Clowning Around with IT Editor, Jason Ballantine

This past September, audiences everywhere witnessed the return of Pennywise the Clown in the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s classic horror novel, IT. Unlike the previously made-for-tv miniseries, the 2017 film focused completely on the portions of King’s book that covered the collective childhood of its characters. Here the filmmakers were able to craft a coming-of-age movie that intertwined with the more macabre aspects of King’s novel.  The result is something that is both frightening and yet emotionally-resonant.

The initial interest in IT may have been driven by nostalgia, but the film’s status as the all-time top grossing R-Rated horror movie is a testament to its excellent writing, editing, and razor-sharp attention to detail; playing on key touchstones from the original work.

I recently sat down with editor, Jason Ballantine to talk about his work on the late Summer blockbuster. Jason provides insight into his own creative process as well as the collaborative effort that went into realizing director, Andy Muschietti’s vision. Jason also discusses the techniques he used to create the unique look, feel and vibe for IT.

• Discover the vision behind bringing IT to life.

• Learn the techniques they used to create IT’s nostalgic feel.

• Get first-hand insight into the post production workflows on IT.

• Learn how meeting high expectations fueled the creative process.

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