How to Contribute to the Creative Post Production Process from Anywhere in the World

How to Contribute to the Creative Post Production Process from Anywhere in the World

We’ve all been there. We’re out of the office, working on location, or maybe if we’re lucky working from home. And the phone goes. It’s the editor who is working on the show. They’re looking for some shots, or some advice, or they want you to take a look at something. And you cannot help out. You cannot get to the edit suite, until the following day (or week). So everything gets held up until you can get in, take a look and let them know what you think.

Well things have moved on, and of course there are the likes of Dropbox or other file transfer solutions that can get round that kind of issue now. But you still need to wait. Wait for the upload. Maybe wait for the download. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It is all time lost for the production and, in all production, but particularly in post, time is money. Inefficient workflows cost programme makers thousands, maybe millions, of pounds, dollars, Euros, Yen, Won or whatever other currency you choose to name every year.

The Avid MediaCentral Platform is aimed at getting rid of these kinds of inefficiencies, by providing real-time access to media and metadata regardless of your location through MediaCentral |UX – on both Mac and Windows.

Running on Safari on Mac or Chrome on Windows,  with built-in messaging straight to and from the editor using Media Composer, there is no time lost. In real-time the editor can send you a metadata link to the sequence they want you to review and you can watch it immediately. You can chat with the editor via the messaging window, or you can add markers to the sequence in MediaCentral | UX that the editor can view the instant you add them.

In these short videos, we are going to show you how some simple techniques to get the most out of your investment in the MediaCentral Platform. Ben Davison from Avid UK and I have put together some tips to give you the basic knowledge you need to get started fast with MediaCentral | UX. From how to work with the intuitive UI, to logging, messaging, subclipping and pulling selects or syncpulls, Avid Blogs will show you how.

If you’re in Amsterdam for IBC 2015, you can see me and MediaCentral | UX in action on the Avid main stage and demo pods in Hall 7 on Stand J20. Hope to see you there!

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