Editors on Avid: Cutting Faster with Media Composer

Welcome to the second installation of Editors on Avid, a three-part blog series that explores why editors choose Media Composer to tell compelling stories. In this article, we’ll learn how Media Composer accelerates editing workflows for video professionals everywhere.

Filmmakers are obsessed with workflow. And for good reason. From independent directors to full-scale production teams, editors need efficient workflows to create more content, faster. It saves the client time and money. It allows you to take on more projects. That’s why Media Composer is designed to make quick work of creative editorial—from ingest to export.

Acceleration begins right from the camera. Media Composer features native support for most media formats, so whether it’s from an iPhone or a 4K camera, Panasonic AVC-LongG or Sony XAVC-I, you can start editing footage right away. Or simply transcode on ingest to Avid’s intermediate DNxHR or DNxHD codec, and work with gorgeous hi-res and HD content with ease. Any way you cut it, it’s the fastest way to work with footage from a variety of sources.

“What I like the most is transcoding at the front end, making the edit and final versions a breeze. I really like exporting a QT reference to Sorenson Squeeze for mp4 approvals or web masters is super fast… especially when working on a long form (project).”

—Brian Fearon

The editing tools in Media Composer are precise and efficient. Tighten cuts in trim mode, see every move before you make it with high-visibility feedback. And quickly experiment with new ideas by dragging clips directly into new tracks onto the timeline.

“New to Avid and really love it. Mostly the trim mode functions are scratching an itch that I could never quite reach in Premiere.”

—Aron Meinhardt

“It has the best trimming of all NLEs that I’ve used in 20 years of editing.”

—Nigel G Honey

Editors in the Avid community craft stunningly beautifully and compelling stories. We’ve built Media Composer to support them in every aspect of their workflow. With each revision, we carefully consider their feedback. Feature requests from the Avid Customer Association (ACA) are being added on a regular basis. That dedication makes it the most comprehensive editing platform available.

“Avid always seemed to be designed with professional editing in mind….you can really fly on it.”

—Erik T Chappelle

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