How to Create Custom Transition Effects in Avid Media Composer

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Hello! I’m Benjamin Hershleder, and this is my third entry, and my first video, for Avid Blogs. My previous posts were Understanding Filler and Its Relationship to Sync and Understanding the Audio EQ Tool. Not long ago I wrote a book that focuses on Avid Media Composer’s internal logic, along with many editing tools, features, tips, and tricks. The title is Avid Media Composer Cookbook because, in addition to explaining things in a straightforward way, it provides you with step by step guidance, like a recipe. It can be read cover to cover, each chapter randomly, or you can just flip to a single topic whenever you need a hand.

This video tutorial will take you through making a custom transition effect, adding a sound effect, and saving it all together for quick and easy use later in the same project. Along the way I’ll be taking advantage of a variety of tools and features in Media Composer, including:

  • Sync Point Editing
  • Subsequencing
  • Collapsing (just enough to pique your curiosity)
  • Numeric Entry for navigation and Trimming
  • Some keyframing
  • A few keyboard shortcuts

I hope the video sparked some ideas for you, or showed you a feature that will make your workday easier and/or more productive. There’s a lot of editing power in Media Composer that often goes untapped. Consider taking advantage of all the explanations, tips, tricks, and step-by-step guidance in Avid Media Composer Cookbook.

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Benjamin Hershleder has been an Avid Certified instructor since 1997, and is the author of "Avid Media Composer Cookbook". He provides private Avid training in addition to being a freelance editor and director, as well as an adjunct professor at American Film Institute in Los Angeles.