Fix Audio Level Inconsistencies with ERA Voice Leveler

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Audio level inconsistencies are very common in vocal and dialogue recordings. Drawing volume automations manually might be the most secure way to make vocals or dialogue sit at the proper level in a mix, but it’s definitely not the most efficient solution.

Accusonus’ ERA Voice Leveler is a single knob tool that uses new patent-pending algorithms to automatically detect audio level problems in voice recordings and correct them in real-time. It helps you achieve natural results with the turn of a simple dial without having to leave your Pro Tools environment. The ERA Voice Leveler doesn’t use compression and therefore it preserves the natural sound of your vocals.

One of the features that sets ERA Voice Leveler apart from other similar plug-ins, is the Emphasis feature which is designed to compensate for differences in frequency balance caused by a vocalist or narrator moving around the mic during recording.

The tight mode provides a more focused radio sound. This is especially useful to make the voice stand out from background music. Enable the breath control to detect breaths and keep them at a lower level.

We know that every bit of your time matters, especially when you’re a professional working with deadlines. Accusonus’ ERA Voice Leveler is powerful tool and a real time-saver that definitely deserves a spot in your vocal chain!

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