From Creation to Final Mix: Words to Say… Thank you!

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With over 17,000 entrants, 7,500 Facebook likes and 440 contestants, we are glad that the audio community had so much fun on our journey, from watching the creation, to making their final mix, or remix, of the song Words to Say by The Arrows.


The Winners announced

Here are the ten winners chosen at random who have won one copy of Pro Tools software and a one-year subscription to pureMix. The winners have been notified through their SoundCloud account. In alphabetical order, the winners are:


Abeatbol Music • DarrenStoneMusic • E Mathis, Ergal • Gaëtan F • Julio Franquet
Juxtaprods • Pere Estelrich Alzamora • RobertoTomasini • WillDuve

Is this for real? I never win anything. First of all, thank you for putting this competition together, I very much enjoyed listening to all the different mixes!

Thank you very much, I’m so happy and grateful to Avid & PureMix for all this. It’s been fun to enjoy the competition.

Final mix by Fab

Here is the final mix by Fab Dupont. If you want to watch Fab Dupont unveil his final release-ready mix of that same Pro Tools session, we invite you to go on (paid video).

Your Pro Tools, your Music Style

Besides The Arrows’ Top 5 Remixes, that you can listen to here, a few professional producers kindly accepted to make their own remix or arrangement of this song Words to Say by The Arrows, with Pro Tools 11. There will of course be as many versions of this song as there are producers out there, and we feel grateful to those who welcomed the challenge just for the fun of it!

Do you like it Pop?

Chris Landon is part of an award-winning writing and production team in Los Angeles who writes, produces and/or mixes music for established and upcoming artists around the world. Learn more


The Siamese Brothers is a duo formed by renowned belgium Sound Engineer Charles De Schutter (-M-, Superbus) and American Guitarist Brad Ackley (-M-, Ina-Ich). Learn more

Trip Hop?

Pierre Guimard is a French producer well known for his work with Lilly Woods and the Pricks, authors of a major hit in Europe wih their song Prayer in C. Learn more


Monsieur Elle is a French producer who contributed to numerous hits by Laurent Wolf, and has worked with numerous artists featured on Beatport such as MissTara. Learn more



Lars Kischkel aka Belgian-Q is a German producer who writes and produces music for a lot of brands and also had some #1 chart entries in Estonia and Austria. He currently also works at Avid EMEA as Application Specialist. Learn more

You can still get video tips and audio tracks from producer Fab Dupont, and produce your own version of the song “Words to Say” by The Arrows.


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