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Continuing our video blog series on Next-Generation Newsrooms, here we look at how Media | Distribute helps news teams drive their digital strategy forward.


“Be first or be right” is a phrase that sums up the paradox of a 24/7 news cycle. The ideal is to be both. In a constantly shifting news agenda, there is increasing pressure on news teams to make sure they are not only “first” and “right,” but that they are “first” and “right” across as many platforms as possible.

There is a real risk to the reputation of a station or news channel of putting out something to its social platforms that is factually wrong. Being viewed as a trusted news source online is critically important to how the news organization is perceived, especially by young audiences.

Many stations now adopt a “digital first” strategy, which means online takes precedence for breaking news over the traditional evening television broadcast. It’s almost unthinkable that something would make it to air (in a traditional broadcast environment) without suitable editorial checks in place. But with shrinking editorial teams, multiple tools and manual processes needed to achieve everyday tasks, and an increasing workload, the risk of being “first” but “wrong” online is greater than ever.

This is one reason Avid introduced Media | Distribute, part of the Media Suite within the Avid MediaCentral Platform that helps news teams drive their digital strategy forward. With Media | Distribute, everyone on the editorial team can contribute in a simple, straightforward way. But, critically, an approval step is factored into the workflow so that everything that gets published in a station, channel or program’s name is rubber-stamped first. It also allows broadcasters to publish across various social platforms as news is delivered, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other online video providers or the station’s own website.

Tightly integrated into the news production workflow, Media | Distribute is part of MediaCentral | UX. Therefore, it’s another layout that can be enabled within a single user interface so the journalistic team doesn’t need to learn a new set of tools to do their job; they only need to know the workflow. The reporter submits the story (which can be auto-populated from an iNEWS story or entered manually, and could also include video and/or stills), and then a producer reviews, edits and/or approves it. Producers can also simplify and control social publishing by scheduling messages linked to stories in the iNEWS rundown. Back-end systems handle the complex tasks of transcoding and rendering to take what’s been approved and publish it to the appropriate platforms.

This short video highlights some of Media | Distribute’s key workflows.

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