Create State-Of-The-Art 2D/3D Real-Time Broadcast Graphics Authoring with 4Designer

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Competition for viewership amongst broadcasters is at an all-time high. One way to captivate audiences is with visually stunning real-time 2D and 3D graphics for news, sports shows, elections, weather segments, and other types of broadcast production.

Avid 4Designer, the successor to the award-winning 3Designer graphics authoring software, gives even greater creative power and speed to design and deliver practically anything — effortlessly, no matter how complex.

4Designer marks a significant generational shift from 3Designer. It’s been rebuilt from scratch to be considerably better, faster and more user-friendly with an enhanced user experience. One distinct part of the rebuild process is the introduction of unique features and workflow improvements that are a direct result of customer and artist feedback. These include:

  • Timeline exports
  • Master animations
  • More 3D Object import options
  • Multiview previews

For 3Designer users, transitioning to couldn’t be simpler. 4Designer keeps a similar workflow to 3Designer so existing users can easily use the application. Additionally, 4Designer is fully backwards compatible with content that was created in 3Designer, so users don’t have to worry about recreating everything from scratch, they just open scenes and graphics in 4Designer and they will work just fine.

Since its introduction at NAB, I’ve been asked why broadcasters should upgrade from 3Designer to 4Designer. Here’s some a few new essential elements to consider.

  • New types of geometry – these make building basic on-air graphics scenes easier as creatives no longer need to import these elements from other applications.
  • Procedural textures – images can be generated inside the rendering engine natively enabling gradients or patterns to be created inside 4Designer without the need to import them from an external application such as Photoshop.
  • Reorganised iconography – 4Designer’s user-interface is a much higher contrast, enabling colour to communicate to important elements.
  • Additional tools – easy to use tools including alignment and mirroring have been added to simplify graphics creation.

From creating on-air motion graphics, channel branding, and sports enhancements, to designing immersive video walls and interactive virtual studios, 4Designer makes it easier and faster to bring content—and brands—to life.

Captivate Viewers with Stunning Visuals

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As Senior Principal Product Manager for Graphics Design and Rendering, I’m excited to put new real-time graphics tools into the hands of today’s demanding broadcast graphics artists.