Features and Familiarity Make Avid VENUE | S6L a Hit at Union Scene

Avid’s VENUE has long been one of the most requested live mixing systems in the world, with the combination of an extensive feature-set and intuitive operational style making it a favourite of FOH and monitor engineers. The Avid VENUE | S6L console is one of the latest additions to the VENUE family, and its popularity among live music practitioners is one of the factors that led acclaimed Norwegian music venue Union Scene to purchase not one, but two, of the highly-specified systems.

Situated in the city of Drammen, 25 miles from Oslo, Union Scene has been a staple of the country’s music scene it opened its doors for the first time 20 years ago. Following a hiatus in operations between 2002 and 2006, the venue has gone from strength to strength, hosting rock, jazz, folk and many other genres of live music. It also has a close association with another regional cultural institution, Drammens Teater, which is located nearby.

Petter Grimstad is lead technician at Union Scene and has observed the centre’s expanding use of Avid Technology since its renaissance began nearly ten years ago. “I like the ease of use of the Avid systems – the way they are set up and the ability they offer to employ a wide variety of third-party plug-ins. We had been using VENUE | Profile Systems for a number of years, so it was a logical next step that we would begin to think about investing in the S6L,” he says.

An FOH engineer favourite

The VENUE | S6L offers a feature set that is truly extensive, with the headline capabilities including 300-plus processing channels, an advanced engine design, modern touchscreen workflows, and the ability to work with more plug-ins and Pro Tools track counts than ever before.

Several of these elements loomed large in the decision-making process when Union Scene decided it was time to upgrade its console infrastructure with two S6Ls. “It had come to our attention that the S6L is a real favourite of touring engineers, particularly on the international circuit – and we do get a lot of international acts performing here. The comfort and familiarity that many feel with the console was definitely part of our reason for investing,” says Grimstad.

The fact that “even more plug-ins” can be used with the S6L, yielding “greater freedom of creativity in the mixes” was another important factor. Then there was the sound quality. Grimstad comments, “Everyone that I know who has come into contact with the S6Ls since we acquired them has commented on the quality of the audio that is achievable with this system.”

“These systems are very versatile and easy to use, and we have been getting great feedback from both regular and visiting engineers about their performance. They are a real boost to our flexibility.”

—Petter Grimstad, lead technician at Union Scene

A boost for flexibility

The ability to configure and reconfigure the system through an array of network and I/O options also means that the S6L lends itself to Union Scene’s increasingly diverse workload. Whilst live music remains its core activity, the venue also hosts corporate events, conferences, meetings and more.

Underlining the versatility of the S6L, Grimstad confirms that the two consoles – which were purchased and delivered towards the end of 2015 – are used for both FOH and monitor duties across the venue’s three primary performance areas: a 1350-capacity main stage, a 250-capacity secondary room, and a compact 100-capacity space.

“These systems are very versatile and easy to use, and we have been getting great feedback from both regular and visiting engineers about their performance. They are a real boost to our flexibility,” adds Grimstad.

Love the workflow

In time, Grimstad hopes that it might be possible to add a smaller S3L console to the Union Scene inventory. But for now he is more than happy to continue his own long history of using Avid – a brand with which he is clearly entirely comfortable.

“I have been using the Avid systems for more than ten years,” he says. “I particularly love the workflow and the option to use a great variety of party plug-ins. With some other mixing systems, you are a bit stuck with the straight EQ and compressors, but Avid really gives you a lot of choice – and that’s something you need when the types of event are so diverse. I am glad to report that the S6L continues in this tradition, so we are very happy to have it here at Union Scene.”

VENUE | S6L Now Available

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