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In previous blogs we have discussed how graphics in TV production have grown exponentially in just a few years. They are now an integral part of the production workflow, from a journalist using smart templates to an editor adding graphics in post. No less important is how to bring all the content together efficiently to enrich the broadcaster’s storytelling capabilities and enhance production values.

One of the most significant new trends in today’s news and sports productions is the use of video walls to present high quality, engaging content. Today, video walls do much more than merely decorate the set, they have become an integral part of it.

This is one of Avid’s major strengths. We make it easy to add rich media to any video wall display. That media can include real-time 3D graphics, live video, multiple video clips and images that can be applied to video wall displays of different orientations, resolutions (up to 16K), sizes and aspect ratios. We offer single user touchscreen operation that adds efficiency and reduces overheads. A single operator can control not just graphics, but also other devices in the studio, including production switchers and video servers.

An excellent example of how Avid’s video wall solution is used is Rogers Sportsnet, the exclusive broadcaster of the Canadian National Hockey League. Rogers’ Hockey Central Studio takes up 11,000 square feet and incorporates over 50 LCD monitors, a rotating anchor desk, an 80-inch interactive touchscreen, an Ultra HD Goliath monitor and an LED floor. This all combines to offer viewers a truly stunning augmented reality graphics experience. And it’s all driven by an Avid studio solution integrated across multiple control rooms, some of which are 5 km away from the studio.

In addition to the use of video wall displays, virtual studios continue to play an important role in enhancing storytelling, and Avid has been a leading player for over 20 years. Avid offers an ultra-realistic environment that really comes to life with rich textures, depth and perspective, all easily adjustable and customizable. The level of visual authenticity lends itself to many different types of studio productions, including sports, news, elections and entertainment shows. By using and reusing the virtual set for many different types of productions, broadcasters can really leverage operational and capital efficiencies.

As icing on the cake, augmented reality adds the eye candy viewers love. Avid’s stunning 3D graphic objects add wow factor that literally jumps out and grabs the viewer’s attention. Regardless of where the camera moves, the graphic objects remain tied to their exact position in the studio, creating the illusion that those graphical elements are an integral part of the studio.

Avid offers users a new dimension of interactivity between the presenter and the graphics. The presenter can display graphics on the screen as well as in the studio, and the graphics can interact with one another, both inside the studio and on the screen.

Regardless of the storytelling tool chosen – video wall display, virtual studio, augmented reality, or any combination of all three – Avid’s MediaCentral provides a platform on which to optimize studio productions. The industry’s most open, tightly-integrated platform, MediaCentral offers a comprehensive, efficient and unified backbone to any production requirement.

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