And We’re Done

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So you now have your final mix from the previous episode of Get Started Fast with Pro Tools, but there is one more step we call mastering before we can get the song out to the world. In Episode 7, our final chapter, we cover the mastering process using the included Maxim plugin to bring up the overall level of the song, giving it more punch and making it match the levels of commercial music tracks.

Once the song is ready, I’ll show you how to export your song using the Bounce feature to a .WAV file and MP3 so you can send your song to iTunes, cut a CD, distribute it online to your friends and portals such as SoundCloud. Or just sit back and check out the mix to see if you need to make any further adjustments. Let’s take a look.

I hope you had fun learning how to create with Pro Tools—you now have the ability to take your music to a whole new level. Thanks for watching and stay tuned to The Recording Revolution for more helpful Pro Tools tutorials and music creation tips.

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