Editors Discuss their “Game-Changing” Films at EditFest LA 2017

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Excited to support the professional editing community again this year, Avid returned to The Walt Disney Studios for the American Cinema Editors’ EditFest LA event. The sold-out, day-long gathering provided editors, assistants, students and film enthusiasts with the opportunity to hear from many of the industry’s leading editors as they shared their experience, advice, and creative process.

Avid’s Principal Applications Specialist, Michael Krulik, returned to the stage to moderate a panel on Breaking Boundaries – a panel of editors who worked on films that changed the industry. Michael sat down with editors from Zoot Suit, This is Spinal Tap, Blade and Avatar as they shared their insight, anecdotes, and favorite clips from the films.

Jackie Cambas, ACE

Jackie Cambas, ACE is known for her work on Mermaids, Frankie & Johnny, and Made in America. During the panel, Jackie shared her experience on Zoot Suit where she brought to life the vision of Director Luis Valdez, acknowledged as the founder of modern Chicano theatre and film.

Robert Leighton

Robert Leighton is best know for his work with Director Rob Reiner on films such as When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men, Misery and The Bucket List. Robert also edited This is Spinal Tap, which was one of the first mocumentary films. Without a real script, only story beats that the actors had to incorporate into their ad-libbed dialogue, Robert discussed the challenges of cutting when no two takes were the same.

Paul Rubell, ACE

Paul Rubell, ACE has made a name for himself in the action world, working for Directors such as Michael Bay, Peter Berg, and Michael Mann on films such as Transformers 1, 2 and 4, Hancock, Collateral, and The Fate of the Furious. Paul discussed his work on Blade, noted as the first successful modern Marvel movie. The fight scenes in that film, specifically, made it the talk of the town for nearly a year…until The Matrix.

Stephen Rivkin, ACE

With a career spanning nearly four decades, Stephen Rivkin, ACE has edited films such as My Cousin Vinny, Ali, and Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 and 3. During the panel, Steven provided insight on his workflow from Avatar, noted for advancing the use of photo-realistic CGI, motion capture, and 3D technology in film. The movie also remains the most financially successful film of all time.

Following the lively panel, Michael Krulik awarded a few lucky members of the audience with Avid prizes and had the pleasure of showcasing Media Composer’s latest features during the lunch session.


Photos by Peter Zakhary / Tilt Photo

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