George Massenburg Reprises his Groundbreaking Hi-Res EQ for Pro Tools

In his own words: “I perceive myself as being constantly motivated to relearn and rethink new possibilities — technical, artistic and strategic.” The contributions that George Massenburg has made to audio production and to Avid could fill pages on pages. The list begins with his career as a legendary audio engineer and producer and, to the benefit of thousands of Pro Tools users,  the creator of the legendary MDW Hi-Res EQ, now available in a Sixth-generation version, complete with AAX DSP support, on the Avid Store. It comes with some nice surprises that build on its current stature as an automatic purchase for any serious audio professional, and at a highly affordable price—keep reading!  Before I get into that, though, I can’t wait to tell you what a powerful force George has been and remains to all of us.

George Massenburg, Audio Legend and Invaluable Friend of Avid

At age 15, George was already building his audio career, working for both a recording studio and an electronics lab. He went on to study electrical engineering at Johns Hopkins university, then left for Europe to broaden his perspective.  By age 25, he was Chief engineer of Europa Sonar Studios in Paris, and in that same year, he invented the world’s first parametric equalizer, a fundamental advance in modern audio production. Ten years later, he founded George Massenburg Labs, who have given us an extensive range of innovative console automation devices, analog signal processors, microphone preamps and power supplies, all based on his original designs. George has also designed, built and managed several recording studios, including ITI Studios in Huntsville, Maryland and The Complex in Los Angeles. He has contributed acoustical and architectural designs to many other facilities, including Skywalker Sound and The Site in Marin County. Perhaps his most famous room design is at Nashville’s famed Blackbird Studios. Using computer modeling and an elaborate system of wall diffusers, his remarkable room has helped establish the studio as a world class facility.

Blackbird Studios houses one of Massenburg's most spectacular creations

Massenburg’s unparalleled production and engineering credits include  more than two hundred albums with renowned artists including Billy Joel, Dixie Chicks, Earth, Wind and Fire, Lyle Lovett, Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor, Randy Newman, Little Feat, Journey, Toto, Weather Report, Kenny Loggins, Herbie Hancock, Aaron Neville, and Mary Chapin Carpenter.  This tireless and extraordinary work has earned him four GRAMMY® and numerous TEC awards.  An Associate Professor at Montreal’s McGill University, George’s expertise has seen him lecture at UCLA and USC in Los Angeles; Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington; the University of Memphis and MTSU in Tennessee; and at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 2009, he received an honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music. As if all of this is not enough, George chairs the AES Technical Council on Studio Practices, serves as a member of the National Recording Preservation Board of the Library of Congress and  as Technical Director of META (the Music Engineering Technical Alliance), a strategic union of music producers and engineers pursuing the highest standards of audio and delivery of music.

Fortunately for Avid, George has been a mentor, advisor and inspiration to our leaders and employees from the very beginnings of Digidesign to the present day.  As one of the first to delve into the new field of AAX DSP development for the hardware-accelerated platform of Pro Tools, George’s MDW Hi-Res EQ continues to set the standard in this category. The EQ boasts unprecedented clarity, smoothness, and excellent high-frequency response that will help you achieve optimal audio definition in your mixes. Version 6 delivers an updated interface and new functionality including:


  • Lo and Hi Shelf HiQ on each band
  • EQ display that corresponds to PT’s EQ Curve Display on mixer window
  • Spectrum Display and real time Analyzer Resolution – under preferences, users can select how many data points to use to analyze the audio data. More points = more CPU processing
  • New Band One with 18dB/octave and 24dB/octave high and low pass filters

A Completely New User Interface for MDW Hi-Res EQ Version 6

Here are some videos and tutorial from George showing the MDW Hi-Res EQ Version 6 in action:

Last but not least, the new version is available at a new price that makes it an extraordinary value. Previously $595, the MDW Hi-Res EQ6 is offered as both an AAX DSP and AAX Native version together for $299, with a special upgrade price for owners of MDW Hi-Res EQ5 available from the MDW website. Get it now and let the legendary expertise of George Massenburg power your mix!



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