The House of a Hundred Stories—Editor Gabriel Almeida Cuts Brazilian Reality Show “A Casa”

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Imagine a beautiful house made for a family of four with two bathrooms, four beds, four shower towels, and four meals per day. Sounds good? Now imagine putting in this house 100 unknown people at the same time, to share this tiny space during one month without ever leaving the house? To manage the house they rely on R$ 1,000,000 (USD 320,000) and what is not spent is the final prize for the winner. That’s the TV formula that Fremantle Media produces and TV Record broadcasts during the next months for their audience in Brazil.

Gabriel Almeida and Cesar Marzolla

Since my graduation I have worked in post production and I have to admit that this part of television is the area that I love the most. I have worked on several jobs in television but reality shows are the most challenging. The deadlines and the huge amount of material needed to build the story are some of the main reasons. This project uses 11 video streams, recorded by robotic cameras in the house, plus all the mics recorded separately—resulting in 8.5TB of footage per day. Screenwriters keep an eye on the participants, and start selecting the best moments during the day. Then they share that information with assistant editors, who start to sync every clip.

Before we started this project, post production supervisor Cesar Marzolla and I agreed that we would need two basic things: an editorial environment capable of sharing the work simultaneously between multiple editing bays, and stability. Based on that, the choice was no other than Avid Media Composer.

The possibility to work in the same project at the same time from multiple workstations made the whole process easier and faster to manage. The amount of raw footage that we received from “the house” was huge and the organization of this was essential to catch all the details.

The timelines of this project was divided by periods with separate sync maps. The reason was that sometimes we needed to show only two people in a conversation but there were fifty people in the same scene, so the ability to disable the clips inside the timeline was very useful to choose the best angle.

Avid offers the tools that enable us to handle the story without glitches or other problems that can interrupt the creative process.

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I’m an editor and workflow specialist. I have I have been working in TV Broadcast post production for almost ten years and had the pleasure to work on different kind of shows and also with talented people that are passionate about telling stories, just like me.