Deliver Your Content at Lightning Speed — The Avid FastServe Family at NAB 2018

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Effectively managing your media is becoming significantly more complex. From the ever-increasing number of incoming video feeds, to the simultaneous delivery of content on multiple platforms that demand an array of formats and standards, workflows are being stretched and segmented. The challenge is to incorporate ingest, editing and playout seamlessly into your production process.

Avid’s family of FastServe video servers was specifically developed to offer news, sports and entertainment productions lightning fast turnaround times. The unified architecture tightly integrates with the MediaCentral platform, empowering your creative teams to deliver content faster, and more efficiently. FastServe is also a cost-effective solution because it supports a higher channel count per video server for a lower overall cost per channel in a smaller footprint.

The FastServe family is available in three configurations, optimized for different production needs:

Avid FastServe | Live Edit

In breaking news and sporting events, the ability to quickly turnaround images and footage on-the-fly is essential. FastServe Live | Edit allows one control room operator to capture the drama you want, and instantly get it on the air and online. No rendering, no waiting on an editor, just instantaneous playout, right from the control room. And FastServe | Live Edit can pull highlights from multiple incoming feeds, incorporating ingest, editing and playout, all from the same box.


Avid FastServe | Ingest

Covering live events demands the ability to manage concurrent incoming feeds for quick turnaround and delivery to all types of distribution channels. FastServe | Ingest gives production teams dual ingest of high-res and proxy directly into Avid NEXIS, with immediate “edit-while-capture” availability without any interruption of the overall feed recording and storage.


Avid FastServe | Playout

The new FastServe | Playout HD/UHD video server consolidates both video and graphics playback in a single system.  It enables you to play multiple sequences made up of different wrappers and codecs back to back from the same playlist—all without transcoding. It provides a modern user interface that is tightly integrated into the MediaCentral platform and accommodates different production needs.

Some of the new features Avid will be announcing at NAB for the first time include:


• Proxy ingest enhancing Edit While Capture workflows:

FastServe | Ingest now offers the ability to ingest 8 channels of XDcam while at the same time generating 8 corresponding high-quality H.264 proxy streams, for a smooth editing experience.


• Support for streamlined multi cam workflows:

FastServe | Ingest, already a powerful solution for multi-camera HD and UHD ingest, and offering extremely efficient file based transfer from ingest to post production, now offer synchronize ingest of multiple channels over multiple servers Support for file name and metadata in Japanese and Latin-based languages.


• Support for Send to Playback

With support for Send-to-Playback, FastServe | Playout can be seamlessly integrated with existing Airspeed environments


• And much more


All three of the FastServe boxes easily integrate with Avid NEXIS storage, for instant availability. Because of the modular design, each FastServe box offers different, customizable solutions for a variety of workflows and production environments. The FastServe family gives you the power to future proof your technology today by being fully compatible with HD, UHD, SDI and Video Over IP.

Empower your production teams to provide the most compelling and engaging viewer experience. Fast, efficient and cost-effective, Avid FastServe is your live coverage differentiator. To see just how the Avid FastServe family can accelerate your workflow, come and see our demonstration at Upper South Hall – Booth SU801 (located next to the hall entrance).

Deliver the Story First

The Avid FastServe family tightly integrates with the MediaCentral platform, empowering creative teams to ingest, edit, and play out content lightning-fast for news, sports, entertainment, and other live productions.

As Senior Solution Marketing Manager for Broadcast at Avid, I am proud to bring captivating sports and graphic solutions to the broadcast market.