Discover Journalist Editing Features in Avid MediaCentral | UX

Continuing our video blog series on Next-Generation Newsrooms, let’s look at the many journalist editing features in MediaCentral | UX.


Today, not only are there many more people creating stories and content —there are also many more organizations that need it, and many more distribution channels for it. All of this adds greater pressure than ever for efficiency and ROI – whether you are a journalist, a chief engineer, or an operations manager.  All of you have to do more, in less time with shrinking budgets.  It’s that simple.

The increase in demand for multimedia-rich content on multiple screens has had a major impact on the role of journalists.  News organizations are now expected to deliver news 24/7, often times with the same or fewer resources.   This means that journalists now need to gather content from more sources, collaborate with others, create stories and shoot footage, and sometimes even edit the video and prepare graphics associated with their stories–all while they’re in the field.  At the core, journalists are fact-finders and story-tellers, but they face constant pressure to get the story out first to engage viewers before the competition.

So the story-telling tools journalists need must provide the powerful functionality that enables them to create compelling content quickly, but in a form that is simple and intuitive to use. Often times, the journalist is responsible not only for creating the story and writing the script, but also for editing the video, preparing the graphics and publishing in multiple formats.  In this new era of journalism, these tasks need to be a natural extension of the newsgathering job, not an additional burden.

The great news is that Avid has enabled journalists to do all of this and more.  With MediaCentral | UX, journalists now have the freedom to write scripts; view and edit video; record voiceovers; add and preview graphics; search across multiple systems simultaneously; send stories straight to air; and publish to social media platforms or a news organization’s website. This keeps news teams more productive while they’re out in the field, so they can focus on gathering and reporting without making frequent trips back to the station.

In this video we will show you how to write a story, add text to it, do basic editing and send the story straight to playout or for review.

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