Color Your World — Groups and the Default Color Preferences in Pro Tools

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Groups in Pro Tools are easily differentiated when you color them differently. Quickly go from a green guitar group, to a blue bass group, to a pink vocal group. You will be able to know, at a glance, the kind of group you are working with. The Default Color preferences takes this a step further, not just for groups, but for tracks and clips as well. By setting the default, you could, for example, have tracks, clips, and groups default to the same color. Or, default to different colors. The default settings can help you color a session just the way you want.

Different colored groups can really speed up your mixing and editing in Pro Tools. Knowing how to use the Default Color settings in Preferences will ensure your session is setup just the way you like it.

Be sure to make use of the DEFAULT and HOLD buttons in the color palette.

When you trash preferences you will need to reset your color options.

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