Channel Branding in the Master Control Room

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Media consumption is changing radically. Today’s viewer can switch channels and even their viewing device at will, making it even more critical that broadcasters grab – and keep – their attention. Eye-catching graphics certainly help, but also being able to update them quickly, even on the fly in the event of a change in programming, keeps the viewer informed and engaged.

Promotions coming from post production are difficult to keep up to date. Schedule changes are common, and going back into post to make adjustments is time consuming, expensive and often just not possible in the time available.

Real-time graphics provide an excellent solution; the ability to instantly embed 2D and 3D branding graphics for “coming up next,” promo over credits, squeeze backs, multiple tickers, crawls etc. can keep a production moving smoothly even if the programming schedule suddenly changes.

The magic of real-time channel branding all takes place in the Master Control Room (MCR), and Avid’s MCR solution comprises Avid 3DPlay, the toolset for creating an array of stunning on-air branded graphics, and Avid Blend, a rack-mounted channel in a box video server that provides multi-format playout.

3DPlay is a comprehensive channel branding solution from scheduling to air. It offers a complete toolset that enables you to easily create captivating, real-time branding graphics for coming up next, promo-over-credits, squeeze backs, multiple tickers, and much more. You can quickly combine graphics, content and animation into an asset, and define its behavior. You can then trigger it multiple times using different data, which allows you to adapt to unpredictable changes, like “coming up next”, with greater flexibility.

3DPlay works with all major automation systems and interfaces, and can be used with a single channel, or multiple playout channels, through a single user interface. 3DPlay is an efficient, frame-accurate, and scalable solution for even the most demanding broadcast environments.

Avid Blend's graphical user interface

Blend is a fully redundant, high-performance video server coupled with a powerful 2D/3D graphics-rendering engine which addresses today’s broadcast workflow challenges. It enables you to work with greater flexibility because of its extensive support of all commonly used file formats and codecs.

With Blend you can edit and run playlists with primary and secondary events, and control both video and branded graphics from the playlist. You can even edit your playlist while it is playing. Absolutely every parameter can be modified, with the exception of the event currently playing. While adding/modifying the events, the playlist ensures that the next event is cued and ready to play.

Blend can speed up your workflow enormously if you use it to create clip segments, and introduce graphics, by placing Media Composer markers in a sequence. By storing segment and graphics information, you can quickly schedule segments by simply dragging and dropping them into a Blend playlist. It’s just another example of how Avid products are engineered to work seamlessly together.

The combination of 3DPlay and Blend dramatically reduces complexity, operational costs and MCR footprint. It gives broadcasters the graphics power to make changes live, on the fly. Full RAID 10 protection and redundancy ensures that channels are always up and running, entertaining and engaging audiences around the clock.

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