Filmmaking Is All About Teamwork — Andrei Pavlov Shares His Timeline and Experience

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My name is Andrei Pavlov and I’m a young video editor who’s career is just getting started. I actually started editing in 2009. Since then I have been doing lots of things. Everything from short Facebook videos, commercials, music videos, short films and even wedding videos. I graduated from film school in Oslo about 2 years ago and have been doing lots of TV since then. After working with a couple of reality-TV series I finally moved over to fiction.

I am currently working for Nordisk Film & TV (A Banijay Group Company) in Oslo, Norway. The project I’m working on is a comedy TV-series produced by MTG. It’s a story about a Norwegian comedian who decides to drive with Uber after his career as comedian seems to be over. It’s a total of 8 episodes and the story evolves in every one of them. The main character meets different people and ends up in different situations. There is a lot of driving too. Most of the driving scenes were shot in studio with projectors imitating the background.

I’m an assistant video editor on this project and I have a lot of responsibilities. I actually started while the series were being shot, and just about 2 weeks before the first senior editor arrived. My first tasks were to import and organize the footage. Everyone at the post production house here works in Avid which is quite common for many Norwegian post production houses. I’ve been using Media Composer for the last 4 years and I always try to both improve my editing skills and take my workflow to another level. Every single shot had to go through me. So the first goal I had was to organize the assets in a way that every editor would spend no time to look for the particular shot from a particular scene. So I made a good folder structure that worked great.

My second task was to make a rough cut of each episode. I finished the first one just before the senior editor arrived. Then we agreed that both of us should cut different episodes, and I got number 3 and 7. This was the most exciting part of the process for me. I usually read the script first and sort of visualise how I would want to see it as an audience member. Then I watch all the takes and construct the scenes in my head. I also either note or mark certain points in certain clips that I think might serve as key elements in a scene. Then I start editing scene by scene. I like to keep my timeline organised and easy to navigate. I like to name certain tracks so that the editors I work with would be able to understand where different audio tracks are and where I put the music.

Filmmaking is all about teamwork. We got a second video editor just before Christmas to speed up the process. All of us have been editing different versions of different episodes since then. The director has been with us as well, and we have been working towards the same goal. My folder structure worked great and our teamwork was solid. For film editors, the beauty of the Avid approach, is that everyone on the team can be looking at the exact same project. When changes are made to a sequence for a scene and the associated bin is saved, that updated info ripples to everyone else’s view. This really helped and strengthened our teamwork! We’re almost finished with the project and the TV-series will be out this fall.

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