Fast-Paced Storytelling on NBC’s The Voice

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In the world of reality TV, there are successful shows—and then there’s The Voice. NBC’s hit singing competition is a cultural phenomenon, drawing 13 million viewers for each episode. Now in its tenth season, The Voice is more interesting and engaging than ever.

The show has evolved beyond the standard competition format to blend a unique mix of behind the scenes storytelling, exciting live performances, and candid interviews. Over the course of each season, the audience gets to know each of the contestants and their backstory, which ads a personal touch and engages viewers on a level that’s rarely seen in television.

It takes a small army to put each episode together—the editing team is made up of 22 individual editors! Deadlines are extremely tight, and the team often only has a day or two to turn the raw footage into a cohesive episode. With such a large team and so much on the line, collaboration is essential.

In our new video filmed live at NAB 2016, supervising editors Jason Stewart and A.J. Dickerson and graphics producer Daniel Cox discuss how cutting-edge Media Composer workflows enhance collaboration and enable the team to meet extremely tight deadlines and turnaround times—show after show, week after week, season after season.

  • See how they turn a massive amount of footage into cohesive artist stories
  • Learn how their editing process has evolved over the years
  • Discover how they quickly handle last minute changes
  • Get an inside look at different stages of the editing process

Go behind the scenes of one of the most popular shows on television—watch the video now.

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