Giles Martin on Working with Paul McCartney

As the son of Beatles’ producer, and ‘fifth member’, Sir George Martin, you’d have thought that working with arguably the most famous member of the band wouldn’t have phased Giles Martin, but you’d be surprised.

After the years working with his father producing the most famous band in history, he also worked on Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison documentary All Things Must Pass to critical acclaim. Martin was originally invited to work with Paul on the soundtrack for a video game, Destiny. At the same time as Martin was tinkering on the decks at Avatar Studios in New York creating the game soundtrack, McCartney was starting to record the new album and Martin was called into action.

Whilst discussing how he used Avid Pro Tools and the S6 console to produce Paul McCartney’s 2013 album, New, Martin explained what working with a megastar like McCartney was really like.

“Working with Paul for the first time, was surreal. I’ve worked with many artists, including Kate Bush and Elvis Costello, but he was the one artist that made me feel less like my father’s son than anyone else! For me to produce Paul was mind-blowing. He’s known me since I was two years old, and I’ve been there in the background the whole time, so why should he listen to me and care what I think? But one word of advice – you don’t say no to Paul!”

“With Paul you can do anything, you have that luxury. He fills the studios with every sound you can think of – glockenspiel, piano, drum kits, basses – he can play everything. Paul likes being produced, he likes people to say things, and he likes to think about his playing rather than producing.”

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