Find Tracks with Ease using Scroll to Track in Pro Tools 12.8.2

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In Pro Tools 12.8.2 Scroll to Track has been improved, giving you the ability to identify a track by name, rather than a number, and scroll to it in the Edit or Mix Window.

As sessions become larger and more complex, due to ever increasing demands on time, and due the flexibility of the Pro Tools audio and editing tools, it is difficult to easily remember tracks location by a track number.

The ability to find and scroll to a track by its name enables users to navigate quickly to the track they want without using multiple commands or zoom levels.

Recall the scroll to track dialog by Command+Option+F on Mac or, Ctrl+Alt+F on PC, and enter the first few characters of the track you are looking for and push enter.

That track will then selected and displayed in your timeline or mix window if it wasn’t previously visible.

In a music session you may not know the track number but it’s very likely that you will know the tracks name, for example if I enter “Bass” in the Scroll to Track dialog, all the tracks with Bass in the Track name will populate in the list and then I can simply use the arrow keys to select the particular track with “Bass” as part of the track name and have that scroll to the top of my timeline. In a Post Production Session it’s not uncommon to have hundreds of tracks, so similarly I can enter SFX to populate the drop down and then choose the particular track Im looking for, in this case, SFX Stereo 2.

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