How Avid Connect Transformed My Perception of the World’s Leading Media Creation Platform

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It was a bargain.

In spring of 2014 I decided to renovate a small space in my one-bedroom apartment into a bona fide recording studio. Having never owned anything Avid, I went online and found a great deal:

An Eleven Rack with a full copy of Pro Tools and an iLok 2 for less than the retail price of Pro Tools itself!

I jumped at the opportunity.

Four years later, after seeing firsthand how Avid’s tools are trusted by the world’s most respected creative artists and agencies, I jumped at another opportunity:

After applying Jeff Rosica’s special CEO discount code he shared via Twitter (@JeffJRosica), I registered for Avid Connect—an event featuring all things Avid—conveniently located at the Wynn Las Vegas a few days before NAB.

It was a bargain!

But the event’s true value didn’t dawn on me until I began to browse detailed session descriptions that included guest speaker profiles via the Avid Connect mobile app:

Every session was a Who’s Who of the media production world. From documentary editing techniques to the logistics of Winter Olympic coverage, and from maximizing return on OTT advertisement campaigns to connecting with millennials, Avid Connect provided a treasure trove of learning opportunities.

Up first was Team Avid’s opening keynote address:

My world was rocked.

Immediately it became obvious that Avid is more than a toolmaker; Avid is at the forefront of providing solutions to the massive changes taking place in the way our world communicates.

Being part of the professional audio community that relies on Pro Tools tends to narrow my vision of Avid and makes it easier to cast a critical eye at the company. Sometimes it seems music creators are last on Avid’s priority list. But after witnessing the passion of its leadership and progress of its product development teams, that perception was erased at Avid Connect.

Avid cares about us.

CEO Jeff Rosica said it best: “We are your biggest fans.” At that moment, I realized Avid is our partner, our ally, and our champion—hell-bent on helping us weather the waves of disruption taking place in the world of content creation, storage, and distribution.

Following the opening keynote, the first of two full days of breakout sessions began:

As Darryl Jefferson, Jan Theunis, and Brandon Costa shared stories from NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics, it occurred to me that Avid Connect was the only place I could get access to top-level talent giving fantastic insight into the logistics of producing the most demanding and complex events in the world.

Next, a storytelling session caught my eye:

Someone had to put those fancy Wynn note-taking packs to good use!

Fortunately with Chris Bové (@heybove) and Steve Audette, ACE (@SteveCutsDocs), there were many opportunities to listen, learn, and apply great storytelling lessons.

Avid Connect was an absolute blast. From cutting-edge product announcements to educational and networking opportunities, Avid Connect provides unmatched value to both its creative community and its corporate partners.

It’s almost time for Avid Connect 2019! Register now using CEO Jeff Rosica’s discount code… It’s a huge bargain. 🙂

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