of different generations, with different levels of productivity, which meant the time required to prepare the same content varied greatly for each workstation. Obtaining technical support for the various types of equipment was also proving to be difficult.

The second major problem was the absence of a digital archive. “Our archive is a collection of 100,000 hours of material stored on 16mm film and Betacam cassettes. The shelf life of this media is approaching its end, and we needed to install a solution to digitise the material,” says Yuri Sergachev, head of the IT department at Sakha NBC. “We often use archival material in our programmes, some of it dating back to 1974, which is why it is extremely important for us to be able to find it and retrieve it from our archives quickly. This is impossible without an effective MAM system.”

The company also lacked a unified technological process to collate and store archive material, since each of the journalists, directors and producers saved their original material on their own individual computers. There was no shared database, and over time it became practically impossible to find material as and when it was needed.

“Before, we might spend an entire working day looking for a piece of material we needed. Now we just enter our search criteria in the Interplay | MAM system, including the relevant metadata, and we can find the material we are looking for in minutes.”

—Yuri Sergachev, head of the IT department, Sakha NBC

The IT department put together a comprehensive technological wish-list to solve these significant challenges, allowing them to digitise the existing media and add invaluable metadata, connect the editing stations to a central data storage system and implement a unified system for managing the media assets.


Integrated functionality

The project was defined by a tight budget as well as the need to integrate the new workflow with the SkyLark automated broadcasting system. After a comparative analysis of solutions from various manufacturers, the decision was made to use Avid technology. The systems integrator OKNO-TV and its subsidiary in Novosibirsk executed the project.

The project resulted in the installation of a modern media workflow integrated on the MediaCentral Platform, with the Avid Interplay Facility Bundle offering comprehensive asset management capabilities together with centralized shared storage. The ISIS Expansion Engine allows capacity and throughput to be expanded as required, and Media | Director enables automated file uploading of material both as a reduced (proxy) and full HD solution.

The MediaCentral | UX interface also enables reporters, directors and journalists to independently carry out preliminary editing of visual material and prepare voice-over texts; this has significantly reduced the editing time required during the fine cut of materials in full resolution. The fine cut is carried out on Media Composer edit stations, while audio production is completed in Pro Tools to correct frequency, remove artefacts and standardise.

Material prepared for the air is transferred to the SkyLark broadcasting server in the appropriate file format using Interplay Transfer’s FTP DHM feature, and the source file is placed in the archive. An Oracle LTO library is used for long-term storage of digitised archives. This is integrated with Interplay | MAM and the other components of the workflow.

To reduce costs, the Interplay Archive solution was not included in the suite in the first stage – instead SGL FlashNet was used to integrate archive systems with the MAM, thereby providing entry-level integration based on web services. At a later date, Sakha NBC will be able to install Interplay Archive and transfer all metadata there. All workstations at Sakha NBC are now integrated into Avid’s MAM system, thus unifying the use of metadata as well as simplifying and speeding up searches and retrieval of material from the archive.


Increased efficiency gives back production time

“Preparing material for two or three minutes of air time took several hours before the new Avid workflow; the same task now takes less than an hour.”

—Yuri Sergachev, head of the IT department, Sakha NBC

Production efficiency has increased dramatically as a result of the project, and the company has virtually eliminated the previous situation when material was available literally at the last minute before it went to air. For instance, the time needed to search for material in the archive and retrieve it has been reduced almost a hundredfold.

“Before, we might spend an entire working day looking for a piece of material we needed,” says Sergachev. “That was because we had to search manually. We did so by watching the video cassettes that had been retrieved one by one, and there might have been 20 or more of them. Now we just enter our search criteria in the Interplay | MAM system, including the relevant metadata, and we can find the material we are looking for in five to ten minutes at most. Prior to having the MAM system, preparation of a programme might have been completed only an hour before airing, whereas now almost all programmes in which archival material is used are ready two days before the broadcast begins.”

The preparation of daily programmes has also become significantly more efficient. Here, the time savings are also manifold – the process is at least three to four times faster than before. “Preparing material for 2-3 minutes of air time took several hours before the new Avid workflow; the same task now takes less than an hour,” adds Sergachev.

For newly produced material, metadata is entered by the reporters themselves, who each enter descriptive information for their own material. As for archival material, especially very old material dating back to the 1970s, TV industry veterans are also involved in the process as they are able to recognise certain people or events in the images.

Since the customer was located in a remote region, an important part of the project was the training of members of staff to be able to use and maintain the system independently. A special four-week training programme was prepared for this purpose, during which technical employees of Sakha NBC received instruction about the structure of the workflow as well as practical tuition to maintain it. Journalists, producers and directors learned how to work with MediaCentral and Media Composer, and system administrators and editors were also given specific training.


Next steps

The flexible and future-proof nature of the Avid system means that the broadcaster can also plan for further improvements to its workflow over the coming months and years, as requirements change and grow. For example, the digitisation of 100,000 hours of archive footage is a long process that will benefit from a forthcoming purchase of new AirSpeed servers, enabling transfers from multiple video tape recorders simultaneously. In addition, the Interplay Facility Bundle includes components such as Media Composer | Cloud, which allows users to work not only locally but also remotely. However, Sakha NBC has not started using this function yet because of the bandwidth of the public Internet in the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.

As a result of this major project, Sakha NBC now has a comprehensive, efficient and future-proof solution encompassing all stages of its work, from commissioning through to broadcasting, all based on Avid’s integrated system.

Collaborate with Avid NEXIS | PRO and Third-Party Software, Part 1: Adobe Premiere Pro

In our new series “Collaborate with Avid NEXIS | PRO and Third-Party Software,” we’ll answer your questions on how to use third-party editing software with Avid NEXIS | PRO — Avid’s software-enabled storage solution.

This first episode will show you how to integrate Adobe Premiere Pro into a collaborative workflow with Avid NEXIS | PRO and axle Starter asset management software. Together, these tools offer real-time collaboration to help you and your team work together better and faster.

We’ll start by launching the Avid NEXIS client manager and mounting a couple of work spaces. From there, we’ll create and log some clips with axle, which we’ll be able to access in Premiere Pro. Then, after creating a new Premiere Pro project, stored on an Avid NEXIS work space, we’ll learn how one user can open a file and lock it while enabling other users to open the same file on a read-only basis.  And we’ll learn how to import clips and subclips created in axle, as well as utilize media from other projects stored on Avid NEXIS | PRO.

Find out more in the video clip below. And stay tuned for the next episode to find out how you can integrate Avid NEXIS | PRO with your editing software of choice to streamline your collaborative workflow.


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Avid NEXIS Shared Storage provides more efficiency and tightly integrated solutions at CINE PLUS

Integrating into existing Avid infrastructure, production house CINE PLUS now relies on NEXIS | E4 and NEXIS | PRO Storage for its digital post-production, allowing faster media access and reduced operating costs.

CINE PLUS is one of Germany’s leading media service providers. At 11 locations throughout Germany, CINEPLUS produces shows such as “Geschickt eingefädelt – Wer näht am besten?”, episodes of the popular German crime series “Tatort”, in addition to multiple advertising, broadcast and movie productions including “Die dunkle Seite des Mondes”.

“Avid has always been a reliable partner”

—Torsten Seemann

Before the recent upgrade, CINE PLUS was running four Avid ISIS 5500 storage engines at its Berlin headquarters and has been a loyal Avid customer throughout, instilling trust in the quality and efficiency of Avid’s products and services to create high-quality, engaging and immersive content. “For us, Avid has always been a reliable partner, and their extensive support network sets Avid apart from other providers” says Torsten Seemann, Head of Technology, Media IT, at CINE PLUS.

Due to increasing demand from their customers of higher resolutions and bigger data volumes, it was time for CINE PLUS to invest in new storage to support their professional productions. In terms of performance, energy efficiency and stability, CINE PLUS wanted to stick to the proven and trusted quality as had been previously delivered by Avid.

Trusting in Avid shared storage solutions

Avid NEXIS interoperability with third-party providers was also a big positive when considering the deployment of a NEXIS | E4 120TB engine. Integrating seamlessly into the existing Avid infrastructure, running on the industry’s most open, tightly integrated and efficient platform designed for media – the MediaCentral Platform, the maximum availability and security are guaranteed through the Avid System Director application.

Allowing CINE PLUS to maximize and protect the value of existing media assets, the new NEXIS | E4 is now the central hub for all digital post production processes at CINE PLUS’ Berlin headquarters. Their setup includes a huge 40 editing suites using Media Composer, 20 computers used for logging and 10 Blackmagic Resolve units for Firstlight color grading. If needed, Adobe After Effects for titles or effects now ties in with the Avid storage system. CINE PLUS facilities based in other locations across Germany also operate with Avid NEXIS | PRO and their existing Avid storage infrastructure.

“Thanks to Avid NEXIS, our daily processes have become significantly easier”

—Torsten Seemann

Smooth installation and less need for training

The installation of the system and the interoperability with other systems such as Windows, Mac OS or Linux was completely smooth, and for Torsten Seemann, the positive effects of the new system are already making a noticeable difference. “Thanks to the NEXIS system, our daily processes have become significantly easier. Thanks to the connected shared storage system, the multiple copying processes between the various elements of our post production workflow have been eliminated, and the integration of third-party solutions is running smoothly.”

Thanks to its easy to use and familiar interface and integration to the existing Avid infrastructure, there was also minimal training of staff needed, providing CINE PLUS with a full catalogue of the most comprehensive tools and workflow solutions to create, distribute and optimize media.

Seemann said, “Overall, everyone working with the new Avid NEXIS system at CINE PLUS is very pleased with the optimized efficiency, and further investment in Avid’s products is already on the cards. We’re planning to upgrade storage across our other facilities with five additional NEXIS | PRO systems to enhance our entire post-production ecosystem.”


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


“The Edit” Invests in Avid NEXIS | PRO Storage and Cutting-Edge Workflows

The Edit is Brighton’s longest established full post production facility and the team are celebrating their tenth birthday this year. They work with acclaimed directors on a diverse range of projects, from prime time TV programs and commercials, to worldwide cinema releases. Dave Austin, founder of The Edit, brings over 20 years of broadcast experience to the company. After training at the BBC, he went freelance at the age of 23 and set up the company in 2006.

Having relied on a myriad of Avid solutions from the outset, The Edit have recently taken their workflow to the next level of efficiency by investing in the revolutionary software defined shared storage solution – Avid NEXIS | PRO.

Designed and supported by Avid Elite Reseller, Altered Images Ltd, The Edit’s next-generation workflow is empowering every contributor across the entire production, NEXIS | PRO enables projects to move in parallel and be completed faster, delivering incomparable, predictable performance and more media streams per storage engine in even the most editing-intensive environments.

“We want our clients to focus on what’s important and don’t want to burden them with technical delays. The NEXIS | PRO has tied together our Media Composers, Symphony, Artist DNxIO and Avid Pro Tools systems seamlessly so now we don’t have to interrupt editors because we assist them in the background – new assets just appear in their project. NEXIS | PRO gives us the speed and collaborative approach we need to handle large projects with tight deadlines,” Austin explained.

Over 4,000 of the world’s top broadcast and post-production studios now call Avid NEXIS | PRO their shared storage solution of choice. A more affordable system that speeds up editorial efficiency, NEXIS | PRO puts the flow back in workflow, enabling up to 24 contributors to share the same assets simultaneously for real-time collaboration. “We realized that we could improve production and efficiency if we could iron out our storage headaches, and since investing in NEXIS | PRO, we find we can work much more quickly.”

“We recently completed work on ‘Little British Iles with Alison Steadman’ for Renegade Pictures. The series drew on a variety of HD, 4K, drone and DSLR material and presented new challenges in the online/grade. With Avid NEXIS | PRO, we could work in parallel. For example, our online editor was stabilizing shots and restoring image quality whilst our colorist evened out the differences in formats and created a unique, cohesive look to the program.”

By adding the affordable Avid NEXIS | PRO shared storage to their workflow, The Edit are seeing improved turnaround, helping them to deliver both on time and on budget. “To avoid complications, production companies want to offload the entire post process to one facility. We offer that one stop solution and now that we’re backed by NEXIS | PRO, we’re even better placed to deliver everything from the offline edit, right through to the finished master.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Avid NEXIS Doubles Its Storage Capacity and Performance

The world’s first software-defined storage platform for Media Workflows just got even better. Large-scale systems of Avid NEXIS — the E5, E4 and E2 — now scale up to almost 3PB and 48 Media Packs in the latest software version.

That means more than 2.5PB of protected collaborative storage at users’ fingertips, offering bandwidth up to 19.2GB/second in a single system. So however small or large an organization’s storage needs may be — or however large they will become in the future — Avid NEXIS is fully scalable and able to adapt as an organization’s needs evolve over time.

For example, an organization could upgrade to running four fully configured Avid NEXIS | E5 engines or 24 Avid NEXIS | E4 engines to run at full capacity. And since Avid NEXIS storage engines are fully compatible with one another, these various engines can be mixed, matched and augmented — a storage investment in Avid NEXIS is never obsolete, as capacity, bandwidth performance and availability can be upgraded as content and production demands change.

As the media production landscape evolves, Avid is committed to changing along with it, offering the highest scale and reliability workflows. We test to all communicated limits with a broad range of Avid and partner workflow components so that NEXIS is the most comprehensive storage solution around.

Avid NEXIS High Availability

We know how problematic disk failures can be, slowing down operational efficiency and leading to unexpected downtime. That’s why Avid also has unveiled the High Availability option for NEXIS, also compatible with the NEXIS E5, E4 and E2 systems.

High Availability helps enterprise-level businesses deal with the unique challenges put forth by high-profile deployments that go beyond mere storage-capacity needs. With High Availability, Avid NEXIS can be configured to have no single point of failure to allow you tohave confidence to meet production and on-air deadlines.

Here are a few of the features High Availability provides:

  • Redundant Storage Controllers – This hardware option offers support for automatic failover of critical services to keeps workflows moving no matter what issues may befall the system.
  • Redundant System Director Controller – With redundant controllers in the System Director Appliance, users can maintain access to media through System Director failures.
  • Redundant Networking – Protection from Network interface or switch failures.
  • Media Mirroring – Seamless engine protection, with instant, automatic fail-over, your editors can continue to work through failures that would take other storage systems off-line.
  • Media Protection Flexibility – Use the Media Protection scheme that best suits the project criticality. Avid NEXIS uniquely allows each project workspace to be configured with the ideal media protection type.
  • System High Availability Flexibility – Avid NEXIS is unique in that a non-redundant system can have high availability added when the user count or protect type demands it. Other systems require a full system replacement (forklift upgrade) or upfront decision.
  • No Single Point of Failure Architecture – Avid NEXIS is based on a ‘Shared Disk’ architecture that has a passive backplane enabling a fully redundant system with no single point of failure. All critical components from power and cooling to connections to the disk drives and central services and controller functions can be fully protected.

Avid NEXIS is the best choice for media workflows

Avid NEXIS is composed of an intelligent file system and pre-integrated modular hardware, offering production teams ready, on-demand access to a shared pool of storage. It works all with Avid MediaCentral Platform applications, including Media Composer & Interplay, as well as third-party applications. And the common, unique file system at NEXIS’ core — the Avid NEXIS | FS — allows all stored content to be easily searchable, as well as offering maximum protection,  scalability and capacity for collaboration.

So however large your storage needs are — or however large they will become in the future — you can rest easy, knowing your storage is safe, secure and scalable with the latest version of Avid NEXIS.


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


Video Europe Takes to the Road With the Avid Storage Suite

Video Europe’s footprint in the media and entertainment industry has grown tremendously over recent years with the company expanding its service offering and investment in the latest technology. Providing equipment and technical crew, the UK-based company handles productions of all sizes and scales, from live events and outside broadcasts, to onsite post-production.

We caught up with Ollie Stratton, technical consultant and head of Video Europe’s edit department, to discuss how the company’s recent investment in Avid NEXIS, the first and only software-defined storage platform specifically designed for storing and managing media, is enabling the company’s clients to scale to new storage heights.

With a background in computer science and sound engineering, Stratton was keen to enter the film and television industry. After a stint as a runner and sound assistant, he moved to Video Europe’s edit hire department. Since his arrival, the division has expanded greatly, as have Video Europe’s customers’ needs and the company’s relationship with Avid.

“Avid solutions are at the heart of the company,” said Stratton. “We own a large number of Media Composer and Symphony suites running on hardware to suit any budget, from offline editing on MacBook Pro Retinas, to online editing being handled on HP Z840 workstations—and everything in between. For live events and outside sports broadcasts, Avid Interplay | Production is at the heart of the workflow and Avid shared storage has always utilized Interplay for production asset management.”

Video Europe is extremely familiar with Avid’s legacy line of shared storage. Having deployed ISIS 5000 and ISIS | 5500 systems many times, clocking up thousands of hours of usage and terabytes of content store, they were an early adopter of the Avid NEXIS software-defined storage platform.

When considering the move to NEXIS | E4 and the requirements Video Europe was looking for from a next-generation storage solution, Stratton commented: “We need a flexible and scalable solution; one that can handle every type of environment, from fast turn-around live broadcasts, to large-scale post-production workflows. We’ll often ship solutions around the globe to be deployed, so a system that’s open and supportive of different editing applications, has a familiar UI, and is intuitive is a must.”

Supplying equipment and deploying workflows in live production environments brings with it its own set of challenges, however NEXIS | E4 enables Stratton and his team to overcome many of them thanks to the engine’s design and scalability. He continued: “Space within a machine room is always tight. With NEXIS | E4, being able to start a client on 60 TB of storage and then upgrade them to 120 TB later down the line with another Media Pack—without requiring additional rack space—is fantastic.”

Since modern editing suites at live events often deploy a variety of applications,   knowing that Avid NEXIS integrates with Avid-based and third-party workflows was another key driver for Video Europe’s investment. “Our clients primarily use Avid editing solutions, but we need the versatility to offer alternative workflows. The fact [that] NEXIS has the ability to natively support Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve, is a real leap forward for flexible, open workflows.”

Video Europe recently deployed NEXIS | E4 at UK music festival, Latitude, to capture and edit artists’ performances for broadcast on the UK channel, Sky Arts. They needed a reliable shared storage environment to handle the demands of this fast-turnaround, multi-camera live production. Stratton added that the “combination of Media Composer and the NEXIS storage environment was a perfect match for working with mixed camera formats in a fast-paced high-pressure live environment.”


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


With Avid NEXIS | PRO, Swiss Tvision Always Has an Ace up Its Sleeve

Tvision AG from Basel, a production studio with seven full-time employees and additional freelancers, realizes about 500 projects each year, ranging from short news clips up to complete documentaries. The industry demands in terms of efficiency and production time are high and continuously rising. This not only affects competition in the market, but also customers’ expectations. In order to be able to create content even faster, more productive and in a safer way, Tvision has implemented the intelligent storage solution Avid NEXIS | PRO– and is very happy about it.


Productive working in a quadrilingual region

Previously, Tvision worked with several stand-alone editing suites without a central storage system. “Switzerland is a country with four languages, so we frequently have to produce content in different languages. With our old set-up, that was often a complicated and time-consuming process as we had to copy the content back and forth from discs in order to use it in different editing suites,” explains Andy Christen, video editor at Tvision.

“I’ve been editing with Avid for the past twenty years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time.”

—Andy Christen

So it was time for a new storage solution, especially since fast and reliable delivery is essential in the creation of news clips. After some research it was clear that NEXIS | PRO was the ideal solution: “Actually, there were also some other providers who understood our requirements, but only with Avid, we had the feeling that all services could be offered and delivered in the exact same way we needed them, making sure we wouldn’t have to fear any downtimes. I’ve been editing with Avid for the past 20 years, and each and every scheduled piece did go out on time. This reliability is very reassuring and one of the reasons why we decided to go for Avid NEXIS | PRO,” says Christen.

Easy installation, more flexibility

Christen and his team made a conscious decision to buy the smallest version with a storage capacity of 20 TB, keeping in mind that it can be upgraded without problems and with no additional costs for network technology. The system was then provided by dve cross media, based in Munich/Germany. “It was a very smooth cooperation. I always felt that they catered to my needs and didn’t sell the most expensive, but the most fitting product,” Christen emphasizes.

The implementation, too, was quick and easy. Thanks to the pre-configured system, only two cables had to be plugged in on location – and just like that, NEXIS I PRO was productive, says Christen: “I plugged it in, and ever since then it’s running and purring. No need for me to look after it. It runs, it never crashes, it just works. I’m really super happy about it. Plus it’s fast!”

“This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed.”

—Andy Christen

The benefits are noticeable not only in daily work, but also when handling bigger projects. Now, news pieces can be edited in several languages at the same time and sent to the broadcaster directly. It’s also possible to embed shots from Italian or French colleagues, thus boosting the content’s quality. When it comes to documentaries or time-sensitive projects such as the films for IBA Basel 2020, Tvision has the possibility to book additional editors who can work on the project at the same time. Or they can use one computer for playout of the data while still working on it. “This way, I always have an ace up my sleeve that I can pull out if needed,” says a very content Christen. “The greater flexibility and the system stability we have gained through NEXIS | PRO are very reassuring and a massive benefit of the system.”


Ready to bring the same advanced workflows to your workgroup or post facility? Avid NEXIS | PRO is a next-generation intelligent storage system that expands and accelerates media workflows for everyone.


Avid to Showcase Video, Asset Management and Storage Solutions at SMPTE 2016

As members of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers gather in LA  October 24 – 28, Avid prepares for a busy week with industry leaders and technical innovators at the SMPTE Technical Conference and Exhibition.

Visit us at Booth #11 in Centennial Hall

If you’re attending the Exhibition, be sure to stop by Booth #11 to see our latest video, asset management, and storage solutions. We’ll be located next to the Beer Garden in Centennial Hall – a new addition to this year’s conference, featuring special exhibits celebrating SMPTE’s 100 years of technical innovation. At the Avid booth we’ll be showcasing Media Composer, MediaCentral | UX, our new Avid NEXIS storage solution, and Interplay Production. Stop by to learn more or see a demo of the latest technology and features from Avid.

Be our guest at SMPTE

Want to attend the SMPTE Exhibition Halls for free? Register online by using promo code SMPTE2016X at checkout and be sure to mention “Avid” as your Referring Exhibitor. This will give you access to all events in both Dolby Hall and Centennial Hall throughout the Expo.

Solving Asset Management Challenges

For those interested in the evolving digital media ecosystem and the fundamental need for streamlined storage, join Avid’s Senior Director of Product Management Dave Colantuoni on Wednesday at 4.30pm in Salon 1 as he presents “Reinventing Content Storage to Solve Today’s and Tomorrow’s Media Workflow Challenges.” Colantuoni will outline the challenges that media professionals face with storage today, and explore technology innovations that can help overcome them. He will also describe the technology underlying Avid NEXIS, the first software-defined storage platform for media that enables true storage virtualization for any media application.

Honoring Student Filmmakers

Continuing Avid’s commitment to Education, we are proud to once again sponsor the SMPTE-HPA Student Film Festival to be held during the conference on Wednesday, October 26 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Student filmmakers will be competing in four categories, and award winners for each category will be announced at the Festival. The Audience Choice Award will also be voted on by attendees and presented at the conclusion of the festival. Tickets to the Film Festival are still available for those interested in attending.

Celebrating 100 years of SMPTE

After the Conference, Avid will join other SMPTE leaders, members, and supporters at the Centennial Gala – SMPTE’s 100th birthday celebration. The evening will reflect on the Society’s past, highlight its impact on today’s industry, and explore the technical innovations of tomorrow. The Society will also be honoring James Cameron and Douglas Trumbull.

Gorilla Post Hits New Heights with Avid NEXIS Investment

Gorilla Post, based in the heart of Dublin city in Ireland, is a creative post house with an edge. Founded by Barry Reid in 2009, it specialises in offering a full range of post-production services for the TV and film industry.

In 2014, Gorilla expanded its operation and moved to a larger facility in Merrion Square, the heart of Georgian Dublin. With two superb recording studios complete with surround sound capabilities, three sound editing suites, three editing rooms, a dedicated graphics department, and a large grading and finishing suite – its geared up to tackle any creative brief that comes through the door.

Backed by state-of-the-art Avid technology, Gorilla has built its reputation on continuous investment and adapting to produce great work. On a daily basis the team drives their creative forces into TV programming, commercials, documentaries, animation and film – going above and beyond to achieve special results.

Barry Reid, Managing Director and owner at Gorilla Post Production spoke on how Gorilla do business. “We specialize in TV and film post production. In TV, typical projects including factual, entertainment and lifestyle genres. We also regularly work on large animation series, most notably Puffin Rock, which was acquired by Netflix and adapted for 60 different languages worldwide. On both seasons Gorilla handled voice recordings with Irish actor Chris O’Dowd, sound design, mixing and online editing. The common denominator amongst the entire operation is that we rely on Avid systems across every workflow.”

The full-service production and post company is already leveraging cutting-edge Avid workflows to accelerate production and dramatically enhance collaboration at every step of the creative process — from ingest and editing, to sound design and mixing, to color correction and finishing. But Gorilla’s new level of speed and efficiency would make some major studios blush thanks to its most recent investment in an Avid NEXIS | E2.

Hailed as the world’s first software-defined storage platform that enables true storage virtualization for any media application, this powerful system delivers unmatched flexibility, control, and extensibility to Avid MediaCentral Platform applications.

“With all of our Avid centric workflows at Gorilla, NEXIS was an easy choice. Our decision was based on the continued reliability we’ve always experienced with Avid products,” Reid explains. “Secondly, the bandwidth is so fast, meaning any edit suite in the facility – be it offline, grade, mix or finishing suites – can access large dailies/transcodes which are regularly being loaded from our ingest station with minimal downtime. It’s hugely beneficial.”

“Looking at our business roadmap and forecasting for any future technology investment’s, Avid NEXIS will allow us to expand, and accelerate workflows by mixing and matching engines to form virtualizable pools of storage to streamline. It’s the only storage solution that will grow with us at every stage of our developing business,” explained Reid.

Thanks to the Avid NEXIS storage platform allowing teams easy on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable storage resources, Reid summarizes “We pride ourselves on our extremely high standards and measure success by the amount of repeat business we get from returning customers. NEXIS and all of our Avid workflows are helping us uphold that level of satisfaction to both our clients, and to our employees using the systems.”


Gorilla Post NEXIS storage was supplied by Avid Elite reseller Tyrell.


Invest in your future with the reliability you need today, the scalability for tomorrow, and the technology to take you beyond. Take your storage to the next level with Avid NEXIS.


Avid at Sundance Institute — Not All Heroes are Made in Hollywood

It’s true. Not all heroes are made in Hollywood. Wherever you are, you can dream, tell your story as you imagined it, and share it instantly—with everyone. In fact, today’s latest culture-shaping content doesn’t come out of Hollywood. It comes from small production teams pushing the boundaries of creativity around the world.

One of the places where independent production teams thrive is in Sundance, Utah, at the flagship location for the Sundance Institute. Since 1981, the Sundance Institute has worked to nurture and advance the careers of independent storytellers worldwide. Through its renowned labs, grants, and workshops, the Sundance Institute is one of the leading production-team incubators on the planet.

Take a look at this video, and see how the Sundance Institute is using Avid NEXIS | PRO and other creative tools from the Avid Premium Team Bundle to turn production teams like yours into the next generation of video superheroes.

Your team can deliver content that rivals the largest Hollywood production houses. But to take on bigger projects with tight deadlines, you need exceptional data management to create at your best. Otherwise, your workflow will be defined by the limitations of your storage, not by the reaches of your creativity.

That’s why we created Avid NEXIS | PRO. Storage that meets the demands of your workflow—not the other way around.

Stepping up to powerful, networked storage can be daunting, or feel like “too much.” But Avid NEXIS | PRO is easy to set up, and brings incredible openness and efficiency to your workflow right away.

Everyone on your team gets instant access to the same footage as soon as you ingest. Easily collaborate on projects at the same time—whether you’re working with Avid Media Composer or other creative apps—and save everything to one location. Then, playback your creations from any workstation. Anytime.

No more running drives back and forth to different workstations and wasting endless hours copying footage. No more worrying about which files are the most current version. No more managing stacks of hard drives. When you want more space, just add it to your Avid NEXIS | PRO. It’s the most open, intelligent, and flexible storage system you’ve ever experienced.


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