Editors on Avid: Unleashing Creativity with Media Composer

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Welcome to the final installation of Editors on Avid, a three-part blog series that explores why editors choose Media Composer to tell stories. In this article, we’ll learn how Media Composer helps video professionals achieve their creative vision.

Filmmakers are constantly inspired by the latest creative trends. So when it comes to software, editors need a platform to help them realize their ideas. And Avid Media Composer helps editors turn that creative vision into reality.

Media Composer brings the latest ACE-certified editing tools to your workflow. So you can produce video content exactly as you imagine it. Create immersive cinematic experiences with a full-featured 3D video toolkit, or bring scenes to life with high dynamic range (HDR).

“It’s not that Avid is the standard, it’s that Avid lets you be creative, you can actually edit your project and be creative, unlike many other programs.”

—Andrew Zepina

With Media Composer, independent editors don’t need to rely on an external VFX team—you can create gorgeous stunning visual effects right in Media Composer. Track and stabilize your footage for a smooth, cinematic feel. Add drama to your cuts with a suite of beautiful transitions. Design compelling titles with built-in text treatments. Plus, Media Composer includes a robust set of color grading tools to style your project exactly as you envision it.

“I learned on Final Cut Pro, but once introduced to Avid, I never went back. So much more professional and practical in every way.”

—Brian D’Amico

But Media Composer isn’t just a way to take your project from concept to masterpiece. It’s a window into a broad array of production tools. With a direct link to the Avid Store, you can access the latest video effects, like Boris FX or Mocha Pro. For real-world editors, Media Composer is the fastest way to bring ideas to life—so their creative flow doesn’t miss a beat.

“The biggest thing to me, aside from Avid being able to handle multiple workstations better than anything, is that it feels like Avid was made for editors…I find I can work much faster in Avid because the designers thought like an editor as they made it…”

—Justin Dornbush

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