A Valuable Introduction to Collapsing Video Effects in Media Composer

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Hello! I’m Benjamin Hershleder, and this is my fourth post for Avid Blogs. My past entries can be found here.

The video I’ve put together for this post covers a feature used with video effects called “Collapse.” While it can be helpful in a variety of situations, I’ll be focusing on its use to improve the quality of transitioning from a vertical effect build with several tracks into a single track of video. Overall, the topics are:

  • Why Collapsing will help to make your projects even more polished
  • The process of Collapsing (which creates a “Nest” of effects)
  • One method to Unnest some, or all, of the elements within your nested effect

I hope my video will help to make your workday easier and/or more productive, and your projects just that much more polished. There’s a lot of editing power in Media Composer that often goes untapped. Consider taking advantage of all the explanations, tips, tricks, and step-by-step guidance in my book, The Avid Media Composer Cookbook.

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Benjamin Hershleder has been an Avid Certified instructor since 1997, and is the author of "Avid Media Composer Cookbook". He provides private Avid training in addition to being a freelance editor and director, as well as an adjunct professor at American Film Institute in Los Angeles.