Create Compelling Graphics for News Broadcasts and Streamline Your Workflow with Maestro 7.2

Today’s news audiences are flipping channels, tuning into online video platforms, and scrolling through social media in search of one thing—captivating stories that help them quickly understand the news. It might be immersive images on a video wall that gives context to coverage. A beautiful shot of the weather forecast. Or on-air ticker feeds delivering Twitter reactions to breaking news and giving overviews of the day’s biggest stories.

It’s graphic content that gives audiences exactly what they want—lots of information that’s exciting to watch and easy to understand, all at a glance. It’s challenging for broadcasters to compete in this environment. And it’s exactly why we’re excited to introduce Maestro 7.2.

Maestro is a complete production suite that gives broadcasters the power to create and play out high-resolution 3D graphics and video with their on-air content. With Maestro, editors and journalists can turn key data from external sources—including social media—into compelling imagery, graphs, and illustrations that enhance news coverage. Maestro comes with 4Designer, a powerful 2D/3D graphics creation software that’s packed with stunning templates so broadcast teams can easily elevate their production value by customizing these templates, or authoring completely new graphic elements.

Plus, with Maestro Media Engine, you can now manage and play both videos and graphics. Video elements can be added to a rundown on a newsroom system or directly on Maestro—and they can be cued and played with a single tool. And Maestro 7.2 tightly integrates with the entire Avid MediaCentral Platform. So broadcast teams can get stunning graphics to air faster than ever before.


• Easily access Maestro graphics with the extended MediaCentral | UX pane

• Retrieve rundowns from iNEWS right into Maestro

• Browse and bring in media from Interplay | Production from within Maestro

• Go to air faster by playing content directly from Avid NEXIS or Avid ISIS

Stunning on-air graphics. Gorgeous virtual studio displays. Immersive high-res video wall content. And seamless integration with the Avid MediaCentral Platform. Maestro 7.2 gives you control over every aspect of your production studio. It’s the best way to streamline broadcast workflows and give your news stories an exciting newsworthy look. And it’s available now.

Keep your audience engaged. Create captivating coverage with Maestro 7.2.

Maestro 7.2 Now Available

Maestro is a fully modular graphics solution that enables you to adapt it to your specific broadcast needs and workflow.