Creating a Glitch Effect Without Third Party Plug-Ins in Avid Media Composer

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Who needs plug-ins when you have the paint effect? This tutorial will explain how you can create a glitch effect to transition from one shot to the next without using any third party plug-ins in Avid Media Composer!

Having plug-ins for your projects in Avid Media Composer is great, but not always necessary. There’s almost always a way to get the look, feel, or effect you’re looking for just by using what’s offered right out of the gate. For instance, you can create a glitch-like transition effect using the different modes (color adjust, darken, clone, etc.) found inside the paint effect. Some of these alternatives to plug-ins may end up costing you some time, but will hopefully more than make up for it by saving you from having to purchase plug-ins, along with helping you dive deeper into all the functions Media Composer has to offer.

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