Creation To Final Mix: Meet the Artists Inside Avid

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At Avid, two of our talents, Lars Kischkel and Eric Horstmann, EMEA Audio Solutions Specialists, surprised us with their own version of the song “Words to Say” by The Arrows, which they worked on in their spare time.

Over 16,000 people have taken part in the experience on 6,000 liked the project in return and 300 posted their own version of the song Words to Say so far. What about you?

I spent 10 years producing and writing stuff before joining the other side of the industry at Avid. I wrote and produced music for lots of brands that are pretty big in Germany, but that probably wouldn’t stand a chance in the rest of the world.  Besides that, I worked with the Weathergirls, and also had some #1 chart entries in Estonia and Austria, made a remix for a WW Nissan TV ad campaign, had an exclusive contract with Universal Music Publishing for years, made some stuff for MTV and my darkest moment was selling around 500,000 CDs of kids’ music! Oh, and I was probably the youngest employed church organ player in Germany at the age of 15, I played approximately 100 services every year… until I was 18, when I started to go to rave parties, which kind of clashed with my job in the church as you can imagine! —Lars Kischkel aka Belgian-Q

I started with guitar lessons at the age of 9 and have played in many bands since the age of 15. After moving to Berlin in 2001, I started producing my own lounge/downtempo music for my solo project, Electrix. In June 2014 the third album “III” was released by the German label Sine Music. Alongside my solo project, I have played in a couple of Berlin-based rock bands and have recorded and produced a couple of bands. I also have an acoustic singer/songwriter project called Puzzle and we are currently working on our first CD. IRL I worked 10 years in post-production as a CTO and re-recording engineer and founded two big post production facilities before I joined Avid —Eric Horstmann aka Electrix

It’s now your turn to get video tips and audio tracks from producer Fab Dupont, and produce your own version of the song “Words to Say” by The Arrows.


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