How to Easily Find the Media You Need Using Avid MediaCentral | UX

Continuing our video blog series on Next-Generation Newsrooms, we’ll show you how easy it is to search across multiple systems, using Avid Media | Index, part of MediaCentral | UX.


In our previous blog articles, we discussed how MediaCentral | UX brings together the newsroom tools of Avid iNEWS and Avid Interplay asset management systems to give journalistic teams the power to write scripts and edit video together in a single, web-based application.

We’ve also examined how MediaCentral | UX can be used to research social media and the web, as well as how the growing eco-system of third party partners are further enhancing it with their own applications. Cutting out the complexity and reducing the costs and headaches of integration are central to how Avid is helping customers drive their businesses forward.

One aspect of this is the ability to search across a media organisation’s content library to find what you need and work with it. Many reporters or producers have experienced the frustration of trying to locate material in a digital world, searching one database with one application, another database with another application, and maybe even having to go to specific machines enabled with a piece of software to further the research. Then when you find what you are after, cumbersome methods are needed to get what you need into the system on which you want to use it.

Avid Media | Index, part of MediaCentral | UX, can remove these frustrations at a stroke. As a media management module, it accelerates and extends file search across multiple systems—regardless of where the media is stored. Therefore, not only does it allow searches of Avid databases at a facility – including iNEWS, Interplay | Production and Interplay | MAM – it can be extended to search any Avid database in the network, across departments, buildings, cities or even countries.

Not only are search results shown, but clips can be viewed via MediaCentral | UX. When the asset is found, after a couple of clicks, the underlying technology of the Avid solution takes care of transferring it where the user wants it to go.

Additionally, new plug-ins developed from the Avid Alliance Partner Program extend Media |Index to non-Avid databases. So even an EMC Isilon system that contains MP4s on it can be indexed, searched, the videos viewed then transferred to the online system via MediaCentral | UX.

The following video shows how easy it is to search across multiple systems, using MediaCentral | UX.

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