What’s New in EUCON 3.7

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Regardless of where you are in your audio career, Avid has a control surface that’s right for you. For those just starting out, Avid Artist Mix combined with a Pro Tools | Dock will provide incredible functionality in a small footprint. Pros looking to enhance and advance their DAW, might go for Pro Tools | S3 or Avid’s flagship Pro Tools | S6. But what brings Pro Tools and control surfaces together like nothing else, is EUCON 3.7, allowing you to be more nimble and more in-tune with your mixes than ever before.

How EUCON 3.7 is Speeding up Professional Mixing on the Pro Tools | S6 

The latest version of EUCON elevates the Pro Tools | S6 workflow by creating more shortcuts that speed up monotonous tasks. New in 3.7 for the S6 is EQ and DYN Cycling, which will allow you to cycle through plug-ins faster simply by double-pressing the EQ or DYN Function buttons. Doing so will quickly bring you to the next plug-in in your chain.

3.7 also includes the Master Meter Module, which will help you stay on top of your mix with enhanced feedback. This new feature makes it possible to use any Pro Tools | S6 Display Module as a monitor for your master and bus metersーwhich makes them visible at all times. Display up to four rows of meters that can be stored as presets and recalled with layouts, and you’ll be able to view your mix in a way that suits your workflow.

Connecting the Entire Pro Tools Surface Family

EUCON 3.7 goes beyond enhancements to the flagship Pro Tools | S6. It also includes some major features that bring together the Pro Tools | S3, Avid Artist Mix, and Pro Tools | Dock. With the new option for VCA Spill from Pro Tools | Control, the iPad app that turns your tablet into a mixing surface, you can enhance your workflow by getting an even faster way of working with multiple VCA-controlled tracks. A VCA track is a single track that a group of tracks can be controlled by—which makes it incredibly easy to quickly make adjustments to entire sections of your mix.

The update also includes automation feedback improvements on the OLED, which make the Rec LED indicate Write mode and writing when flashing.

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